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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear America,

sweet hallelujah, it's Friday.

before the end of the day, may I recommend a long, hot bubble bath for all of us -- if possible, throw in a few rose petals  -- sip on a glass of chianti -- eat a bar of chocolate -- listen to a little BBKing -- or Sinatra or Sting -- no, make it Toni Braxton or  Tony Bennett...whatever...ya see, I'm so frazzled, I can't even figure out what music I need most.  Point is, just find the melody to move you into another world for just a moment or two, preferably twenty.

the message on this glorious, sunny San Diego day in America is simply, chill; whatever that looks like for you, however the way you must go, just get there, go there, do everything you can in this day to bring yourself to the chill point...today... before the day is through.

We are so incredibly touchy; we are so hopped up on hopping on someone else -- whether it be by character assassination, corporate culture annihilation, social justice justification, or just because they looked at us funny -- we have seemed to have lost our ability to communicate effectively and reasonably and intelligently -- unless you think that looks like beginning with a law suit, slander, incivility or the unthinkable, damaging, visceral and flagrant attack without merit.


Not so amusing to watch, really, is watching someone like Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D - Ohio) sue the company he works for -- seeking damages from a government cafeteria for an olive pit that wreaked havoc in his mouth, to the tune of $150 grand. Hello, this is really suing the American people, all the rest of us.  really?  funny stuff, if it weren't for the prevalence of the common knee-jerk refrain happening all over America today...just sue them falalala lala la....

And gotta love the full page ad -- marking a very public rebuttal -- for all the world to read -- from Taco Bell:

it begins.

Followed up with:
"Here's the truth about our seasoned beef..."
leading us down the path of 
"the claims made against Taco Bell 
and our seasoned beef are absolutely false...
Plain ground beef is boring...
So here are the REAL percentages...
[and] In case your curious, 
here's our not-so-secret recipe."

"we stand behind the quality 
of our seasoned beef 100%
and we are proud to serve it in all our restaurants.  
We take any claims to the contrary 
very seriously 
and plan to take legal action 
against those who have made false claims 
against our seasoned beef."  
Greg Creed
President, Taco Bell

Do you know what was on the other side 
of this full page ad in our local U-T?
A full page ad from Walmart.

Working Together
For San Diego
"At Walmart, we take every opportunity to be a good neighbor
and to invest in long-term solutions to help the communities that we serve.

That is why we are announcing a new effort in the City of San Diego..."

Why do they have to do this, you ask?

Because there has been an uprising against a proposed Walmart Super Store, even in spite of the dismal economic environment here, with unemployment continuing to hang at over 10%; while the unions are a bit tweaked, too, getting their made in china, 'workers of the world unite,' panties all up in a wad...quickly rectifying rules for radicals tactics-- believing if they do this long enough, surely they will just go away.

But Walmart is hardly standing down.  No, it has only fueled their cause -- they are more committed than ever -- and will not falter -- for their intention is on one thing, and one thing only -- to grow their business, building a dozen stores in the San Diego market alone, create approximately "1,400 jobs", paying "competitive wages", encouraging "the use of minority contractors and local suppliers", developing charitable partnerships valued at "$8 million that will work to eradicate hunger, increase workforce development and sustainability."

Two full page ads fighting back with a vengeance for their cause, all the while the American way is being threatened.


And by the way, whatever the perceived rift between tea party candidates/constituency and "the right" -- you all better walk back, jack.  Once again, the mainstream media is manufacturing propaganda without a cause; sure, there are plenty of opinions flying left and right about characterizing the Tea Party as simply activists,out to stir up trouble, shake things up, invoking their opinion -- and interfering so,  the audacity really, syndicating a certain Michele Bachmann rebuttal to the president's SOTU address "without permission" no less -- oh my, so  bad. naughty naughty.  

can you feel me now, can you get the sarcasm...if not, then you are missing my drift entirely.

