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Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's the Resonance Between Neighboring Objects Thing

Dear America,

Resonance:  PHYSICS  
the reinforcement or prolongation 
of sound by reflection 
from a surface 
or by the synchronous vibration 
of a neighboring object...
[and makes something, someone, go hum]

happy sunday

it's been a bizarre day, really
even as I glance at the time, my little mind wonders 'how in the world can it only be 4:30 in the afternoon?'

being up at 4 am, then back to sleep by 4:30, then up again at 6:30... and immediately hustling to my french press for the first round of coffee (speaking of french press, how about this spanking?)  -- from there it was a half an hour sitting in my window for quality time with God, and, ultimately, to a question:  now what?  

As my macro and micro imaginations collided, wasting no time to commence a rigorous debate....of all of about two nano seconds; the answer was clear, contemplating my purpose in the world, or my next really big thing, can wait.     

To the in-box! Back to the flit and flutter of a less intrepid nature...

But with a snap crackle and pop came inspiration, so unexpected; almost as if my new muse could read my mind, and hearing the absence, the great divide, of something captivating to do for the day, he hit me upside the head...mmmmm-good, thank you, sparky...

And with a boom and a bang, the boy led me to a video from 2015....The Connected Universe, explained by Nassim Haramein; and two hours later this girl was like, whoa, dude, that's gnarly good stuff.   Of course it helps that Nassim was speaking my language, in the sense that he had me at things aren't as random as they seem.  Oh yeah, you got that right mister, mister, nassim haramein; disorder does not live here, no more, no more.  (Surely he must have read the life-changing magic of tidying up,  by marie kondo ...teehee.   And by the way -- the actual cover IS in all lower case, just in case you are confused or believe this girl made a total blogger foul.)

Anywho, Nassim began his two hour tour upon the premise, that, just maybe, we are living within a certain complexity, pointing to an  "highly organized, highly communicative, and highly coherent..." universe in which we live and have our being.

And sure, 
in the keeping things real here on the old gthang, 
this was not an easy thing to do on a sleepy sunday morn...keeping my attention on the bouncing ball, complete with graphs, explaining life itself....oi vay!  

Like, in terms we may all understand, it's relative to something like this: boy meets girl, girl meets boy, girl might like boy, boy might like girl, only kicked up by ten to the 100 trillion power -- but not like any of it matters anyway, according to the theory of no expectations marking the trajectory of the experience as a whole, right.   yadi yada yada 

The talk was complicated, using mathematical equations and unfamiliar terminology, weaving in the likes of Einstein and some guy named Planck, and talking density and mass and quantum and physics....everything and nothing was completely entangled into a ball of goop the size of the universe before Nassim came to the big finish.  

At about fifty minutes mark, a headache set in and my mind went spinning -- who knew that the action of spinning, to spin, and all of its variations, would become a red thread  and used at every turn, turn, turn  throughout?  

But this girl stayed put; which in layman's terms means more like hovering her dainty derriere over the couch for the duration, considering that every atom is made up of  99.9% space! thereby, we never really touch anything...but I digress.  I stayed put, pressing on, never taking my eye off the you in the tube --  being more riveted by the probability of connecting with someone real, my guy, than the unseen magnificence of the Universe through the calculations of some unknown, somewhat unreliable, totally random new science guy....no offense.

[God knows that sort of thing -- making daily connections to the Fullness of our Creator's World and its Magnificence -- comes almost second nature for this child of the Most High.]

Nassim --  now flashing a power point slide and adding a narrative that made me smile (and paraphrasing here, finding my short hand awfully short and insufficient in this moment):  'there's  one of my staffers, Susan, scaling the Vatican dome at 42 meters in diameter...there are 100 trillion entities that disagree that you are just one person making up you.'

And continuing to say, 'with billions of chemical changes every second, every day....(pausing) And we have the idea this is all done randomly???...I don't think so.'

Well done, well done.  That conclusion, if in fact it were the end, sits well with me.  indeed.

But it wasn't the end, was it.  nope.

This guy, Nassim, was ready to solve the equation centering upon the nation's 'all of the above and below energy needs' for the next 5000 years; he continued to orbit the "everything spins' universe; he posed the question of 'who's this guy' to answer the riddle of just who is responsible for the expansion of a balloon, with pennies attached to the outside, symbolizing the umpteen galaxies; he met high density factors with the low, allowing for everything cosmic and everything quantum to meet somewhere in the middle, maybe; and completely lost me by the time he hit the Schwarzschild Proton...something to do with spinning and black holes and more spinning and energy and somehow they always stay solid.  um say what?  [For more on all of this and more! go to resonance.is]

So we live inside a black hole, while the atom, itself,  may just be another black hole?

