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Friday, May 12, 2017

It's Just G, leaving a little lowly mark on the day Thing

Dear America,

"It is not what you eat, 
but what you digest that makes you strong.  
It is not what you earn, 
but what you save that makes you rich.  
It is not what you preach, 
but what you practice 
that makes you a Christian!"  
Francis Bacon

While Nikolai Lenin once said, "Religion is a kind of spiritual gin in which the slaves of capital drown their human shape and their claims to any decent human life."  and  "A young man or woman cannot be a Communist youth unless he or she is free of religious convictions."  and  "We must combat religion -- this is the ABC of all materialism, and consequently Marxism."

It's like, Oh my! -- the amount of propaganda ...created by communists and socialists... can fill the state of California; and why? perhaps because they were afraid of a greater power, a power that released the very potential to take a government's power altogether away.

And while some may say that, the Bible, Christianity as a whole, might be equally suspect, I think not...for it's a power of another mother.  Ever since the resurrection of Jesus, as governments and dictators and political movements come and go, Christianity has been the one constant throughout the world. 

Some may think of it as an enigma, something to be figured out, and fortunately, science goes there --and probably, much of the time, with a jaded heart set out to disprove its roots, its stories, the truth; but alas, the Bible is continually being verified and scientifically validated in the everyday, right down to the rocks and rivers and rapture.

And framed another way -- history has proven that indoctrination by coercion has never worked; and government, no matter how much they feign  goodness and charity for all, can't even come close to what God IS and DOES among his flock. 

And all of a sudden what some consider an enigma couldn't be any further from the truth -- for religion is an individual thing! Something our founders not only recognized, but glorified, by the way.   And that is precisely what the crazy commies were afraid of then and are afraid of now, for how else could they gain any momentum without the little people fully dependent upon government for all their needs?  [Read this for kicks, from Walter Williams in 2012.  And read this for giggles, from  The Patriot Post, from 5/4/2017.]

Now -- to current times -- Trump has been compared to tyrants, authoritarians, fascists, and even Hitler, himself.

So as America self-destructs in the face of the James Comey firing, all I really want to do is shake people, hit them upside the head, and call nearly everybody an enemy of the state in some form or fashion (and then, understandably, dumb ass comes next).  

If this wasn't actually disturbing...this nonsense...how it pulls us all away from what is truly important, whether in terms of the macro or the micro worlds in which we live, it might actually be entertaining, almost funny.    

But nooooooooo now we have people like Cory Booker saying things like this:
"I think it’s very problematic when you have a president and an attorney general involving themselves at a time in the firing of an individual that was investigating, asking for more resources to investigate, not only to Russia’s attacks, cyberattacks but also people that were part of the campaign — as Jeff Sessions was and, obviously, as candidate Trump was,” Booker said. 
“And so, this really have to get back to the focus of what’s going on right now, which is really a moment in American history where we’ve had an unprecedented attack on our elections and how are we as a nation going to respond,” he continued. “Donald Trump clearly has not taken this seriously, and what should be a Paul Revere moment for our country, where people are talking about the Russians are coming, they’re not intending not only to attack this last election but intending to continue this behavior, what will our response be?  And right now, it’s been wholly unsatisfactory from this administration.

it's just so funny...Paul Revere moment...when truth be known, Booker probably couldn't give a product -- dispensed by a horse's ass -- about Paul Revere.  And not to mention, it's just too bad it so far from the truth -- this president does care about election integrity, with or without Russian interference coming into play.  As just yesterday, he announced a new task force looking at this very thing, election integrity (Or, better known as the systematically rampant election fraud going on...Which happens often in the state of California, and any other state that does not require an I.D. to vote.).   And finally, just where is Booker's concern with regards to Hill and Bill's collusion with the Russians --- for profit --- centering upon the outrageous "non-profit" activity of The Clinton Foundation?

------Now -- having said all this -- here's to the real thing for today  -------

And it is acknowledging the incredible insight back behind Greg Gutfield's post, The Prison of Two Ideas.

Here's a good summation -- and while this girl is just going to cut a fraction out, taking it out of the immediate context entirely, it is being done on purpose.   Just trust that my manipulative ways have just rewards.   Greg says,

"...Ponder this crazy, fantastic number. 
Because it frees you
 from sticking to two sides. 
It reminds you that you can think of anything."

And then Gutfield goes through a few examples....like this one:

Take immigration. Are you xenophobic for wanting a wall? 
No, you can be for enforced, enhanced border protection, while welcoming grateful refugees and hard-working immigrants.  You can be for that wall, and that giant beautiful door. You see: Trump used a simple sentence to destroy the prison of two ideas. People remember the wall, but he also offered the door.
Oh my, I love what you did with the room, Greg.  It feels so open.  And look at that, I can actually walk between the couch and the coffee table without hitting the shin against an unsympathetic corner.

