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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

It's Just a Good Start Thing

Dear America,


just taking a few baby steps this morning...now nearly afternoon... as this girl ever so slowly resurfaces.......re-entering the blogosphere for the very first time in 2019; so here's our first quote to accompany us:  "Everyday is great -- it's a day extra."  [Jake LaMotta, boxer]

it's also the Day After the president's Oval Office address.  ooh rah 
must say -- he sounded a wee bit more mature  in this new year, if I'm not mistaken.  teehee

Talking about reaching maturity, whether individually or collectively, this girl is feeling sorta nostalgic on this rather bright and sunny Southern California day; so, on a whim,  a hit on the Day After, above, will link you to my very first blog! This being blog #974... from the serious to nonsensical, suffice it to say, this girl has covered a lot of ground over the last decade; just sayin'.

But oh to God be the Glory that I have lasted this long.  Day in and Day out, altogether it makes 2019 something of a celebratory year.  Traditionally, when referring to years of marriage, the anniversary is marked with gifts of tin or aluminum -- recognizing the resiliency and steadfastness required to make it thus far. So, to put this in perspective -- if this blog keeps producing 'til July 23rd -- I will have surpassed my marital devotion by a whole six months.   Now there's a new years resolution to write home about, eh?

So, on that note, and without any further dilly dilly or dally, let me link you to a wonderful breakdown of the president's Oval Office debut (you do know it was his first Oval Office address....right?)  This comes from my favorite group of patriots, @The Patriot Post; and it comes with a whole lot of common sense coming from Mark Alexander, himself, founder of The Patriot Post:

The Humanitarian and Security Crisis on Our Border
A full analysis of Donald Trump's Oval Office address, as well as the Demo rebuttal

and if you have time, read Mark Thiessen's account, via Fox News: "Trump started the shutdown but Democrats are about to own it"

I do want to talk about the AOC, bouncing off a post from Leslie Marshall...but it will have to wait for it's own day.  It will need all of a day, and maybe then some; what a hoot. happy   new     year   to    me.

Maybe the world needs to be reminded about the way the real world works, and more important, how sometimes it doesn't -- as in, leading us into world wars, and other things that are not good.  For more on that, and giving you a third good read on the first day back in 2019:  READ THIS from IMPRIMIS -- Do We Need a Country Anymore?  by Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College.

THIS is what I like to call, just a good start.

happy new year
happy first blog #1
happy first Oval Office address
happy reading
happy United States of America
happy 2019 in every way
happy first day back blog #974

the end.

Make it a Good Day, G

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