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Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Keeping Things HERE HERE in the THERE THERE Reality of Things

Dear America,

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.  
"None of them are wrong."  
W.R. Purche

thank God we have the president on a world wide meet and greet, wheel and deal....am I right?

it's like, people, take a freeking breath, will ya...and when I say people, this girl is speaking G directly to the people who are out to take this presidency down, pulling it and the entire republican party out from the roots, while tearing the American people further and further apart -- completely divided by demographic and ideology, putting up walls of a whole nother sort everywhere and often.

The Left disparages Trump's plan for a wall on the southern border -- all the while, they are the master bricklayers and cement mixers between each and every one of us who go by the name American.

This is how The Right should be framing the message, for this is how Conservatives must say it, in order to survive!   This is how the Trump administration must illustrate it, for it is the difference between winning the next election and a possible impeachment, brought on by the war of falsehoods, misinformation, and the incredible reluctance to teach our children, and teach them well .  

There are good walls
 and there are bad walls:  

Mark my words, the walls are already up and they are not only within the boundaries of these fine sovereign "united" states, but they are so massive, so evil, so controlling, that these very walls -- constructed by design from the heart and soul of the Democratic party -- carry the weight of crushing us all.  And make no mistake....about these walls....oh they will fall down.... and it won't be pretty.

I would just love to talk about how successful the Trump Trip is going...so far, anyway....That would be fun. 

But what I want to do instead is square away something pretty profound, and that is how the media and much of the American people totally misunderstand who The Donald is, let alone how he operates.

Of course, who am I, right....let's start there there.

Allow me to answer that just briefly -- I am just a girl, her name is Gretchen, and this is simply a day in the life of THIS American girl.  I am nothing.  I only know what I know and it's somewhat limited.

Having said that, I do know who I AM and more important, realize that who I am is albeit limited in knowledge, and understanding, and experience -- I AM connected to that which is UNLIMITED in every way;  I AM  here, here, courtesy of the purpose under Heaven, knowing it is somehow a purpose connected to the whole each and every day  no matter how truly small I truly AM.   My talents and how I use them are mine, and mine alone; God gave them to me.

Having observed the man now for years, I AM quite certain Trump recognizes who he is and his relationship with this kind of Divinity, too!   In other words, having just come away from Rick Warren's sermon yesterday, TRUMP knows his purpose and his connection to the whole so well -- and more than that, we, the people, made him president.

TO which, all I can add is a sweet  'aw God bless him.'   
And if you say that like an eighty year old granny, then you will get my tone.
It's like that story making the rounds of Rod having said that 'he knew' Trump was already gonna fire Comey (before the memo).  For some reason, somehow, people are, like, shocked by that -- trying to figure out the time line, returning to what was said, and begging the question of what did he know and when did he know it all over the place.  AND FOR WHAT?   I could almost bet my life, that if this girl were living within range of Trump's inner circle, I could've said that, too!   Like DUH!  You just know these things by hanging around the guy long enough....

Comey WAS an accident waiting to happen, and The Left just wants to keep looking at it when there is really nothing to see but Comey's carnage made completely possible from Comey's very own missteps as the FBI Director.  [Even The Left knows that.]

The thing is -- Trump says all kinds of things via Twitter, via his mouth, via his body language --- it all comes courtesy of WHO TRUMP IS and his connection to his purpose under heaven; he is a deal maker, a heart breaker, a news maker.  He says what needs to be said whenever he thinks he needs to say it, to move things along....come hell or high water, provoked or unprovoked, with or without making what outsiders would deem appropriate edits.  He is always in the process of doing what he does best.  
[Hence, why he doesn't need much sleep...he is always in the zone.  He is always producing, for better or worse.  He is so in touch with his purpose under heaven, it naturally feeds him and restores him all the live long day.  This is how God works within all of us....when we are connected to the creative purpose within, the one divined by God even before the day we were born, we have one button:  ON.]

About the same time the news broke on Rod...the American people were also handed Trump's off the cuff remark to the Russians about Comey being a "nut job."  [To which this girl must say, amen to that...cuz as the world turns, he was; Comey was becoming a total liability TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!]    

But let's try to frame what Trump was doing, in that moment, in the same vein as we remember President Obama telling Medvedev, 'we'll have more flexibility' you know, after I'm re-elected...  In other words, the president is using his words to express a willingness to come together with a deal; highlighting that the past is past, Comey is a nut job, being as good as gone, and we are free to be diplomatic partners as we go about the business of leading our two separate countries...Like Obama did when he was president, Trump is playing the schmooooze button; now, talk about hitting  reset, um what happened there there, President Obama? 

