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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's About the Boss and Other People's Paws Thing

Dear America,

so everyone keeps looking for the smoking gun...

asking, if only there was something we can find to connect this guy, this president, this administration, to prove involvement --  by nudge or by shove, I know they did it...just gotta find it.  

if only...

Here's some breaking news -- we won't ever find it.

Something like that would be like --  "It would be the dumbest political effort of all time."   And a great big smothering hug to David Plouffe for such an articulate way of putting it. [And an even bigger hug goes to Hot Air from where I plucked it.]

Same verse, same as the first -- and spoken out of the mouth of David Axelrod:  "If there was somebody political involved in this, it never would have happened,” Axelrod said, “because it was the stupidest thing you could have imagined."  [again, more smokin' hot air from Hot Air]

Now allow me to switch gears for a second, and take you to a little fable paraphrased this morning on my favorite Talk Radio local, Mike Slater.   This dude rocks my world every day; he's just so good at what he does and the way he does it.  But I digress.  Too early in the blog to get carried away, right?

Anyway -- Slater retold the story of the cat and the monkey -- or is it the Monkey and the Cat?   No bother, the end result is all the same.  As the fable goes (rumored to date back to the 16th century), the smooth little monkey sweet-talks the cat into snagging a few roasting chestnuts from the fire -- and so burning it's itty bitty paws each and every time, he pulls out the yummy roasted chestnuts.  While what's the monkey doing?    He is eating them one by one. The master comes home and finds his chestnuts all but gone and what does he do (seeing the scorched paws) -- he blames the kitty-cat!

So I may not have a smoking gun, but just go here for a quick read on the smoking kitty and the monkey who turns out to be so smart and cunning, the master will never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And then of course, it got me thinking about Obama's roots. 

Of course, for my frequent flyers on the old gthang...We've talked ad nauseam over the years on just this subject, from numerous directions, up and down, making all kinds of loop-tee loops back and forth, from childhood, to mentors, to his minister of twenty years, to his political beginnings in Chicago, to his father's Marxist dreams, to being associated with an unapologetic domestic terrorist - Bill Ayers, to his staunch following of community organizers -- Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis...


Suffice it to say, we've all been there, done that, together.

This isn't conspiracy talk; little G isn't speaking in tongues; it IS Obama's history -- his truth, his life -- and it is well documented to boot....of course, if only one is truly brave enough to seek and find.

Where am I going, you ask?

With regards to the IRS (and perhaps everything else this administration does) --- we won't find the smoking gun linking the upper echelon of the Obama Administration -- for that, quite honestly, would be breaking the Chicago code.

How does the mob work, how does organized crime communicate orders?   Much like any decent community organizer might do -- the underbosses and foot soldiers do all the dirty work.  Marching orders are entrusted to a trusted  Consigliere, family confidante; maybe the evidence comes few and far between, but make no mistake --  the corporation runs from a chain of command from the top down, and never to impugn the Boss [rats are bad....vewy vewy bad].

And sure, it's so outrageous, so absurd, most of us trusting souls (meow) recognize this stuff as only happening in the movies; but let's face the facts, folks -- this is what Obama knows.  This is his way of doing things.  Chicago taught him well. 

This even explains why everybody is still so madly in love with him, as if he can do no wrong -- he's the monkey in the fable, in a smooth-talking and flattery will get you everywhere kind of way.

This is why all he needs to do is flash his smile, and we wilt.

This is why all he needs to say is 'I didn't know until you all knew...' and we say, oh, okay.

This is why all he needs to do is tell us he will get to the bottom of it, not resting until justice is served, and we will believe him.

Remember the scuttlebutt about the 'on the fly' meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister, just after the Boston bombing?  This is just a perfect, recent example of how it works...  The White House sets up a 'drive by' sit-down meeting with the president -- a meeting not on the schedule, not on the record; he simply goes down a hall and boom, a door left open shows the Saudi Foreign Minister sitting there and awaiting his five minutes with the boss.  Oh, hey, good to see you...what's going on...how are the kids...sure wish I knew you would be dropping by...but what a nice surprise...  [See April 17th from this timeline, here at Investor's Business Daily]

I would bet there are secret sit-downs  happening nearly as often as the use of secret email accounts;I'm sure of it; just can't prove it. 

The president is a master at using other people's paws.  And it's as simple and as old as time as that.


Make it a Good Day, G

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