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Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Pure Wretchedness in the House Thing

Dear America,

"Whatever the form
or Constitution of Government
may be,
it ought to have no other object
 than the general happiness. 
When instead of this
it operates to create and increase
in any of the parts of society,
it is on a wrong system
 and reformation is necessary." 
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

oh my, it's like I feel so close to my government right now; whatever could it be?

Six degrees of separation...naught.

Try one.

Old Thomas must be muttering to himself -- if not screaming it across the heavens -- 'for the love of Pete, what the hell is going on down there?'


And Verizon -- look at you -- what, pray tell, does this administration have on you, that you would just bend over and comply?    Like what's this about... "U.S. is secretly collecting records of Verizon calls?"   Guess not so much of a secret now? 

Just getting so creeped out by my own government...ew. ew. ew.

You know, my first intention this morning was to come in here all bright-eyed and shiny tail and talk about the cozy relationships within the administration; and I still might get to some of those.  But honestly --  with this news that fell upon us --  I feel like America has just been broadsided with a two by four by three hundred million,  horridly immobilizing, gut check.  WTF?  Why? Why would they be needing to do this?   And what ever happened to the very idea of having proper cause first?

Gosh:  DNA without probable cause, check.  IRS targeting the content of our prayers, check.   Justice Department secretly obtaining AP phone records, check.   Fox News Journalist, James Rosen -- extending out to his parents -- having his phone records secretly seized by DOJ, check.  IRS telling Pro-Life organization not to protest Planned Parenthood, check. 

And talk about degrees of separation, or shall we say, less separation:  how about that Stephanie Cutter being in meetings with the former IRS Chief, Douglas Shulman, during the time the IRS was specifically targeting conservative groups.  GO HERE...it's just one link, one degree, just one flash of light away from deep background on the subject.

While speaking of Shulman -- while bearing in mind my initial target of attack this morning -- did you know that his wife, Susan Anderson, actively engaged in the Occupy Wall Street movement?   Oh yes she did, yes she did; and she made no secret about it whatsoever, plastering pictures all over her facebook page, see.

[G note: Don't you just love how the Left seems to mess with our heads...More often than naught, leftist couples seem to gravitate to keeping their marriages a secret -- in  a manner of speaking, that is ---  clinging to the maiden name and such, keeping us guessing, wondering, having to sleuth it out on our own to see who's intimately connected to who, inside and out.  Fascinating stuff.  If you play with this frequently, it begins to get easier and quite addictive, kinda like Sudoku-socialist-who's-who for dummies.]  

Here's another one degree matrimonial combination to love and admire:  Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein.   Cass, former Information/Regulatory Czar, is responsible for every nudge and shove we feel these days, especially evident by the expensive, intrusive health care and energy related reforms. As co-author of an excellent explanation of how human behavior works, moves, reacts, and overreacts, from the first degree to the last, secretly sinister can't be understood any better.   Allow me to NUDGE you a wee bit in this direction for more on the book, care of Benjamin Friedman of the NY Times...just because, oh yes, "there is such a thing as common sense — and thank goodness for that."  ew.

Sunstein's dear wife, Samantha, is slated to take over the vacancy of Susan Rice, as the United Nations Ambassador -- that is, if she makes it through confirmation.  [Susan Rice is taking over for Tom Donilan, who is quitting his post as the National Security Director]  

So anywho, here's some shallow background just for starters; it's simply one degree of separation taking you to The Jewish Press

[And if you are smitten to go one degree in the same direction for more, Chris Stirewalt, Fox News, writes a splendid piece, here...I just love this part:  "[But] again, why nominate someone to be your closest intelligence adviser who is most famous for putting forward bad intelligence?" ]

Let's take a minute to duly note how the nuptials go round within the administration, courtesy of The Jewish Press:  "Both Donilon and Power are part of the “clubhouse” atmosphere in the Obama administration. Donilon’s wife Cathy Russell was a former chief of staff to Jill Biden and is the State Department’s ambassador at large for global women’s issues." 

[again, note the one degree of separation, in name only, with the dynamic duo of Russell/Donilon...just sayin']

But back to Power, as in Samantha Power -- she was one of Obama's key foreign policy aides while on the campaign trail, fighting against the Hillary machine, when she failed to use common sense to address a few campaign challenges.  Marking Hillary as "a monster" -- her trusted position lived just long enough to regret that.   But in case you want more, head to the Scotsman, here.

So what else, what else has been sneaky, and closely held under the radar, if not, behind the curtain and sometimes even under the sheets? 

Well, there is the Lois Lerner (IRS "whistleblower") and her husband Michael R. Miles -- partner in law firm, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan -- one degree from The Daily Caller tells us, "[T]he 400-attorney firm hosted an organizing meeting at its Atlanta office for people interested in helping with voter registration for the Obama re-election campaign." 

And meandering through that maze, we also find --  "[L]ongtime Sutherland partner David Adelman, the former Democratic minority whip of the Georgia state senate, serves as ambassador to the Republic of Singapore in the Obama administration."   

It's just so cozy in that White House, isn't it?

Of course, corrupt connections like this don't just happen within the boundaries of the big White House; Congress gets into the fun, too.  As if you didn't already know that...

Let's go to one of California's very own, Dianne Feinstein.   She is married to Richard Blume.  [see, sneaky theory works in theory and in real life once again....]    Well, all kinds of crony capitalism deals are going on in this world and they don't even try to hide or deny it anymore...what between bridge contracts, high speed rail deals, special financing, postal office sell-off and leasing, there is not one public sector, between the two of them, that they don't have their slimy, sleazy, blissfully depraved hands.  And look at me -- not even going to waste my time to offer you up some proof.  Come and get me.

And just before I go -- let me throw out one more oldie, but goodie, starry-eyed love connection within:  Anita Dunn and Robert Bauer.   [what?.... doink, der it is, doink, der it is]   "Secret" sources are linking Robert Bauer to the broad brushstroke targeting conservatives, link to Investor's Business Daily for full scoop, here

But just in case you don't, some notes from the crib for you:

"But as the Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel reminds us, Obama's 2008 campaign was demanding the Justice Department criminally prosecute conservative groups with 501(c)4 tax-exempt status. Then, last year, President Obama's re-election campaign "targeted private citizens who had donated to Romney groups.
The chief operative? Longtime Democratic Party lawyer Robert Bauer, general counsel for Obama's presidential campaigns, White House general counsel during Obama's first term, Democratic National Committee general counsel, and the Democrats' counsel in President Bill Clinton's Senate impeachment trial. And, not least, husband of Democratic political strategist Anita Dunn, White House communications director in Obama's first term, and now an MSNBC contributor.

When you've got a legal Rottweiler like Bauer setting the cutthroat example to one and all within the Obama administration regarding the wishes of the president, does anyone really think he — or others in the administration — needed marching orders when it comes to the government's attitude toward opponents of Obama's ideology who were seeking tax-exempt status?


Piggy-backing a wee bit upon yesterday, the foot soldiers are marching -- from down the altar, through the Rose Garden, and gallivanting on through the halls of the people's house  [some don't even bother to wear clothes anymore].

And suffice it to say, it's getting messy, ugly, and absolutely wretched.  [kiss kiss Tommy Paine]

Now look at me, one degree away from one-hell-of-a self-served headache.

Make it a Good Day, G

Foot Note:

Okay, so these guys aren't married, but they are family -- brothers to be exact:
Meet Ben and David Rhodes, joined together in an unholy alliance -- maybe, rumored to be anyway--  here.

Other foot dropping:

Lindsey, as in Graham, you need your head examined.   UGH.

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