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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Rooted in 5000 Years Thing

Dear America,

dear diary...obviously, we are experiencing some cultural schisms smacking America upside the face.  It's a form of schizophrenia- nationalia only seen once every couple a hundred years, or so.

We could self-medicate; we could lose ourselves into our jobs; we could run away to some deserted isle and wither our days in sun, caipirinhas, and sand (indeed.  plenty, plenty of sand). Or we could just pretend it doesn't mean a thing; that none of this matters in life and death.

I've been gone for nearly a week; beginning upon the eve of the summer solstice, my girl and I mentally, physically, emotionally checked-out of the daily grind; ironically, it was just in the nick of time, given how the week progressed.  And oh thank heaven for the rested mind and body is all I have to say (just kidding; we've only just begun).

By definition, schizophrenia is described as  "any of a group of psychotic reactions characterized by withdrawal from reality with highly variable accompanying affective, behavioral, and intellectual disturbances."  While lo and behold, what do my wandering eyes find just a hop skip and a jump above it? A new explanation for it all...


Which is generally, and simply understood, as "Reproduction by fission."


America is no longer the homogenized, assimilated, blending into one body, one nation under God.

Every faction must have it's peace; every splinter begins by protest and ends in a fiery blaze of mass destruction, cultural consumption, and fundamental transformation.  It seems to never end.

When I began this blog, back in 2009 -- we were "piddling" over the itty-bitty details with humongous ramifications of universal healthcare. 

Sure, they didn't come right out and say we want socialized medicine; they phrased the aims, the ideas, the lies, as a compassionate answer for the uninsured --- that nothing else would change, that if you like your doctor you could keep your doctor, that the costs would universally, and dramatically, come down as if they could re-engineer out of thin air the dynamics of a free market battling against the soft tyrannical processes of big government with absolutely no conscience.

Magnificent power plays of politics and culture and corruption ignited a total transformation of our healthcare system, which now, four years later, has amounted to a  monetary cost three times its original estimate, massive confusion 300 million fold, and an economic disaster toppling industry, business, healthcare usurping whatever universal confidence we had with unintended consequences up the wazoo.  Isn't it great!

When will we ever learn that there are just some areas government does not belong?

Health care is one of them; religion is another; and marriage, yet another.

Almost overnight it would seem -- through the development of fracture and fission, divide and conquer, tyranny has unapologetically, flamboyantly, come out of the closet.  All of a sudden, no matter what your religious background, beliefs, conscience -- you are no longer permitted to practice, exercise, stand by those tenets dating back 5000 years and if you insist, it's called bigotry.

It's a new season in America - the only place on earth where the sum of our parts makes mayhem, madness, and a universal, cultural marginalization masked as tolerance that evolves into total elimination of a religious freedom -- the very root of our country's genesis.

How schizo is that?

While, even though there are truly 300 million of us (not counting the 20 million illegals, I guess) -- we have nine ordinary people in black robes deciding which way the American culture goes.   We might as well think of it as the Artillery of Social Justice on parade.

The irony and timing is rich, isn't it?  President Obama in Africa, of all places, at a time like this.

Obama refers to the ruling as a "victory for American democracy."  Indeed, mob rule did win -- and handedly with the Supreme Court ruling.  However, the Republic, the Rule of Law, took a beating -- what with Prop 8 getting shot back down to the lower courts ruling, and totally extinguishing the outcome of how the people of California voted -- which came directly after being forced to make an absolute course correction once the legislature enacted a cultural reversal with prejudice.

Californian's said no; and no, means no.

Ah but not so fast...
not in this day, this court, this usurpation of the people's will.

When Clinton signed off on DOMA back in 1996, the year my baby girl was born, the intention was pure.  (yeah, right, he needed to get re-elected and was already using the military like a petri dish as the mad-scientist-in-chief having implemented the "don't ask, don't tell" policy...)

It was a nice touch to a presidency needing a little family values influx.  And who knew, right? Considering it came long before the stained blue dress, a cigar, and the declaration "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."   "That woman," he said.  Makes me cringe every time.

Just an object of sexual satisfaction, and yet women overwhelmingly still adore him to this day.  ew.  but I digress.

Back to this president, this day, this time around...He was in Senegal giving social indoctrination of another nation his best shot. 

Ah not so fast, Mr. President --

"We are still not ready
to decriminalize homosexuality,"
Sall said, while insisting
that the country is "very tolerant"
and needs more time
 to digest the issue without pressure.
"This does not mean we are homophobic."
Senegal President Macky Sall

classic, isn't it.
from one president to another...back off.
Ah but nobody from Salon.com is calling for a Macky attack, now are they?