Matter of fact, as we speak, he is hitting that schmoooooooze button all over the Middle East.  But again, we don't got time for that today.

There is one more thing to illustrate the Trumpster language....and it involves TWITTER.

Gosh, he can play people so well.

G Crib notes:  Trump said something pretty provocative, saying basically he owed his presidency to twitter...  To which, some time later, one of the founders of Twitter replied, oh my gosh, if that is true -- I AM SO SORRY.  
To which, this girl just had to laugh.

Talk about ego....Evan Williams....pullleeeze

It would be real nice if people actually did their research, you know...

Neighboring Objects of Two Things in OPPOSITE Orbits
"The Twitter thing"  lives and breathes and has it's life force with people, who are predominantly under the age of 40. 

 "The Trump thing" lives and breathes and has  it's life force with people, who are predominantly over the age of 50.


They are exact opposites!

Although this girl doesn't wish to dwell here in the land of demographics, the evidence in these two links explains just what The Right is up against.  Back to how we began this day, if you look at how askew certain groups vote -- it is clear the indoctrination by entitlement politics and victimization by race and gender and the lies developed by The Left solely to gain the people's trust and votes has clearly become a foothold in liberal methodology.  The Left is winning over these groups by building walls, using the material of demagoguery, and ridicule, to the extent of not even having the decency of listening to anyone who sits upon the grassy knoll on the other side.
Trump loves to say something just to watch what happens; ironically, given what I just said about the left, he especially loves to tease anyone who doesn't agree with him -- and that would especially include  the entire universe belonging to The  Left.   And even if there was no THERE, THERE evidence of a Twitter effect upon his election, he presents the possibility just to make The Left squirm; even if he thinks there was proof of a THERE, THERE, when there isn't,  it doesn't matter!  It's still press!  It's still engaging the platforms on all cylinders.  It's what he does.

Oh Evan Williams, all you kids need to get over yourselves.  No need to apologize for there is no there there connection of TWITTER and the election of THE DONALD.  None.

Now, my twitter account is, Speaking G; however, having said that, I never use it.  Never.  Not even sure what to do with it, really.  It just hangs out there in twitter land doing absolutely nothing -- might as well consider it dead at this point.  There is nothing there there ever.  And I Am just a big enough girl to admit it.

Here's a good question -- how about this reference to THERE THERE in and of itself?    Willing to bet my life nobody under the age of 40 really understands what is HERE HERE in the THERE THERE.  So let me take you all back....circa Benghazi.  President Obama said "there's no THERE THERE."  Nope,  nothing to see there, in the living and breathing lying talking points surrounding a video, courtesy of "the bullsh**ter- In - Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and the State Department.

The thing is -- I could very well create a stat surrounding just this one nugget of demographic brilliance on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  And I am so sure of things, I can do it with my eyes closed; I can do it without searching the world wide web; I can do it with the same confidence that a now President Trump can call Comey a nut job, and with the same sense of calm when Rod revealed  'he just knew'.... 
....Trump was elected by the people in America who recognized there was something THERE THERE;  Hillary lost for not being THERE THERE for the American people, for the truth, for the four Americans who lost their lives [and sure, for perhaps a few other unscrupulous things, there there is that that and that and that].

Let me assure you -- President Trump would serve himself well to find his inner edit button, but I am pretty sure that isn't ever going to happen.

and so it lives on.

I wanna close citing another good James Allen quote:

"Law, not confusion, is the dominating principle in the universe; justice, not injustice, is the soul and substance of life; and righteousness, not corruption, is the moulding and moving force in the spiritual  government of the world.  This being so, man has but to right himself to find that the universe is right; and during the process of putting himself right, he will find that as he alters his thoughts towards things, and other people, things and other people will alter toward him."

It's like, Magic.
If only every soul in America understood things for what they really are, how it really matters, and how it shapes our every single day according to a little blue book, As a Man Thinketh.  If only.  If only.  Oh to harness THAT and multiply it by our 300 million strong...oh my oh my.

Oh America -- the 5000 Year Old Start Up -- It keeps on ticking with a new CEO gallivanting about, and the world will probably never be the same.  [Relax... the same could be said for all presidents, right.]  

If we look around, we, the American people, are the product of everything and nothing coming together, revolving in four year cycles, rain or shine, under new moons and full moons alike.

Was Trump really the first active president to appear at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Bibi?  Wow, Trump is truly THERE THERE in a good good way; this girl shouts a raucous HERE HERE to that.

Make it a Good Day, G

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