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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's I Can Do Whatever I Want Thing

Dear America,

"That’s the good thing
as a president.
 I can do whatever I want,”
gloating about the presidential privileges
while touring Monticello
Now to be fair and balanced, he was just messing with us...

or was he?

See The Foundry @ The Heritage Foundation; Amy Payne brings to light additional unilateral actions of the president outside the confines of the "Affordable Care Act,"  previously recognized as "settled law,"  HERE..."Obamacare Is So Great, We Just Can't Wait for You to...Oh."

Within Payne's detailed account of where we are now, she includes a link to a piece by Chris Jacobs that outlines a "dirty dozen implementation failures" with ample research and documented support; read more on that HERE.  It was featured on Heritage last year, in July.

Now for those of you new to me - G ---  from day one of this blog, Obamacare has been the red thread.  Things would generally come and go, but from the genesis of this conversation with myself, it has been this atrocity of public policy, this reprehensible shift in the American ideals promulgated by the left wing collective and ruthlessly carried out by this administration,  that has continuously prompted a direct response by way of this diary and day in the life of America.

This law changes more than the average American even cares to know.

This law was passed without one republican vote for a reason.

This law was predicated on getting the 15 or 20 million uninsured covered --  when in fact, when once in full operation, it jeopardizes the health, and wealth, and welfare, of the entire 316 million of us, while thoroughly mocking the freedoms and liberties of creating a true free market industry in the process.

Since he seems to be on a roll these days  -- how about the president just declare "by Executive Order" of course, that health insurance companies can simply cross state lines, like car insurance?   Dare you to do that one thing, Mr. President, and then maybe we can talk.

I know.

Fat chance.

That's the last thing he would do.

For he -- along with his liberal think tank tools that wrote the law -- has no intention of making health care in America anything but a single-payer, federally controlled, idealistically masterminded,  progressive machine that comes chock full with the presidential privilege to redistribute the wealth and destroy the economic privileges self-reliance has made famous, and ironically attracting immigrants from around the world over the last two hundred years.  

This law genetically engineers a machine born with disabilities, a cog in the wheel, pre-existing conditions -- complete with long-term, unfunded liabilities, to boot.

This law is a free market capitalism shakedown; that's all it is.

The thing is -- we now know what's in it.  [And how.]    And those who don't know, don't care.  And therein lies the rub.

If I were Speaker, I would put a stop to this nonsense today...and clearly, somebody needs to shake me now for surely I am dreaming.

Yeah right....If only I could go back to sleep.
It's a good thing I can say whatever I want...here.

Make it a Good Day, G

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