And yet, we are and It IS! and we live in an highly organized, highly communicative, and highly coherent universe...and everything connects unto itself.  Indeed.

Almost by instinct, the universe responds, confirming some of which we already know to be true.

Thing One:  There is a book by Dean Hamer, The God Gene, that may just answer the deeper explanation of everything, and thus making a theory of everything relative to how we believe, with the science to support it fully.  It's a compelling argument proving the faith factor being hardwired into our actual gene pool!    

After telling the story of the male white crowned sparrows -- how through the generations, they all sing the same song, even if separated early in life--  as environmental triggers and gene code come together to repeat the sound, he says:  "In the God Gene, I propose that spirituality has a biological mechanism akin to the birdsong, albeit a far more complex and nuanced one: that we have a genetic predisposition for spiritual belief that is expressed in response to, and shaped by, personal experience and the cultural environment."

As Hamer admits, it's "a gross oversimplification" -- to break it down to a single gene, when more than likely, it's more like more than one....gene; clearly, given Nassim's Connected Universe theories, this assumption of there being more than one runs congruent to the reality and range of the number of black holes in which we live in and around and through us little, lowly humans in the every day. Here's a good one, just how many licks does it take to get to the ooey gooey center?

Which then takes me to Thing Two, Gerald Schroeder, author of God According to God, who tells us:

"We sometimes say that love and hate are opposites.  But this is not true.  The opposite of love is indifference.  With hate there is still strong emotional attachment that often has at its roots what was once, and could be again, love.  Indifference evidences the total loss of love's potential.  It is the emptiest of relationships [hmmm reminding me of black holes of another mother].  In fact, it is the absence of any relationship.  From the incidents we've studied, Abraham and Job's tests, God's demand for us to argue, God's annoyance at the earth's rebellion in not producing fruit trees that also bear fruit -- from point after point we learn that indifference is one powerful aspect that is not part of God's relationship and partnership with the world.   From the "behavior" of the rocks and water of the earth to the choices made by the mind of a prophet, God is interested and involved in everything.  How God manifests love for Its creation may not match how we would envision or prefer such love to be bestowed.  But as God told Job, much in this world is beyond human comprehension."
God gave us a consciousness to think about all these things; God designed us to think about the universe in which we live -- to ponder where we came from and where we go from here -- begging the question every single day: now what?  With regards to the universe of universes, large and small, one and all....what's next?   Between the genes, the codes, the environment ...between the space, the matter, and a whole lot more space  --our beautiful world expands, it grows as large and as wide and as true and as faithful as we can ever imagine, at every point, at every intersection, at every season of our life...neighboring objects and all.  We are living in the company of Perfect Order, Divined by that which Created it All.

To keep spinning these kinds of questions, to each other and to ourselves, separates humans from the rest of the world's creatures, making us more human than we could ever know or realize in one lifetime, as a chorus of one hundred trillion cells confer and unanimously agree.

The worst thing we could ever do is be indifferent about our devotion to this world, and its Creator; while the best thing simply IS -- it IS what remains, it is the secret that lives and breathes in the space between all of us and God.  Our individual attention to this ISM is all about Big Love and the difference between a life of meaningful purpose and one lost in space.   It's pretty profound, to say the least.  The pure energy spent in this endeavor makes everything matter, while being dynamic -- spinning non-stop really  --   nothing ever stays the same. 

mmmmmmm just marvelous machinations at work in the world....all the live long day.

But of course, this is just a girl, and this is just my theory of everything and nothing at all, with the help of a Muse, a Thing One and a Thing Two. 

"Once you know who you are, 
you can never un-know."  
John Gray
John Gray's World, airing 5/7/17
No matter what you may think, -- the beauty is, this is my space; and by design, there is no need for me to prove a thing.  (Oh thank God, right....can just leave that to the professionals xoxo)  In the every day, this girl merely aims to connect the dots within the crazy universe we call America.  That's it.  And that's all she wrote....for today, anyway.   And given this girl never meets the end of things to say in relation to this great country, it's as if I AM my own connected universe of my own making -- but pink! 

Make it a Good Day, G

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