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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Yahoo for San Diego Thing

Dear America,

just a few days ago...
there was a piece by Alexander Burns, spelling out the divide in dollars and sense and, in essence, letting the AFL-CIO lead the way:

“This is sort of a sword fight — not just about the person, not about the office, but about the agenda we have been building for a long time,” Gebre said. “We’ve talked about a new labor movement, that builds working partnerships with communities and people who share our agenda. This is a first salvo of trying to do that.”

Gebre, being the Executive Vice President  of the AFL-CIO, Tefere Gebre.

And can we get a drum roll please ---  3.6 million AFL-CIO/AFSCME dollars later -- the winner is the republican candidate, Kevin Faulconer.

Hallelujah and can I get an amen...

But please, don't get hung up on the winner just yet.

Let's page up and check out the comment one more time from Tefere Gebre.

It's "not about the person, not about the office, but about the agenda we have been building for a long time."


Saul Alinsky is alive and well  -- and taking America by labor movement, by community, by organizing, and by using tactics and time and tenacity from the original playbook in ways that run roughshod over any and all opposition.  Feel like I've been talking about this all my life here on G Thing, but I digress.

San Diego got lucky.

Now --- bear in mind, if you will -- San Diego split 51.5% of the vote to Obama, with Romney getting only 46.4%.   Upon this mayoral tie splitting special election, Faulconer received 54.5% to Alvarez' 45.5% --  that's a nine percentage point difference in a race that was thought to be neck and neck; while it also reveals a swing of fifteen points, party wise,  from 2012! 

Honestly,  not sure how we did it to tell you the truth.  And to that end, not even sure Faulconer is all that to begin with -- considering his moderate stance and environmentalist leanings.

But the thing is -- upon this happy Wednesday morning -- Bob 'Philanderer/Pervert/Pathetic Excuse of a Human Being' Filner is long gone and San Diego is back with a capital R after the mayor's name.   The result makes San Diego the largest city in America being led by a republican mayor. Yahoo!

Let's hear it for the collective sigh of relief from the R side of the field, shall we?   We don't get much to celebrate these days.

Make it a Good Day,G


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