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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear America,

happy wednesday
it's just so happens to be my mama's birthday today...and that got me thinking.

a transformation based on new information all the time.

A life based on truth has no need to be concerned with what it looks like, sounds like, it simply IS; the integrity of living in truth speaks for itself.

How can the raid pose a "narrative challenge," do we dare ask this morning?  I caught a snippet of the great GB yesterday, at the black board, throwing out questions left and right; he was asking us to do "critical thinking" -- as if we were president for the day.  really good stuff.

And this morning, one of the first reads on the day was this:

"The White House deliberations and disclosures illustrated the public relations challenge for President Barack Obama, eager on the one hand to quickly capitalize on a remarkable military achievement while at the same time seeking a tone that did not gloat or incite the Muslim world."

Even the narrative from within seems incongruous to the whole, with Leon Panetta charging forward saying,

"There's no question that there were concerns and there were questions that had to be debated ...but the bottom line is that, you know, we got bin Laden and I think we have to reveal to the rest of the world the fact that we were able to get him and kill him."
But you know, this doesn't make sense -- like GB duly noted -- if in fact the entire mission's been reviewed and analyzed since August of 2010... if in fact critical thinking, from every intelligent resource within the White House, Pentagon and CIA, has been painstakingly generated and applied accordingly... this seemingly petty detail of showing the photo or not to show the photo has to have been properly argued. (and once again, allowing for GB to surge ahead of the pack)

This growing dilemma [along with the budding controversy over finding out bin Laden's code name was "Geronimo"] is quickly becoming a thorn in the side of what should be a rather stunning turn of events all the way around; and to think, it didn't have to go down like this...

If Obama is so smart, how come he didn't figure this one out already?

Now, 86% love love love Obama for going in and taking this guy down.  86%!

Certainly, a modern day Troy for the history books --  the entire operation running stealth, sophisticated, and superior, with an added element of total surprise; without a doubt, our special forces have highlighted a new age in military might and power.  God knows why 14% remain disenchanted...silly fools.  And so far, the president's approval rating is experiencing nearly ten percent jump in the polls.

If we glean anything else from recent days, gone are the days with 300 men with sword and shield; no longer do we announce our presence by a firefight on the front line -- under the duck and cover of tanks, bombers and an infantry of thousands.  We are Rangers, SEALs and Special Forces operating in covert shelters, underground, and off the radar.  And likewise, gone are the days when 46,000 men were either killed, wounded, missing or taken prisoner over the course of one battle (Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863).

WW II total death toll, from 1941-1945, around 400,000; Vietnam, from 1955 -1975, around 60,000; Iraq, from 2003 -2010, at 4,430 --with Afghanistan, to date, at 1,413; during the mission to take down the highest ranking terrorist in the world, ZERO.

Our president better get a bump in the polls. hoo-rah

granted, if you follow me, this girl loves a good stat and revels in the numbers on most anything...

Until just yesterday, I had no idea how prevalent the use of water boarding actually was -- or perhaps, better to say, how "anti-prevalent" as the case may be...

According to Donald Rumsfeld, only THREE people under our care and captivity have been introduced to this method of enhanced interrogation.  THREE.   AND, according to the donald, each instance was under the supervision of the CIA -- no one from the military, GITMO, or anyone with a rank and file did it!  I had no idea.  The impression via our lamestream media, coupled with an ample flow of demagoguery from the mouths of our left wing counterparts, told us a very different story.

But back to the bump.  It is right and good that the president should gain some on this one. What's not to be happy about?

Relish this moment, Mr. President, for it will be fleeting -- 'cuz reality has a funny way of setting in on us over time.

I liken this surge to the glow of a budding pregnancy -- enjoy these early days...make hay with the strangers and neighbors fondling the curvature of new life growing from within...if there is any a time to frolic in the joy and thanksgiving of God's good grace, this is it.

For this we do know, reality remains alive and well under the shadows of an administration run amuck.  Whether you refer to it as some kind of immaculate conception, whether you blame Bush for the inherent forces of economic disaster upon which your presidency has suffered, your "fundamental transformation" -- turning our Constitution upside down and breech -- will rear it's ugly head before too long; let's give it about nine more months.

Bear with me for a moment... 

It's kind of like this:  it's-a-'we know what you did last summer' kind of thing; secrets out.  We know who you are and what you're all about. Not to take away from how happy we are for you -- you know, in this moment -- but we have no intention of shouldering the behemoth, stark, unbridled illegitimacy of American history in the making.  We want none of it.

Sure, we will stand by our country, and never falter; we will hold our head high, as we go about our days to remedy and rectify the horrendous injustices to a nation's character, freedoms and simple liberties -- you know, those things that, apparently, many of us have clearly taken for granted, until now.  We will support America to our fullest and our brightest, to the best of our abilities, for all the days of our life -- as always.

I mean, come on, this isn't the time to run away now, is it?  America needs us now.

But even with the murder of somebody totally vile in our midst, commanding attention to where attention is do, lest you misconstrue, Mr. President -- we will never forget who did this -- and THIS having nothing to do with bin Laden bin dying.

THIS --  being TODAY, meeting up with the trajectory of our very near future --  has everything to do with who we are as a people.  Those who remain alive and well on the face of this earth, and specifically within the longitude and latitude of the United States of America, have a whole lot more to say than just YAY and making hay in the moment.  Our life and times just so happens to run a wee bit deeper than that -- or so many of us would like to think, anyway.

The thing is, we're kind of smarter than that; some might even go so far to say, we're stealth.  We're special forces...very special forces.

And the real narrative, the one that counts, the one underlying the very foundation of our existence -- the one clinging to Constitution, in a land seemingly barren of substance and principles against all odds -- will prevail.  It is just a matter of time.

...oh my. but enjoy the bump, sir. you deserve every minute of it, consider it a pregnant pause, if you will -- as anything goes after the first trimester.

Make it a Good Day, G

happy birthday butterfly princess xx you are the very best and your girls adore you.

and for more afterbirth, go here.

Update:  The PHOTOS will NOT be released because they are "too gruesome" and may stir a rash of unintended consequences...OMG.  just who is being stupid now?

IF this was the way he was gonna go, then OBAMA SHOULD HAVE SAID THIS right FROM THE START.
This is what happens "when the stork flies south"...a tie to a little something something only an insider would truly know.xx

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