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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear America,

so right off the bat, from just one girl to another, I gotta get something off my chest --

Krystal, you misrepresented the truth last night, didn't you?  didn't you?
Now we all enjoy a great debate; but as we have seen in the last week, even a Newt can get caught up in a web of ideas, debate, truths and untruths, posturing and maneuvering, zigging and zagging, foot and mouth, ending with only one choice to make, making an apology.

Now really, in the great big scheme of things, it is really No Big Deal.  really.  For me, it isn't.  But I just wanted to point out that you asked us to do what I just did; I looked up "The Independent Institute" to see what I would find (because you clearly characterized this right wing, conservative website as the creator of another ad during the Obamacare debates).

First, you should have known better --  as in, so goes the name, so goes the ideology.  The Independent Institute is all about centering community dialog around INDEPENDENT thought, ideology, and political bent.  And more than that, smeared all over the pages of their website is another key word:  LIBERTARIAN.  These guys take full on pride NOT taking sides with Left or RIGHT.  Okay?

Whatever ad you saw, that they created, that you used as an example last night -- you know, the one throwing grandma out a plane during the great health care debate -- came only after reviewing all the facts on the ground.  They pride themselves at being neither left or right, democratic or republican -- because that is just how they operate, you know, being all libertarian and all.

Now, considering all of this, and considering you used this outfit, The Independent Institute, to score a rhetorical point for your side -- you might rethink your political strategies.  just sayin'.  How can an independent website, of staunch libertarian roots, serve your argument?  It can't.  And, as a matter of fact, ironically, upon your own insistence, it becomes an immediate three-pointer to the GOP.

Me thinks your crystal ball has failed to show you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

And speaking of truth -- honor -- integrity -- did you see the story about the family who returned nearly $45,000 dollars in cash to the previous owner?   Kid you not.  Picture the Ferrin family buying a house, only to venture up into the attic just after the closing and discover a treasure trove of rolled up money!  One box after another, seven of them in all.  Click into Ferrin there and get the whole story...

But can you just imagine?
More important, WWYouDo?

The comments after the article rush in with utter amazement, having realized there really are good people left among us.  Though many come with disbelief, overcome with shock and awe over the whole thing -- most simply chock it up to one big win for humanity,  giving a roaring shout out to amazing grace and a peace that passes all understanding. 

There are moments in time that capture our god-given goodness, and THIS is one of them.

There is something  Josh Ferrin, founder and father, mentioned that is worthy of repeating this morning:

"... the money wasn't ours to keep and I don't believe you get a chance very often to do something radically honest, to do something ridiculously awesome for someone else and that is a lesson I hope to teach to my children."

"radically honest"

indeed.  And isn't it sad, in this day and age, doing the right thing at this level is considered inherently radicalized behavior.  Don't get me wrong;  I love his choice of words -- bringing forth a brand new terminology that will probably be repeated 45,000 times before the day is done. I dig it wholeheartedly.  I love that he said it, I love that he showed his children the right thing to do, I love how it got the attention of Yahoo! News and so on and so on.

But look at us.  We are looking upon little old Josh as a hero for simply doing the right thing.  wow.  just how cynical, skeptical, greedy, unscrupulous, bad have we grown, people?

In my pollyanna little world, I would like to believe we are all just this good. (crazy, I know)

So just before the Krystal Ball moment on Hannity, there was a lively discussion using Caleeforneeyah's stupid Governator as it's base, on The O'Reilly Factor.  It was a blend of mixing the subjects of politics and role models in the same context (clearly, given the current environment, a misguided conversation right from the start).

The rise and fall of humanity is the same for politicians as it is for electricians, plumbers, teachers, IMF Economists, preachers, police officers, football players (sub. b-ball, golfers, etc...), and just about anyone else that breathes out CO2.  Sure, we would like to think our politicians can be honorable statesmen (women), but low and behold, we fall from grace sometimes.

Sure, maybe we are in an era where someone like Barack Obama will be looked upon as a role model for young African-American children everywhere around the world; there is that.  As he should -- after all, he is the President of the United States of America. He becomes the quintessential shining example on the hill for all of us -- left, right, and center (or libertarian, as the case may be).  BUT here's a kicker, in my mind, he doesn't just stand as a role model for black children!  But for ALL CHILDREN, of every background, of every political whim or fancy.  AS is the case for everyone on the hill....just sayin'

That is just a reality living in the public eye.  Our children are watching to see what presidents do (or try to get away with); they are watching what baseball players do (or try to get away with); they are watching what movie stars and pop icons do (or try to get away with); they are watching what police officers do (or try to get away with); they are even watching what parents, teachers and everyday citizens do (or try to get away with).

And all of a sudden we realize just about everything is magically held to a higher standard when we recognize our children might be watching.

Arnold has decided to "postpone" his re-entry onto the silver screen in order to take care of things at home.  Why?  He knows, somewhere in his great big stupid head of his, that his children are watching every move he makes.

Which brings me to my thing of the day...

...we spent a great deal of time teaching good character to our children in this country's early years. nearly every college, nearly every school, and in nearly every educational capacity from the top down, was directly or indirectly founded, erected, and fully established by our Judeo-Christian roots (and financing), and even, if a I may be so bold, attributing a vast majority of our teachings back to  THE BIBLE.

Nooooo, say it isn't so (true story, look it up).

We centered ourselves, beginning with kindergarten (maybe birth), teaching the riches and wisdom through the words and study of enlightened minds, philosophers, saints, and honorable countrymen.  And rightly so, and purposefully, used every resource made available to highlight the very teachings that made strong, self-reliant, honorable, citizens.  Over the years, America has been it's most successful adhering to the roots that made us strong --  our foundation... endowed by our Creator, etc. etc -- in community with one another.

We centered the building of this nation totally revolving around creating a nation of citizens of good character.  But not only that, teaching that that good character was already IN US,  found deep down inside each and every one of us, in equal portion, right from the start.  We learned from a very young age, that we were endowed by our Creator of rights, duties, along with the essential ingredients to pull it off -- a  loving heart, a sound mind, and built upon our very own self-reliance to be of good cheer -- and hopefully grow up to be strong, independent, good, and responsible because it was just the right the to do.

AND, moreover, it all started in the home.

And today, best represented by someone's home like Josh Ferrin's, making him just one stellar example.

The day we stop teaching God is good, we are good, and this is why and this is how, is the day America dies.  (and funny, also in the news, is a guy who says 'judgement day' happens to be tomorrow, May 21, 2011, but I digress)

Teaching our children to tell the truth (just one good thing out of many) -- whether it be in advertising, like through the use of a misguided Medicare Ad -- whether it be within the confines of a  marriage, a business, a sport, and any other activity we do -- whether we are in the "public eye" or not ... quickly rises to become the ultimate question  that should be on everybody's lips today.

Not.... wow, I can't believe he gave it back; not....wow, I can't believe she gave her girl botox; not...wow, can't believe she trusted him; not...wow, I can't believe that ad...

If we continue to look outside of ourselves, pre-occupied with the wrongdoings of everyone else but ourselves, we will have completely missed the point and the opportunity.

We have a chance to do something radically honest here in America  -- today and every day. Thank you, Josh, for reminding us in this moment of who we really are.  I know, I want to be just as good as Josh; and I want my girl to be just as good as Josh; and I want the world to be just as good as Josh.  Not once, like we only get one chance, but every single freaking day...

Make it a Good Day, G

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