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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's a Searching for The Presence Thing

Dear America,

this morning's daily devotional from Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young:

"APPROACH EACH NEW DAY with desire to find me.  Before you get out of bed, I have already been working to prepare the path that will get you through this day.  There are hidden treasures strategically placed along the way.  Some of the treasures are trials, designed to shake you free from earth-shackles.  Others are blessings that reveal My Presence:  sunshine, flowers, birds, friendships, answered prayer.  I have not abandoned this sin-wracked world; I am still richly present in it. 
Search for deep treasure as you go through this day.  You will find Me all along the way."
It's May 23rd.

It's also the Day After a catastrophic suicide bomber terror attack in Manchester, England, killing 22 souls, and wounding so many others, be it emotionally, physically, spiritually...

It's a day many of us wonder, really....if there be a Good God, why Lord?  What is this all about?   How do I go through another day with such evil living and breathing and having its way with all the rest of us?   No, seriously, this time I want answers.

It's a day when we must purposefully dig deep, unearthing the strength, uncovering the coverage, to fight back with everything we have... for everything we hold dear.
Searching for you, God,
searching for that treasure...
A couple of bunnies  usually accompany me, 
sitting in my corner window to the world, 
while I sip my morning coffee...
today, for the record,
they were a no show.

It's unsettling to hear that the United Kingdom is home to around 3500 suspected terrorists right now, having roughly 400 "UK citizens" return from the battlefield in Syria, after fighting on the side of ISIS. If jolly old England can have as much as 3500 terrorists walking around, how does that translate into the number of suspected terrorists living in the United States?  Is it like, 35,000, maybe?

It's realizing one of the lost souls was an eight year old little girl, who, experiencing probably her best day ever was also her last day on earth...oh my Saffie Rose Roussos

Searching for you, God,
searching for that treasure...
I can't see it.
why Lord, why is there a link 
to this little girl
 in the middle of my blog?
How could that happen?
Oh, Saffie Rose
 may you rest in peace little love --
may the bunnies surround you, 
may rainbows greet you, 
may you be in the arms of Jesus as we speak.

It's not a day like any other!
It's not the new norm El Rushbo, who is right now sitting on the right side of everything going wrong, as usual... and aiming to bring a sense of calm?  Um no.  Even HE can't handle this now; he's already moving on to other things and now  all I hear is a stinging ringing in my ear that I am virtually unable to shake.  Perhaps this explains how this girl tries not to listen to you, Rush, whenever I venture to write something.........Sing it with me, "You spin me right round, baby  Right round like a record, baby  Right round round round  You spin me right round, baby  Right round like a record, baby   Right round round round"

Searching for you, God,
searching for that treasure...
It doesn't matter what is tweeted,
it doesn't matter what the world's leaders say,
it doesn't matter how many thoughts and prayers go out.
All I can think about is my girl -- 
currently 3500 miles away.
I can hear her in my heart.
shshshshs little baby

It's a new world, alright.

It's a world where political correctness is going to get the best of  us...and I'm talking about your best, my best, my baby's best, your baby's best....it's all up for grabs.  And while this evil reigns in fits and spurts around the globe, these lone wolves, these radicalized Islamic terrorists, will march onward, one by one, unless we actually do something about it.  We MUST ACT FOR AMERICA.

It's a religious war from the perspective of the Islamic Terror groups; they hate Christians to the point of wanting to kill them, just because of the faith they follow; they hate gays to the extent of wanting to kill them all, just because they are homosexual; they hate and control women....being rooted in misogyny through the ages.  The Western World is under attack just for being everything Western -- for the civil rights of freedom and liberty and equality for all is the antithesis of the Islamic Sharia Law, the "law" from which these terrorists live, mandating the killing of infidels of all kinds, no matter where they live.  You see, there truly is no separation of Church and State in the Islamic world; it is one and the same.

Searching for you, God,
searching for that treasure...
At some level, 
we know everything we need to know
in this moment... 
in this moment after terror strikes.
And it isn't waiting for the other 3,499
suspected terrorists  in the UK to 
come out of the shadows waving a white flag.

It's like, what if we really do have 35,000 suspected terrorists in the United States right now ready to make a move?   Oh wait.  It's not 35 thousand soldiers....TRY OVER A MILLION!  If I were president of the United States, I would round them all up, one by one hundred thousand, and send them home, immediately.  No attorneys needed.  [And most important, the entire family would go with him/her, including cousins.]   And I would temporarily shut the borders down, too.  Oh yes, I said it again  --  lock the door, people, lock the door.

It's like, San Diego is not immune; this city has sheltered known terrorists...and to this day, continues to allow these monsters live here with nearly no questions asked (bear in mind that link there is old, it's from 2011!).

Searching for you, God,
searching for that treasure...
my coffee was good this morning, 
there is that.
And later today
this girl will go to work 
as if it's business as usual.

Even though, deep inside I know it's not.

But I will walk with you, anyway, God, 
one step at a time.
I will search for you in the trees
as the rustle of the leaves
speak to me.
And I know they will, 
just as they did yesterday.

It's just not a good day.

May God bless this beautiful world in which we live, the United Kingdom, Manchester, dear Saffie Rose and her family, the president of the United States who is scheduled to meet with the Pope later on today...
and you still think things are random?

Oh there are no accidents; there are no mistakes; there are no tragedies that we don't meet without the proper strength, courage and resilience to set them right side up as we fall down in the pages of history; these tragedies teach us something in the course of our future security within the greater context of God's  Divine Path, a path already lit with the Presence of Something Greater than all of us put together.  God is still on the throne.

talk to me, Jesus...
all yours

Make it a Good Day, G

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