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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear America,

Atheists need to get a hobby.

Tragic news is coming out of Hawaii, the state senate there is no longer starting their day with poi and a prayer; trying to beat the ACLU to the punch, their own throw down is self-inflicted -- simply giving up the fight before it even makes it to court.

According to the writing on the palm frond wall, the citizen complaint picked up by the ACLU was just going to win anyway, and they simply decided to cease morning prayers before being told they had to.


Here in beautiful southern California, a long time atheist and activist, has taken the extremism of anti-godism to a whole 'nother level; we have had a decades old fight against the cross on Mt.Soledad, a war memorial high atop a local neighborhood in La Jolla, where just recently, the liberal court let the atheist win...

even though 80% of the general public do not see an issue -- wish the cross to remain -- appreciate the cross for which she stands honoring our local fallen soldiers -- upon the gorgeous panoramic view of the beaches and bays and back country ...with 80%...

somehow, with the help of people like the ACLU, the atheist won.

granted, the decision handed down was not necessarily requiring the cross to be dismantled; only the call to change it was demanded by the courts, via the opinion of the ninth circuit court.

Perhaps the courts were merely talking about altering it's size; perhaps if the cross were to be cut to half it's size, allowing say, more 'nothingness' to prevail over the top of it, as if the blank blue sky had the upper hand, the atheists would be happy (interesting...would it really be a blank blue sky of nothingness, or would it simply show more heaven???....hmmm you decide)

But the courts didn't really say what kind of changes had to be made;

oh I got it now, maybe constructing the cross within a big, wide circle -- one where a rather ugly and conspicuous diagonal slash comes flailing across the front of it -- maybe that's what they had in mind.  I  don't know, they just didn't spell it out.

With further thought, perhaps more important than the need to get a hobby (other than the one picking on Christians), is more the need to get their own symbol, just sayin';

I just don't get it, are the atheists that petty, that jealous, witnessing the believers enjoying a symbol we can all believe in, a kind that we shamelessly adorn ourselves with, one that honors a higher consciousness to Something Greater than ourselves, and not only that, celebrates our founding principles and beliefs, that they get so dizzy and confused they simply can't see straight?

Perhaps if they had something they could display, of their own, so that we would all know who they are, they would feel better valued in society; or better still, maybe they should consider a little self-esteem counseling --  water or art therapy is coming to mind -- just something that would assist them in working through this apparent internal, made sharply external, struggle.

Or is it simply their tolerance threshold hitting an all-time low?

A symbol is simply that, a symbol; it only matters to the one who gives it value and purpose and power to it; atheists do not have to believe in the cross, accept the cross, or even like it.  It is purely up to them and their own person -- who evidently is their own god.

But make no mistake, our founders made it perfectly clear -- "free exercise thereof", is "free exercise there of".

how dare the Atheist's belief system destroy and dismantle ours -- especially since it is the very foundation this country was founded.

how dare their  NO-God win over a God, any God, one God.

how dare we give them one more inch

They seem to be so misguided; while this narcissistic agenda, rushing the passage of legislation across the country, is simply out to admonish and dismiss any appearance of faith in this land; this is wrong; while this selfish view is completely backwards -- are we really here?  at the cross-section of being a nation of faith and a nation of nothingness? 

Through the aspirations and actions of atheists from sea to shining sea -- with a big help from left-leaning courts who only wish they had the power to do more --the separation of church and state has been totally redefined, and repackaged to serve the liberal elite agenda.

Oh you know, the common man, being people of faith, is so yesteryear. (kinda like the new ad from Audi...have you seen it?  a sick twist on goodnight moon if you ask me -- "goodnight " can be seen here -- it is a thirty second attack on America if you ask me again; "goodnight gluttony, a farewell long expected...goodnight outdated... and all of your wears, goodnight bygones, everywheres...good morning illumination!...unequaled inspiration ---   luxury has progressed -- truth in engineering."

(You, too, can boycott your Audi dealer today...power to the people...)

Running hand in hand with the radical, progressive agenda's need for speed, the powers that be realize all too well that a nation of faith threatens the ability to control the masses, the 'stupid ignorant people (especially church goers) who know no better;

but a nation built upon self-reliance and the freedom to think and grow rich simply doesn't bend over -- especially if that kind of fundamental transformation includes a new world order, an unattainable made for TV global illusion, that runs counter to America's birthright.

The only thing our founders wanted to keep "separated" was the idea of a national religion -- as men living in the age of enlightenment equally came to understand, making us all Catholic, all Muslim, all Jewish, or all Protestant, without our ability to freely choose, was not the way to go for a budding republic.
And now, I just don't get it; how did we get here?  How is it possible that the people who worship no God can shape the lives of the people who do -- and in such an all or nothing way, no less?