Here's some perspective:

"A report released Monday by Amnesty International says 38 African countries criminalize homosexuality. In four of those - Mauritania, northern Nigeria, southern Somalia and Sudan - the punishment is death. These laws appear to have broad public support. A June 4 Pew Research Center survey found at least nine of 10 respondents in Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria believe homosexuality should not be accepted by society."

And quoting the AP, quoting Papi Nbodj -- a nineteen year old student:

"We are in a Muslim country,
so we certainly cannot have it here,"
he said.
"And for me it's not OK
to have this anywhere in the world."

Is anyone listening to this?

Understand that a religion -- Muslim, Islam -- does not constitute homosexuality as being "OK" anywhere in the world. 

Not only can you NOT get married, you can't even do itIt's a crime.   And it makes up about 25% of the world's population, and sits second only to Christianity.

I would say Christianity is pretty damn progressive in this light. 

But what did the UK do just today?  Ban a couple of bloggers that speak up against radicalized Islamic extremists in their every day?  Seriously?   Just whose side are you on, you naïve, pompous, schizo, freakazoids?

And don't I sound rested now.  wow, G.  Breathe, just breathe.

What DOMA did was serve as a lightening rod to the entire LGBT community as something to attack.  It was as if America said come and get it.   Yoo-Hoo, over here...Don't you wanna piece of this? Of course, in the best Nathan Lane we could muster. 

Oh for the love of Pete and Pete, we got boondoggled into the firestorm and fodder from the first flicker of DOMA light.

Every bit of DOMA was designed to make it attract dysfunction, fracture, fissure, and family arguments from its onset; schizophrenia-nationalia or bust, or both.

plop, plop - fizz, fizz.

The Left is so patient with us, aren't they?

You know what I want; I want what goes on behind closed doors to stay behind closed doors.  Hetero, Homo, monogamous, polygamous, you name it. 

Marriage is off limits.

Religion is off limits.

Everyone needs to go back into there walk-in and take a chill pill.

Of course, policy in America should reflect equal treatment, equal benefits, and equal rights under the law.  Of course!  Writing appropriate civic policy has nothing to do with marriage or religion.  [Still love the day I chimed in with the idea of Civil Unions for everybody...oh that was then, and this is now, and this is a place where now and then context is everything]

We are Marshall and we are America.  And it's complicated; and we are one dysfunctional family first.

All are welcome to the table;  all of us demand equal and mutual and commanding respect.  And more than that -- under the equal protection of life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- this includes the free exercise of our religion from sea to shining sea, whether the gay community wants to respect that or not. [Clearly, they have made their choice.]

In the end, it is the gay community acting with flaming intolerance.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Everyone is simply pointing fingers across the table screaming over each other, I'm not crazy, you're crazy.

What we also have here is the dawn of an atrocity upon America that has no words to describe.

The Left has set the tone of a new bell, sounding more like an alarm.

They have only just begun.

Just you wait.

We are about to get a whole lot more of this:  "White House Announces Strong Opposition to Religious Freedom in the Military"

It's simply stunning censorship of the "free exercise thereof,"  no?

As we all know, this is how it starts -- or finishes -- depending upon which way the flag flies.  Gay rights trump religious rights; and "material used by the Army Reserve had identified Protestant Christians, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews as “religious extremists” similar to al-Qaeda and Hamas."

Oh really?

Don't ask.

Don't tell.

Don't pay any attention to any of it; dare you to put your head back into the sand.

It's just an era when the Defense of Marriage is really a lightning rod for fracture and dismissal of everything this nation finds precious, enduring the test of time, until now.  It didn't have to go down like this.  Things could have been said to prevent every ugly, noxious tantrum and protest -- be it from either side.

But let's be clear, shall we?

It's the Left  who abhors organized religion (unless it's Islam, because that's kinda cool) and they will paint anyone who clings to it -- even to this day -- as closed minded, ignorant, bigots.  And that is precisely what the developing stages of schizophrenia-nationalia is all about.  It's fundamental transformation from the roots, branching off into all kinds of strange and unforeseen ways, commencing with all aspects of religious life.   Let the schizogenesis begin, they say.

Just how old-world, flat-earthed, and intolerant is religious persecution anyway?

Which makes religious freedom the civil rights issue of the new millennium....again. Oh isn't it wonderful how history repeats itself?  What goes around, comes around.  Picking the side of Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, and mom -- the feminist that I am, I am --  I know who I am; my roots go back 5000 years.   I am not afraid.  Are you?

cool heads prevail.

in faith, let me be an instrument of thy peace.

Okay, this is good enough for one day.

We have more to say...but baby steps.  It's good to be back.

Make it a Good Day, G


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