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Saturday, May 11, 2019

It's Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Blogs on the Wall Thing

Dear America,

"I'm actually a pretty simple person 
as it turns out.  
I'm just doing my best 
to make beautiful memories 
and enjoy the gift of my time here."  
Anne Hathaway
in her own words, 
from inside the June issue of Shape 
(it's a magazine)

it's not like I'm not a fan of her movies, my favorite Hathaway era was found in The Devil Wears Prada, and, even earlier, in The Princess Diaries (but just the first one, mind you). my girl and I must have watched them, like, a million times.

having said that, there is just something about this interview that finds me, sort of, like,  wow.  so Hollywood got to you, too.  what a shame, what a shame.

what happens to these people...

her new persona reveals how she has come from being the fresh faced neophyte, to Hollywood stardom, to sudden delirious wealth, to plunging into full-blown activist now ----- she's figuratively gone, like, in sixty seconds, in every way.

@Shape ---
Right from the start -- from the cover to the inside spread -- it displays her in a couple of fabulous pant suits, like tuxedo style, and each amounting to a pretty penny, like a thousand bucks a pop, and with jewelry, add another grand. 

But the craziest thing is, it's unbuttoned....it's like, wide open across her cleavage. 

While the cover reads, "I'm all about the next challenge."   

Within, beginning @page 86, it reads: "ANNE    SOARS    ABOVE  (stately, across two pages) Fueled by the desire to stretch herself creatively and help women and girls around the world.  The Hustler star ANNE HATHAWAY opens up about tossing old insecurities and finding a new level of strength and purpose."  

But there she is.... chest nearly entirely revealed, her pensive gaze is leading outward, with plenty of blue sky and the sparkling Pacific Ocean as the perfect backdrop, ANNE takes her stand (in butt ugly sandals, I might add; but, you, too, can get a pair for $80.00 @Cougar shoes. Look for the Prato sandals, a total bargain if you ask me...if you are into what appears to be fancy Birkenstock knockoffs, in black.  yuck)

but let's not get hung up on what she's wearing, shall we?

She may very well be looking forward to her "next challenge," helping women and girls around the world, advocating for paid parental leave, yadi yadi yada...but let's get real -- even if Shape is making June its "SKIN issue" -- is this choice of hers to bear, not arms, but half her boobs and perfectly buff abs, really revealing a natural confidence, or does it continue to placate the expectations of her industry?  

I mean, c'mon ANNE, was your aim to titillate the Shape reader into joining forces with you -- banning the use of all plastic, making your own makeup remover with coconut oil and shea butter, and avoiding red meat and pork?  Is this really your way to prove to us, in fashion forward bravery, that you are truly satisfied with the mistakes...and...empowered to choose a different path, as you say???

Even your only other pictures include, a bustier and pants combo -- with the same darned butt ugly sandals; with the opposite page,  a beautiful brassier paired with high-waisted shorts and peeping out from under a $790.00 stretch cotton Poplin shirt, in white.  Of course, it caresses over the ensemble, but just barely.

Like, really?  After all we've been through of late, after all the Weinstein whining and hashtagging, of women, of all industries, wanting to be taken more seriously, and mostly, to be taken at their word --- you  -- the wholesome, pretty, Hollywood starlet, with even a smart little brain atop your shoulders, or so it seems, you do this?  This is your coming out party revealing your simple, sophisticated confidence?  Is this really a different path, a showcase of empowerment --  with you staring down the camera--  when all we really see is a certain co-dependency on using your sexuality to sell it?

Hollywood is as Hollywood does.  Stupid is as stupid does.

This is where, after nearly a thousand blogs -- and bear in mind, no private trainer, or even yoga three or four times a week --  that I, in the company of a twelve year old scotch perhaps (in step with Anne's 12 year old coat) -- should have its day to reign, just as the princess diaries queen herself.    

Perhaps I've been doing this all wrong all along.  If only I had shown more skin in this game, I'd be so rich.

Maybe, in honor of the thousand blogs that I will surely hit tomorrow, the next post should be posed to expose!  Yes, with some eye-popping caption declaring, that after all these years of finding myself,  after the near decade in the making of this day in the life of this American girl -- there comes a time to reveal myself to all the world, in ways that SOAR ABOVE and BELOW (teehee) the blogosphere.   

HERE I AM AMERICA ain't nothin' but a gthang, baby

Yeah yeah....tomorrow.  It will all be revealed, tomorrow. bare naked G in all her new found, and even some vintage, glory (that is, if you will allow your eyes to fall to my choice of shoes ;)  )

oh just stop, G

The thing is -- from one girl to another -- I am happy she is finding her way, and becoming confident in her own skin more and more.  Being twenty years her senior, I am quite familiar with the path she is traveling, and then some;  and besides, nothing would please me more if she uses her celebrity to make the world a better place.  I sincerely hope she continues down this path of becoming with great success and satisfaction in every way...  There is nothing wrong with that.

It's just hard to reconcile her choice of point of view, paired with the blunt absence of sensibility and even a soft touch of class.  She would have looked just as gorgeous and complete and solid with just one button done.  just sayin' 

"I'm actually a pretty simple person 
as it turns out.  
I'm just doing my best 
to make beautiful memories 
and enjoy the gift of my time here."

which is funny, as the article displays a lifestyle quite different from most of us simple folk. Her choice of how to exercise, what to eat, taking sabbaticals from work to recalibrate,  living sans plastic along with most red meat and pork, squeals of living with the means to support the higher conscience and satisfy the social, political, and cultural mandates that come with.  But right on cue, and in common with the rest of her Hollywood compatriots, there is a wisp of haughtiness in the air that leaves a slight stench. (And to think, they think of the right as being a little self-righteous. Really?)

sigh.  maybe it's just me.

It would have been totally cool if ANNE gave a little shout out to IVANKA for all her work in the family leave department in America.  There is that

sigh again.    never mind.

I, too, live a pretty simple life.  I clean my own toilet.  I take out my own trash.  I reuse the same coffee mug over and over again with just a quick rinse.  My favorite red meat comes packaged in an In N Out wrapper, made of paper (it's a good thing; and that goes, double double).

I, too, am just doing my best to make beautiful memories and enjoy the gift of my time here, thankya, Jesus.

So here you go, just for kicks and giggles down memory lane -- my first blog.  And my second.  And my third.  And my fourth.  Yes.  The first four to go along with the final four before this girls reaches her goal of ONE THOUSAND blogs! yippee skippy!  so excited.  [and mom thought i would run out of things to say.  siwwy wabbit.]

I, too, am all about the next challenge.  Oh boy, and suddenly, as if overnight, it feels as if ANNE and me have found so much in common....

ah yes....if not for Hathaway, what else would  I have to say about today?
who knows, right.
So big thanks for another muse to amuse me once more...
and of course, many thanks to Shape, that which I get in my mailbox for free each month and not even sure why...i didn't order it; don't need it.  not that I'm bragging or nothin'-- it's called walking and eating right, everything in moderation (thanks mom) ...and still, just like old times, like wearing my favorite pair of Guess sweats, I digress....it's one of my favorite things to do; as some things change, other things stay gloriously the same.

G is as G does.

this makes Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Blogs on the wall... #MAGAGIRL

and in keeping with the theme of the week, so to speak, it is my industry, my enterprise, my record, that always speaks for itself.    << boobs>>

Make it a Good Day, G

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