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Friday, February 14, 2014

It's a Day to Love Thing

Dear America,

I love you.

I love you all.

really, I do.

Will you be mine?

happy valentine's day everybody

and I wish, above all things seen and unseen, the world could revolve and evolve solely upon love.

Having said that,
I also wish narcissistic, elitist, political deception could cease and desist, like yesterday.

Now I do love what this woman stands for, don't get me wrong.

I have read some of her books, and can honestly claim to have been a righteous follower since the nineties.

And, given her message is driven by finding the authentic, spiritual being inside, illuminating "A Return to Love," and centered upon the laws of universal acceptance, forgiveness, love and peace as we go about living our human experience with one another -- my first expectation is a simple one, Marianne -- at least begin presenting one's self to the political arena from a position of honesty right from the start.  Okay? 

Now before taking this any further, allow me to commend Zack Munson, of The Weekly Standard, for his effort to go into the world of Marianne with such a magnificent spirit of acceptance and open mindedness; immersing himself into the unknown with a willingness to bring to light a new generation of political thought and capture the integrity of a campaign dripping with elements of absurdity, took courage and probably a lot of patience.

But boy, he did it; and did it well.

But I digress.

Getting back to my wish for world peace and honesty through and through...

this is what I am tired of seeing...

The notion that someone can pass themselves off as "independent" when, in fact, being knee deep in the law of deception, no less, are a freaking left-wing, elitist with money to burn and an agenda to sell who wholeheartedly embraces the progressive ideals and policy that reflect an independent spirit hell-bent on burying America with an income redistribution make-over, a stranglehold of climate-changing regulations take-over, all while making a mockery of our Rule of Law, Nature's Law, this beautiful country was founded.

Sure, this part sounds real good:

“Today’s average American is more apt to rebel against a tennis shoe not coming in the right color than against the slow erosion of our democratic freedoms,” she declares. “Today, most Americans are too cynical, or tired, or both, to even approximate our Founders’ courageous repudiation of injustice."

 Munson continues quoting the girl's vision, adding this:

"Don’t get me wrong,” she says with a smile, “capitalism has been good to me. But what is happening today is that too many people can’t get in the club, there has to be enough access. There has to be enough access to opportunity for America to be a stable democracy.” All in all, she exudes an aura of moderation, and her frequent references to America’s most popular political icons only add to it. “The Constitution doesn’t mention political parties; Washington warned us against them,” she declares. “JFK said, ‘Let us not seek a Republican answer or a Democratic answer. Let us seek an American answer.’ ”

oh okay.
so what's the catch?

I will copy for you Munson's immediate reply:

"What, then, is the American answer that Marianne Williamson seeks? Well, despite the promise of her campaign’s slogan to “Create Anew,” it is pretty much warmed-over, social-justice, progressive, liberal blah blah blah, with a little California crunchy-wackadooism thrown in. Prison reform, climate change, shutting down nuclear power plants, and ending the “corruption of the food supply” are high on her list of priorities. Above all else, she is intent on getting the money out of politics and views Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision easing restrictions on campaign contributions, as perhaps the greatest threat to democracy that America has ever faced. But even while condemning both political parties and the state of our democratic system in general, while complaining about incarceration rates and Monsanto and “moneyed interests,” she somehow still sounds quite reasonable, lacking the stridency of MSNBC and the outright incoherence of the now-defunct Occupy movement (RIP). After just a few minutes, I can’t deny that Williamson is a knockout of a candidate: smart, eloquent, passionate, and considerably more telegenic than her, um, rodentine predecessor.

She is good, isn't she? 

[BTW that "rodentine predecessor" being  Henry Waxman, who is not seeking re-election to California's 33rd District]

I love that part about "a little California crunchy-wackadooism;"  it's so true, isn't it?  I am not ashamed to admit some of that of myself.

But how ironic, the "moneyed interests" abound, don't they? 

Moreover,  given the claim of party "independence" -- aren't you committing some sort of universal campaign fraud?

In the meantime, can't we all get along, Marianne? 
If we are all spiritual beings having this human experience together, the embrace of those who differ from your world view must be heeded and respected, too, no?  Be it your belief in the ongoing fraud through climate change regulations, that being the evolution of the great equalizer afoot, or the condemnation of Citizens United, organizing and uniting for change of a different stroke -- don't kid yourself and tell it like it really is -- you, Marianne, are a card carrying progressive with only one ideological embrace in mind.  "Independent" my ass.

And yet -- from my spirit to yours, Marianne --  I love you, too.  I love how you are out there changing perceptions and making waves, even if it's simply a California ripple, ebbing and flowing off the Santa Monica pier.  Of course, there is plenty more to say about some of the things highlighted in Zack's piece.  And maybe I will one day soon.

But speaking of Zack -- I just might love you more, Zack Munson; mean it; you are brilliant and you made my day.

And I love YOU, too, whoever you are, out there, reading my daily dribble from time to time.

And for anyone who is passing by the old G Thing here today, please read the entire piece featured on The Weekly Standard to get a feel for this case of California wackadooism to it's fullest.   It will make your day, too... if open to that sort of thing, that is...

and upon this day, especially...

this day, the syrupy sweet essence that is Valentine's...

this day, a day embracing the sweeping, effervescence that celebrates love all around us...[for some, it's conditional...but don't get me started...]

this day is yours to make [or break...cuz free will makes it so].

Make it a Good Day, G


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