If you don't wish to pray, don't!  For God's sakes, whatever you do, don't bow your head with the rest of us, don't do it...don't do it, don't make me tell you again, mister, or you'll be in big trouble -- just close your eyes and think about what you will have for lunch, right?.

But no matter what you do, one thing stands clear -- you cannot take away are the rights of others to have faith, show their faith, and honor their faith; as long as there is no harm no foul, people OF FAITH have a right to express it, exercise it, and even shout it from a mountaintop if we so please.

Here's another way to look at it:

it is much like our right to eat meat or not to eat meat; it's not like the vegetarians have a right to take away our burgers and rib-eyes, right?  If you don't want to partake in some of the food this great earth has blessed us with (thanks to a loving and benevolent Creator...) then don't -- that right is yours to make and take all the way to the salad bar. It's a free country, live on juice bars, for all I care.

But just because you don't eat meat, or believe it is wrong, doesn't mean you can tell me what I cannot eat -- let alone have it taken plum out of the local grocery store everywhere and often for goodness sakes if for no other reason that YOU don't like it; just because you don't believe in God, doesn't mean you can tell me not to, or make me follow a belief system that takes away every sign, symbol or sanctity of a belief system that does.

Some people (funny, the majority of our global community) still believe in God.

While no matter how far we "progress" in this world, the majority of us still value that old luxury of believing in Something -- correction, not just a something, but a belief in that One True Thing, and as individual we come; but what we have in common, is realizing that the One True Thing is non-negotiable and  truly worthy of our time, money and attention above all else.

While some people (and when I say 'some', I really mean most)  -- some people still value the aged and well worn message! no matter who is telling the story -- a Saint Paul, a Jesus, a Mohammed, a John Smith, a Buddha, a God of all colors and creed -- we still open our hearts and minds to hear the message.

Talk about truth in engineering, our one true faith is a luxury we not only crave, we absolutely know, in our hearts, we cannot live without -- while most of us would probably agree, we don't even want to try.

We would walk! five miles in the snow and back again, before climbing into the mindset that fails to fill us with hope, love and charity through faith -- while the atheists agenda, one that destroys the very Judeo-Christian foundation we have built, shamelessly does just that.

Of all things, really, to attack the one thing that made America -- have we already forgotten?  We fought a revolution for this! Our religious and economic freedom from England was all we ever wanted, all we ever needed -- besides that One True Thing we celebrated through and through and double on Sunday.

Where is the defense for we the people who actually have the law on our side?  How awkward for the ACLU, right?  Having teams argue against one another in court, making a mockery of the whole charade.

God knows how we got here.no really, God probably knows.

So back to the top, isn't there something better they could be doing with their time -- the atheists, I mean...how on earth can a cause that seeks only to snuff out the look of faith in ourselves, and in our landmarks, be that fulfilling?  Is bitter judgment along with a thorough civic damnation of our nation's Divine Providence, and our community of faith, really that worthy?

Couldn't the atheists pour their attention to things of that greatly affect our civic livelihood and stability -- say like, inner-city children losing their way - falling victim to gangs and dropping out of school; or perhaps, the fall from grace in Hollywood, from a time (of luxury), when films were made really good -  along with a shared safe keeping of some kind of moral compass bearing witness by our children on the both the small and big screen; or perhaps the thoughtless use of vitriolic language by journalists, bloggers, and political pundits, all of which, when done, are worthy of someone telling them no, don't do that anymore.  Couldn't all these examples be a better use of their time and worthy of taking up the legal challenges?

Attacking Christians, in particular, is just no way to go around life.

So get a new hobby -- make up a symbol to call your own and flash it wherever you see fit, respectfully of course. Build your own memorial to something -- to death or to life -- and shine on.

But take your hands off of our cross! (and really, for true believers, God is in everything -- alive in not only the symbols and rituals -- but in everything seen and unseen...so good luck with that...what are you gonna do next, banish the trees, the birds, and the big blue sky?)

Your reprehensible, narcissistic, anti-altruistic demands to make us conform to your world, to pretend as if our God simply doesn't exist, denying our spiritual connection to all that surrounds us and each other, while callously forbidding us the FREE EXERCISE thereof, will never happen. never.

Oh my, to have a slew of liberal judges in your favor is a blessed thing to bestow...

but even still, can't help but think of them as simpletons in robes...

a little nudge here, a little nudge there...

Fear not, America, for precedence is in our favor (and we all know how much the law loves precedence) -- Divine Providence is in our favor, we have moved mountains before --
rest assured,
God is in our favor.

Motion denied.

Make it a Good Day, G

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