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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear America,

Hu was hard pressed...
to answer to a few questions on human rights violations...

hmmm. I don't know who?


That's what I'm asking, who?

bada dump ba

I hear you; it was really stupid; whatever...

k then, what about this one --

the Chinese President was visiting and all we got was a t-shirt, with a picture of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian across the front of it and in big block Chinese characters the phrase "five more years" .

Then of course there is this one --

a straight faced President Hu outright denied any rumor of his country being a military threat, as reported by FoxNews.

(while his left arm was speaking to Robert Gates on Monday with a whole 'nother line of thought... regarding U.S.ARMS SALES to Taiwan, that "seriously damaged China's core interests, and we do not want to see that happen again," Liang Guanglie, China's Defense Minister sweetly forewarned.  'We hope that U.S. arms sales will not again and further disrupt' military ties or the overall relationship..." the article for NPR further detailed.)

Just "treat us with respect and as equals" (with a sinister laugh well placed here) and everything will be just fine, as so we are told by who?  Hu.

that's it.  no more who jokes, but what's up second, G?

yeah, and it just keeps on ticking.

I feel good.
Do you feel good?
I feel good.


Well, we are recording history here...a rather boring subject, generally speaking; we might as well have some fun.  whatever...

Did you hear that the Huffington Post and BET are having a baby? Kid you not.

Co-founder of BET, Sheila Jackson, and Arianna, have come together to bring us another choice for news, a spin off the old block, with a twist -- seeking to target, if you pardon the expression, the best interests and concerns of the African-American liberal.  Oh, and they have picked out a lovely name, too, "HuffPost GlobalBlack."   again, could I be making this stuff up?

I dare say, if a right wing outfit did this, people would be on them like white on rice. right?  I mean, really, can't we all get along and listen to the same Huffington Post, listen to the same news,  and be genuinely interested in the same 'best interests' of all Americans, as one body?  I thought this was the kind of change we could all believe in, and thereby magically come about, when a certain special someone was elected into the big white house.  C'mon, people, where is the love for all brothers and sisters, equally, and evenly distributed, respectfully listening and communicating with that still small voice to the very same thing? Can America not do that anymore?

and say it isn't so, plans to do the very same thing for the growing Latino market, es mas de tres y muy grande, is close behind.

So good global news is in the works all the way around.

We have the Chinese telling us 'no worries, be happy'; we are entering a new era of racial divide by getting all our news from different sources, clinging to well worn prejudices, judging the politics of the day with an eye of separation, instead of unification (hardly fair and balanced, if you know what I mean, but whatever...); and in joyful celebration of a global black and white gift that keeps on giving -- if only for five more years  -- only if we mind our p's and q's, -- kinda like a time bomb -- Mei Xiang and Tian Tian remain as the one true tangible symbols of better international relations between US and them.

(Unless of course, you throw in an innocent childlike exchange...as in the president's daughter, Sasha, being handed on a silver platter an opening... to test her Chinese dialect with the country's premier, no less...just wondering, was that over pot stickers or green tea ice cream?)

As cute as it all sounds, inquiring minds want to know, what on earth did she say...'I love Chairman Mao! tell me more, tell me more.'

and on that note, we will end the misery there, that's all folks...

Make it a Good Day, G

and thank you to Dana Milbank, for admitting, in print, how many times the left wing media has verbally attacked Sarah Palin...and advocating a "moratorium."  well done.  splendid.
"Let's take it one step further. I call on Douthat (who has mentioned Palin in 21 of his Times columns since 2008, according to a Lexis-Nexis search, and in scores of blog posts) to join my moratorium -- thereby forming a bipartisan coalition of The Post and the Times. I challenge columnists Eugene Robinson (33 Palin mentions), Paul Krugman (14), Kathleen Parker (30) and Maureen Dowd (45) to do the same.
"I also call on Keith Olbermann (345 shows mentioning Palin) and Rachel Maddow (183 shows) of MSNBC, as well as Sean Hannity (411 Palin segments) and Bill O'Reilly (664 segments) of Fox News, to take the pledge. Will Politico -- with 96 Palin items in the past month alone -- join this cause? Will the Huffington Post, which had 19 Palin mentions on a single day last week -- stand with me?"
however, you are missing the point that our dear President was making, entirely -- the president was directly speaking to the speakers of the vitriolic attacks, whether left or right, to stop; he was referring to the very kind of commentary, that you have now so nicely counted out for us -- as if we didn't already know from our own eyes and ears;  but case in point, the vitriol stops right after Maddow according to your own list  --  when you get to the players of Fox News, you come to fair and balanced reporting of Gov. Palin (not to mention, she is a Fox News Contributor herself, and a peer). 

Fair and balanced commentary is simply that, otherwise, who else would you suggest we "just not talk about" in your view?  Just who else, pray tell, do you wish to censor and why?  And really, how hard is it to be respectful, even when voicing one's criticism against a certain policy or action?  Is it that hard to do?  Personal attacks immediately take away from the merit of the message being told. 

And can't help but take notice to the "19 mentions" of Gov. Palin in a single day last week, according to the numbers on the Huffington Post.  kudos for that.  Wonder how many times she will be mentioned in the upcoming "HuffPost GlobalBlack" edition?

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