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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear America,

good morning america

last we spoke, Obama was on a plane telling reporters it isn't time to concern ourselves with 2012 -- until when? 2012.  Doink; then all of a sudden, low and behold breaking news out of Washington, his primary spokesperson and confidant of many years, including playing an integral part in previous campaigns, Robert Gibbs, has decided to step down.

why?  he needs time to regroup and collect himself, so that in the coming months he can help lead Obama into his re-election bid.  No.  Nobody is thinking of 2012, not now, as that would be a misuse of priorities, among other things.

Then there is all the buzz on the replacement of the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm-bo, who had to leave in high hopes of gaining the highest position for all of Chicago -- a void left open for a couple of months now; and oops, der it is, one of Obama's prospects on the short list includes a banker.  And someone within the first family of Chicago, no less, a lineage of super powers that go way back...a certain Bill Daley. really?

Yeah, that seven years of bad luck within America's largest bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, did him a world of good in grabbing the attention of our Banker-in-Chief.

Hypocrisy in America is breeding at an alarming rate.

Oh, but what about the latest news on republicans, who seem to be brazenly skirting around a law they firmly and resoundingly vowed they would never to do...not giving legislation proper time to debate in committee before coming to the House floor for a vote?

Talk about hypocrisy... as POLITICO enjoyed declaring bright and early this one fine day...

well, glad you asked.

At the risk of sounding stupid (again), this is different; what POLITICO is referring to is the splendid intentions of the GOP to bring to a vote the absolute repeal of the Health Care Law in one fell swoop; this being done, by a simple up or down vote, you are either for it or against it, and no matter what it looks like, sounds like, the motion does not precipitate debate -- as it is 2 pages! following the people's mandate, as demonstrated in the November elections, outlawing a law that never allowed for full, open debate and resolution to begin with; what it offers, to the floor of the House, is for the 2,997? page law to come to a complete standstill like the doctor ordered:  prescribing plenty of rest and liquids... now get back to bed and resume debate tomorrow.

Taking into account a recent generalization and sentiment of our fine leader, there is plenty of time to start over, on the politics and realities of this, another day.

Oh my, please let this be the year all the fun and games come to a screeching halt, or not...

Cleaning out the ditch that the car swerved into was more like a swamp -- wasn't it Nancy? Way back when, you were so bright eyed and bushy tailed to clean up the mess, weren't you...

the people have spoken,

and not only do we carry great disdain for the continuing nonsense in Washington, but we will remember, I assure you;

but when people, like Nancy Pelosi, try to portray the last several years as all about the deficit, all about jobs, as that's been our focus since day one, as if we are all too dumb to know any better -- when in fact this Congress, and the one before that, has grown our national debt to a bulging, plus-size 14 Trillion dollars, a growth of  5.3 Trillion dollars in the last five years alone --  while she spins us a tangled weave of “Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, pay-as-you-go” without batting an over-botoxed eye...just how should we respond to that?  just how ridiculous does Pelosi look?  Does Pelosi even look into the rear-view mirror?

Yes, lefty's, you're right, the move by the GOP is purely symbolic -- but it is based on a reality that the Left refuses to believe or acknowledge: the health care monstrosity is guilty for adding 1.3 Trillion to the debt, manipulating the system with unpaid liabilities throughout, killing the hopes of all economic recovery for the year 2010, as it was, and IS a job killer -- proven by the response of late (in umpteen requests for exemption) over employer mandates that simply put a choke-hold on any job growth, expansion, or investment;  for the legislation -- and overnight, I might add (coming to us in the midnight hour of Christmas Eve 2009) -- turned already dire economic straits into a full-blown tailspin.

Talk about driving the economy into a ditch -- as Obama-andretti loves to spin it -- once a tailspin begins, the hopes of surviving one depends on our ability to overcome the direction of the spin without acceleration -- you quickly take your foot off the gas and remain calm, turning into the spin actually works with you, not against you.

The unintended consequences of the recent health care legislation was like answering to the out of control spending and waste and fraud within the health care system as if it were spinning out of control, but instead of cool, calm, collected and calibrated response, the left had us in the grips of an immediate overreaction, putting the foot on the breaks, creating total panic, and thrusting the business community into hyper-hysterics.

So this symbolic measure is one of even higher methodology and importance, and surely not one in vain; this symbolic motion, to take back the people's house, is one that will, hopefully, set the pace for the new year; this symbolic gesture is one that, if all goes right, will continue to ricochet the voice of the people off of the walls in the halls of Washington. (And speaking of symbolic, how about the reading of the Constitution today, and the new speaker, John Boehner...read this)

And sure, this may be without any cause for real alarms to go off, it doesn't carry the machine with enough horse-power to get much further than the house, the overdrive can only get us so far; but the people seem to be the only one's living in reality these days; and if that is where we must begin, then so be it.

You're right, it may not change the fundamental transformation that has already taken place -- but we are not out of the race yet.

And last I checked, it was the tortoise who came out on top. slow and steady...

cool heads prevail.

turn into the spin.

back to basics, heeding the first rules of thumb.

cut spending-- even if it only begins with fluffy earmarks, they add up.

cut spending -- nothing is off limits, even defense, but the point is to start.

cut spending -- and like anyone else experiencing the immediate slashing of cash flow, drastic changes are the only way we find a way to eat and keep a roof over our head.  We make due with less of everything.

cut spending -- promote individual solutions and elevate thinking outside the box, working together, in community one another.  Let the neighborhood truly act as a community for the betterment of the whole; think globally, but act locally.

cut spending -- reminding Washington every day, that they are playing with the people's money; it does not belong to YOU, and you no longer have carte blanche to spend our money haphazardly and recklessly.  It is not your money.  Talk about an entitlement program off the charts in waste, abuse, and fraud -- the United States Congress Entitlement Fund has run it's course, in a way, obsolete, it is not producing enough good things to warrant further investment...shut it down.

cut spending -- take the foot off the acceleration...no, no, I got it...unless you change the course, the direction, and the speed in which you are taking  us, we will simply resort to Chicago-style tactics...yeah yeah...we'll just cut off your ability to refuel, that's the ticket; gas shortages of the seventies have got nothing on this.

oooh and while I veer off in an attempt to amuse myself, just maybe a Daley would make a good choice in the new year...time will tell...while 2012 is just around the corner. vroom vroom. chitty chitty bang bang.

Make it a Good Day, G

Sting, at his best, is playing on Dear America... turn it up!

post post:  no longer thinking about Bill Daley...it's done. he's in. finito. here's more.

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