Now Megan McCain is entitled to say whatever she wants; these days, she seems to be a publicity monger in her own little way too -- go for it, it's a free country; however, what was it you said about Bachmann, she's "a poor man's Sarah Palin..." 

without commenting on how many things I find wrong with that kind of statement, let me just say, given it is coming from a girl living off of her daddy's name right now, it is pretty funny.

Well, Megan, hate to break it to you, but conventional thinking is so yesterday's politics; that has only led us down a path of progressive policy, middle of the road compromise, taking a real stand for nothing, while spending the people's money on everything, and only arriving at final destination  with nothing to show for it but unsustainable deficits and a mountain of debt in our way. (Newsflash, God love his patriotism,  but your father ranks high in this regard -- or would that be low -- perception is everything you know)

Not to mention the itty bitty detail that... Bachmann was asked by the Tea Party for a response! 

Her webcast was totally unrelated and separate from the official GOP rebuttal, which we have already discussed here on G before, was a pretty brilliant and well articulated response, by the fine gentleman from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan.  

But before the night was through, it was the manipulation of the story, to create a story, via the mainstream media  headlining the lie; the sole perpetrators for creating this make-believe firestorm lies within the left wing media, along with the help of people like you, Megan; everyone is just trying to sell news -- or make news -- or manufacture news (feel free to substitute lies for news at any time)


At first glance, this may seem like a contradiction before the end of the sentence is through, but whatever happened to the more, the merrier, here in the good ole US of A?

When did our differences begin to define us louder than our commonalities?

We don't all listen to the same music;
We don't all believe in the same religion;
We don't all wear the same uniform, the same perfume, the same experiences, or the same political ideology on our sleeve.

Piggy-backing on the ad from Taco Bell, how boring would that be?!

We used to celebrate our differences and practice finding our common ground with respect -- even in the middle of staunch political debate.  

Where oh where did that spirit go?  

My best answer is that it has morphed into a society that tells all, bares all, and loses it all on television, in the paper, on the net with no holds barred. We value letting the fur fly right now, even if that makes us look crazy, or go mad, in the process. Nothing is off limits -- while nothing is sacred, either. hell, if my fifteen minutes of fame doesn't make me a millionaire, maybe I'll find someone or something to sue  OR write a book [addressing the walking into fountain girl featured on YouTube, dennis kucinich the menace, and the Taco Bell/Walmart/CorpUSA antagonize-rs, and the It girl in Megan McCain, all in one fell swoop with the ink).


As evident by the November elections, to make fun of the Bachmann's or the Palin's of this world would be a mistake; for these are two selfless, patriotic, conservative women who are hardly afraid of stepping into the fray.  Moreover, as the polls seem to show over and over and over again, like old news already, they just so happen to speak directly to the best interests of the majority, in this here United States of America; they speak to the plain old simple folk -- the sixty-six percent of us who do not mindlessly follow the left leaning media. Call us a big ground round of ground beef if you must,  it don't matter, having been fully seasoned with the secret recipe -- we are ready to meet our maker or the frying pan, whichever comes first.  

Bring it; cuz this country's got issues, lots of them -- and clearly, we are no longer afraid of talking about them, spilling them all over our bad self, or showing them off in front of millions and millions of people. it might get ugly; the worst of it may not be over.

the good news is, at least we are still speaking to one another, right? 
sorry we didn't make time for world news -- in a nutshell, it's all going to hell in a handbasket...

what's that song, is anybody really listening? does anybody really know what time it is? does anybody really care?   hmmmmm let's hum a little on that thought.

Time to throw on some tunes, I need to be chillin' like villin' like right now.  
what's this... 
oooh yeah, talk to me...
I believe a bath is calling me by name -- which, after long deliberation, will be with extra bubbles, without rose petals, and a three finger shot of whiskey straight up...and listening to whatever Music Choice is playing on the 70's station.  let the good times roll. Bottoms up, ya'll, and I'm not even southern.

Make it a Good Day, G

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