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Monday, July 1, 2013

It's a Friendly Redress of Thy Grievances Thing

Dear America,

first, some quick housekeeping:

Even though my  upon my last post, I blurted out the old Gthing was back... 
It's also summer.

I will be keeping different hours on the day job, on different days, and with my girl out of school and places to go and things to do....the foggy bottom line is, plan on me being a wee bit intermittent; or maybe we should just call it unpredictable...a lady of mystery, perhaps.  Whatever gets you through my lamebrain rationale, I promise to give you my very best no matter how haphazard this thing appears to be by the naked eye. 

And have no fear, it will be good, too.

And now,
to two things revolving around one subject.  And trust me,  this will be short and sweet.

Did you hear?

The atheists unveiled a monument (and versatile bench!) to protest the religious statement insinuated by the marble slab that reveals the Ten Commandments, in front of the Bradford County Courthouse (Florida). 

See it for yourself - - checking any religious baggage at home -- right here.

I marvel at this, really.  What a splendid idea!

Now, instead of tormenting those of us who believe, we can just give them space for a bench -- be it in cement, marble, or pine -- and give them their own reason to coexist with the rest of us, peacefully. 

The thing is -- I've been screaming for an Atheist monument for years!

This is a perfect resolution for everyone; instead of being allowed to protest our God, and demand our monuments come down for the sake of "church and state", give the Atheists room to sit in peace alongside us and shut up.  marvelous.  absolutely marvelous.

[I would re-think the whole going nuclear, atom bombing of the letter A, but whatever...]

Needless to say, all legal suits on the docket across America should be handled accordingly.


Moving on to another part of the country and something from The Daily Caller... 

"Parents angry
because religion
may get mentioned
in optional
summer Constitution
  class [VIDEO]"


So on first blush, the class is optional, folks.  If you don't likey God, or want to talk about religion and the truth surrounding how conscientious our founding fathers were back in the day about God, Divine Providence, and the people's unalienable rights divined by our Creator, Nature's God -- then perhaps this class is not for you.

The Constitution outlines everyone's rights and duties accordingly --  in a spirit of understanding commiserating with the outcome of the Constitutional Conventions, respective of the immense duty of arriving at a form of government of the people, for the people.

These people  -- these people -- came to America to celebrate their religious freedom and ultimately, their freedom from "taxation without representation" from Great Britain (ruled by the Church of England).    The people were faithful, religious, and loved their God; these people worshiped God in every way.  

How can you not teach about the Constitution and this nation's founding without mentioning the Divine Influence upon which it stands?  

Are you kidding me?

And who says we must believe in something wholeheartedly in order to be taught about that certain something?   Do I need to be a believer in global warming to read about what some scientists believe to be their truth about something I find totally absurd?   Does a student need to be a communist to read about the horrific hand and psychopathic head of Hitler?

But I digress; these parents have an option not to let their student go. 

And understand this -- just about everything David Barton has produced is touched by and for the hand of God, deeply believing in the teachings of Christianity, and recognizing every virtue and value this nation finds essential is directly linked to the Almighty;  every inch of his website exudes this compassion and confidence; this class should NOT come as a surprise to anyone.

Clearly, for some parents and their children, this class is not for you (or just maybe, it was MADE for you...aw, whatever...their is a double entendre there somewhere, but no time to explain.)

Amendment I:
CONGRESS shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion,
or abridging the
freedom of SPEECH,
or of the press;
or the right of the people
 peacefully ASSEMBLE,
and to petition  the government
for a redress of grievances.

so there.

God is working from within, on the side of God, every single day in America.

It's a spirit of understanding unimaginable and brilliant and bold and beautiful...and unwavering (and comes in all kinds of colors, and packaging, and flavors, too).

Make it a Good Day, G


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