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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear America,

what do they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery?
here's a little happy monday ha-ha, taken from my memory of an opening of a sunday morning sermon from Joel Osteen -- who, if you ever watch him -- likes to open the show with 'something funny."  and here it goes:

...so a scientist says to God, 'you know, we really don't need you around anymore...we kinda got things covered, we can make stuff, clone things, fix a broken heart...'  to where God says, 'fine. then we can pretty much settle this right now,' challenging him to  MAKE MAN out of dirt. to where the scientist says, 'fine then' as he begins to pick up a handful of the stuff under his feet...to where God says, 'hey, get your own dirt.'

funny stuff.

we are so full of ourselves these days, aren't we?

I listened to about a minute and a half of the president on 60 Minutes last night. I couldn't handle it.  It was the 'redoubling of the narrative' that got me squirming; spare me.  All about how HE, oh wise one beyond belief, decided to redouble the efforts to find bin Laden from nearly the first day of office.

He called Leon in, HE sat him down, and HE told him so.  Were it not for HIS redoubling, we would still be searching and not finding, according to the way Obama sees it. It was all due to the culmination of efforts according to HIS plan, HIS military, HIS CIA, and last but not least, HIS GUT.

From one of my favorite patriot hangouts, The Patriot Post:

"The Bush antiterrorism protocols -- tribunals, renditions, preventative detentions, Predator assassination missions, Guantanamo Bay -- were decried as illegal and immoral. Such furor vanished, however, when President Obama embraced or expanded them all. The effort to preemptively remove the mass-murdering Saddam Hussein to foster democracy in his absence was seen by many in the media, universities and legal community as morally wrong -- and yet preemptively bombing Gadhafi to foster democracy in his absence is now considered morally justified....--historian Victor Davis Hanson
 The hypocrisy is simply disgusting -- if Bushie had done what Obama just did, he would have had his head on liberal media chopping block, with people like Naomi Wolf calling for him to be hung out to dry on war crimes, with 60 Minutes running a mini series on an administration's illegitimacy, illegal actions, all going against our Judeo-Christian principles and values (cuz they are just that fickle), likening him to Hitler...a mini series, indeed, as it would take at least that long.

The thing is, if Obama is the brilliant one these days, how in the world could HE have not been ready, willing and able to handle the narrative in the aftermath?  If he is 'ALL-knowing,' how could he not prepare  -- from day one -- for the perfect answer for everything?  How could he not -- from the moment HE bagged the guy (I mean, swaddled him in blessed linens and threw him overboard under Islamic law, fit for a king) -- how could he not have just come out and said, 'there will be no pictures' there is 'nothing to mull over and think about' in this regard; how could he not just say, 'the deed has been done, for all the right reasons, and we will not even begin to ponder the question 'to show you, or not to show you' for it will serve no real purpose in doing so.'  that would have sounded like a Commander in Chief.

Bush, with the help of people like Donald Rumsfied, redoubled the special operations budget first (according to Rumsfield, in an interview with Hannity last week). The supply side of our stellar American Military was built up and made ready first.  Special Ops -- the SEALs, Rangers, etc. -- were redoubled all the way around; basically, made pretty and tied up in a bow for Obama.

Completing the circle of gratitude to the men who were the Chief Decider's over eight years of finding bin Laden would have been nice...scratch that... would have been presidential.

Let's insert another morsel from The Patriot Post:

The Last Word

"My objections to Obama have nothing to do with his race or his country of origin, everything to do with his character, his policies and his inner circle of friends and associates. Just for the record, though, until now I didn't believe he was born in Hawaii. Otherwise, why wouldn't he have shown his birth certificate early on, long before his comrades had come up with 'birther,' a term of contempt that, miraculously, would have been synonymous with 'patriot' if the president in question had been a Republican. Even now, Obama continues to keep his college application and college transcripts under wraps, although liberals never weary of telling us how astonishingly brilliant the guy is. Maybe it's just the skeptic in me, but he hardly strikes me as the sort who would conceal his marvelous academic accomplishments under a bushel if they were even half as breathtaking as we've been led to believe. Now that his place of birth has been established, don't be surprised if a few of Obama's acolytes come forward to swear that when he left the islands to enter college in California, they actually witnessed young Obama walk from Hawaii to the mainland. You'll be able to read all about it in the Newest Testament." --columnist Burt Prelutsky

According to the latest running narrative of the president's 2012 campaign, the president is poised to try to run as some sort of underdog -- or rather,  the 'insurgent from within' mentality.  [hold up, while this girl gets in a real belly laugh....oh my....I needed that] Anyone think this is totally out of character... let alone awfully strange -- considering the little known fact that HE IS, currently, Leader of the Free World?

Me thinks Prelutsky is onto something here; as we have witnessed over the last several years, embedded in every speech the president makes, the guy doesn't like to conceal His own magnificence.  Everything revolves around the I's and Me's.

Now, according to the new strategy for 2012, we are supposed to believe that this guy hasn't fundamentally transformed anything; we are asked to recalibrate our perceptions and impressions with a new understanding, that he's just like us (where have we heard something like that before...)  Yeah, just a simple man, a grassroots rebel with a cause,  just a guy who wants freedom and liberty for everybody... just starting out small, along with maybe a few friends, on facebook.  yeah yeah, that's the ticket.

Never mind that the man behind the curtain has callously changed the fabric of American life in every way:

health care mandates, not --
creating policy for more energy dependence, not --
"justice" department, what justice dept? --
doubling price of gasoline, not --
emasculating NASA, not --
20% growth of government, not --
disenfranchising small business, not --
even adding to the list --
new bake sale regulations just to make us giggle in the moment, not --

shall I go on?  Not.
NOPE, he has done nothing of the sort to lead us to believe that HIS administration's got nothing when it comes to mimicking a Super Power.  absolutely nothing. did I say nothing?

Oh, and...and about that justice department --
HIS justice department will not stand down; HE will not cease and desist in the viscous, legal pursuit suing certain CIA officials, who, under the Bush Administration were given a direct order from the president, to use an enhanced interrogation technique, which, by the way, led to the receipt of information, that led to a guy, which led to more information, that led to a courier, that led to more information, that led to a plan, that led to our special forces, that led to our Navy SEALs Team 6 taking out Osama bin Laden in a "firefight."

Yes, on the one hand he wants to come off as just an "insurgent" -- as if... I'm just a simple man, a community organizer, only kicked up a notch.  He wants to equate himself as someone much like the rebels in Libya, the democracy all a-flutter in Egypt, siding himself squarely and firmly with the little people. Yes...like he is coming back from being behind, or something.  an underdog...

right. that's a good one.

But then, in the other hand, he is totally and thoroughly remaking the kingdom.

The thing is, kicking around the dirt isn't the same thing as making dirt, there is that -- but this "insurgent"  seems to have mastered playing both sides on the fly; and, as luck and by association should have it, HE seems to have pulled it off so well, nobody seems to have noticed we are sitting in cement.

you are good, Mr. President.  you are good.

perhaps your thesis was on this very thing, something like, 'Cementing the Commonwealth' (we have no way  of knowing, of course -- it's all conspiracy theory until you show us yours anyway).  But that won't keep me from guessing...

was it more along the lines of 'how to make hay with a little dirt?'
or was it, 'how to act like an insurgent aiming to be king?'
or was it 'humble beginnings, from dirt to riches, in equal distribution for all?'
or was it, 'how to mimic civility when slinging mud in the eye?'
or was it 'dust to dust, America, may she rest in peace?'

Today, I laugh in the face of danger  (that being from The Lion King -- 'cuz I give credit where credit is due).

Make it a Good Day, G

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