So how did we get here -- in America?  We are so polarized. [And yes, admittedly, this old girl is surely not immune).

Many times it's not even based with the truth of anything.  It's purely based upon a set of assumptions that are aligned with a party or ideology; or, it's based upon what we want to  be true.  But let's be clear -- this polarization isn't based upon what is honest to goodness truth, it's based upon a new paradigm of human dynamics within the culture of the United States of America, and just maybe the entire world.

So how did we get here?
Well, to get to my honest to goodness answer....

....drum roll please...

...the blame, in part, could surely rest upon the foot of Barack Obama presidency (for his Dreams From My Father collided and colluded with his own social justice dreams, with a little help from his anti-American mentors, and, there is no question, it has left a mark).  The anarchists and leftists have thoroughly organized under the Obama administration (college campuses are proof, no matter the student, faculty, or administration populations).

America took a turn, courtesy of the community organizer in chief at the helm.  Between the ghost of Saul Alinsky and his leftist playbook, Rules for Radicals.... combined with his years in the neighborhoods of Chicago, thrusting the social justice philosophy into the mainstream....not to mention another controversial  mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and a rather long list of other suspect associations all his life!  (Communists, Marxists, and radicals, oh my)....and last, but not least, the open door policy to the White House and the American Rule of Law to hundreds of associates/bureaucrats who happen to also be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood...and in the end, leading us to this crazy cat as the  new DNC chief.

America has been set up to self-destruct.  

America has been set up to fight against each other, at every turn.

And in the simplest of terms and arguments, "The Prison of Two Ideas" gained a foothold upon the American landscape -- basic floor plan and all -- being fully cemented into the brand new foundation under President Obama.  Obama could very well have designed this prison in which we live all by himself, except for the fact he got lots of help.

Of course, this kind of treason is rather difficult to prove -- being the by-product of the politically correct culture, the one divined through leftists eyes and un-tethered souls and wearing boots up to their brown shirts and britches that un-apologetically begs to indoctrinate the entire lot, eventually.

Oh how history proves how patient they are; communists and socialists and radicals and terrorists have much in common, oh and they seem to believe they have all the time in the world, too.  They just put on the blinders and keep trudging forward, one boot to the neck at a time. 

Now, if there could be some great unify-er of some sort, pulling us together, and at the same time, allowing for our differences to compliment the whole...

hmmmmm.......wonder what That could be?

In the olden days -- this unify-er  was God, pure and simple...even if that looked like we gave reverence to different  Gods, varied religions, or even no religion whatsoever.   The point is, we were guided, as a people, by a higher understanding, a higher connection, a higher purpose under heaven (Referencing Divine Providence was NO accident, hello!).   

America was truly high!  And at this height, America not only prevailed against Britain, it created the most unique governmental foundation in the whole entire world (hence why we refer to ourselves as exceptional -- it's not that America was better than other countries, we were just the exception!).

Between the cornerstones and the foundation, between instituting the very precepts and laws and blue prints for the room to grow and expand,  no other country on the planet, up until 1776 anyway, understood this, let alone incorporated this knowledge into daily life for future generations.

That is just the truth.

Oh my,
"Better a dry crust 
with peace and quiet
 than a house full of feasting 
with strife."
 Proverbs 17:1

This girl is so disturbed by the escalation of the propaganda by propagandists/ "Comey homey's" (left wing media at the door steps of a mansion full of left wing representatives/leaders) -- especially considering, none of these people were his true homey until the day he got shown the door.

And, oh how I wish President Trump would not continue to feed it, the frenzy; for these rabid dogs need to find a new porch.  It is uncomfortable to hear him speak of tape recordings over dinner, as if a veiled threat will keep Comey's mouth shut.  It's like, c'mon, Mr. President -- remember who you are and where you come from!  Don't fall for this; rise above it all and move on with being the leader of the free world (earthly speaking, of course).  If there is nothing there, there, then why be here, here?

[Now, if we are going to talk of things leaving a mark,
let's go to the Apostle Paul.   He is credited
to have written thirteen books of the New Testament, 
some of it actually from within four prison walls.]

Shut the door.  Just shut the door.
Find a good replacement, find a good replacement.

America needs a leader, not a follower; we need a prison breaker, not a prison maker and abide-r.

You live in the White House, and it is sacred space in more ways than one.

Make it a Good Day, G

P.S. Guess the links multiplied today...take some time or no time, it's entirely up to you...teehee

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