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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear America,

Where do we begin and how do we begin again, I ask myself.

Where I live, it is the Day After OPENING Day of the Races, in Del Mar. It is one of those local traditions that brings the seasonal influx of big hats and high balls, arriving as Bing Crosby sings by train or by car-- limo or beemer-- and away they go with a day of heavy drinking, gambling and the like. I really don't wanna sound cynical during these trying times, but it is a wonder when pondering the state of America and all of it's ills, worries and confusion how merriment still reigns a very high priority.

Of course, it is also the Day After the Presidential primetime address regarding the state of our healthcare system and his valiant push by our President Obama to "make it so", even if it rushes to harm us in the end. While just the idea of the Day After brings a sense of melancholy, as if to say that the party is over, time to heal the hangover, pop a pill and sleep it all off.

It is the day after something big, something planned, and that something is now over...it merely remains the Day After.

I find such irony in realizing that here we are in the country who created the very idea of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" that we have grown into such a wayward, mental state as a people. We are lost individually and collectively living in one serious hangover; and the only way to transcend this downward trend is to go back to the time before.

A time when our founding fathers and philosphers and renaissance men and society were all speaking the same language. A language that united us in thought and in word to do our personal best. It was a time that called for individual responsibility to rise up and create a life of happiness on our own. A time when you had no choice but to create that life because big daddy nanny state wasn't going to do it for you, and moreover, we didn't want them to!

How can it be okay to let the government simply takeover our lives; and to be sure, it would seem by the prevailing attitude a hostile takeover at that. Are we giving birth to people so weak and blind to the trappings of big government, or are we just spellbound by the very idea that maybe this time big government will be different. Perhaps we are no longer the greatest generation; perhaps handouts and subsidies and taxes are the answer to our prayers.

Wake Up you people! Socialism has many ills, wrecks societies and has never been a system of government that allows for the full freedoms and liberty of it's people. It never has worked and it never will and heaven forbid, do not let a really cool President tell you otherwise!

Our power to choose everything, good or bad, not only dictates our individual life each and every day, but as a whole in our present day has the ill-fated power to create a society of puppets!

I say today, NO thank you.

We have the power to create responsible, accountable citizens who revel in the very thought of our freedoms to raise a family, grow a business, acquire wealth and prosper in every possible way. Government is not needed for that! Stop, think, grow rich and look at how we are just turning over, as if playing dead, to the powers that be through taxation, through excess, through mismanagement, through loss of control, through waste, through affairs on the taxpayer dime, through corruption, through lobby, through not in my back yard, through just sleeping it off like the Day After hoping we will just wake up and have it all better tomorrow.

The only pill for this Day After is a hard pill to swallow. That's it. Mary Poppins is not here to put a little sugar on it. It will take each of us, individually and collectively to wake up and place our goverment back in the hands of the people.

We must recognize that this power and strength is within ourselves all along; our outer world will only change when we align ourself to the qualities that will sustain the individual to rise up and be strong all by one's self. Then collectively, we will live all of our days in the land of the free and the brave and even look forward to the Day After, and the day after that, and the day after that, and ...

Make it a good day, G

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