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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's When Intelligence Makes Us Stupid Thing

Dear America,

how bizarre.

sure, he wants to talk about The Situation Room now...'if you know, what I know, what I know, that you know' -- you would totally think I'm the greatest.  You just don't get it, Charlie...'

"What I’m saying is, that if you haven’t been in the Situation Room, poring through intelligence and meeting directly with our military folks and asking, what are all our options, and examining what are all the consequences, and understanding that for example, if you set up a no-fly zone, that you may not be actually solving the problem on the zone,"

"Or if you set up a humanitarian corridor, are you in fact committed not only to stopping aircraft from going that corridor, but also missiles? And if so, does that mean that you then have to take out the armaments in Damascus and are you prepared then to bomb Damascus? And what happens if there’s civilian casualties. And have we mapped all of the chemical weapons facilities inside of Syria to make sure that we don’t drop a bomb on a chemical weapons facility that ends up then dispersing chemical weapons and killing civilians, which is exactly what we’re trying to prevent. Unless you’ve been involved in those conversations, then it’s kind of hard for you to understand that the complexity of the situation and how we have to not rush into one more war in the Middle East. And we've got --"  so sez the prez...

indeed.   He's just bursting with intelligence briefing jargon, isn't he though?

Let's think back to a night he chose NOT to be in The Situation Room -- intentionally dropping his duties as Commander-in-Chief for a good night's sleep before hitting Vegas with everything he's got...  

Oh, right, he wouldn't know anything about that -- nothing about the stand down (something only a president can control); he wouldn't no anything about editing the talking points to commiserate with the level of incompetence and miscalculation and the blatant rip of the intelligence absolutely KNOWN on September 11, 2012.  No; he wouldn't know anything about that, because he consciously, recklessly, took a pass.

Chris Stirewalt of Fox News wrote a great piece, here: "Obama on Syria: Americans Just Don't Understand" -- and not so surprisingly, Chris doesn't sound a wee bit confused.

Oh, but go ahead -- enlighten us then, Mr. President...

AS if!

You are choosing to arm Rebels   -- people who have yet to be defined or confirmed as Islamic moderates of any kind. (As if Allah makes any of those.)  But think about it -- we're all calling them "rebels" right from the get go; what part of rogue, unorganized, rebellious, acts of incivility, all in the name of Islamic Extremism out of control, do you not understand, Mr. President?  Just how many rebel groups do we have vying for the top spot in Syria?

I'm just so hot and bothered by his elitist dribble, I can't stand it.

I'm also with Palin on this charge, let's "let Allah sort it out."  For full speech, go to Sarah Palin's world here.

But back to Stirewalt:

"The rebel crew in Syria seems to be the roughest lot of any to emerge in the Islamist awakening across the region. But Obama’s implicit promise is that we can help the ones who don’t eat the internal organs of their enemies or shoot children in the face for telling a joke about Mohammed.

In the interview, Obama also pooh-poohed the notion that acting more forcefully or swiftly might have prevented the massive genocide or prevented the really, really bad Islamists from gaining a foothold. It’s complicated, he said. And it requires all of the secret knowledge he has to understand...
That seems to be the new motif of this presidency, whether it’s domestic spying, taking it easy on the IRS and Department of Justice scandals or implementing his creaking and groaning health law. Americans can’t understand the details here, but Obama and his team of experts understand things in a way we can’t.
The thing is, America was designed to be in the explicit control of the people. 

Everyone within government works for us, as civil servants. 
Cool heads may very well prevail; but flourish when accompanied with excellence, integrity, honor, courage, truth, virtue, humility that place America's best interests first.

As Stirewalt handedly points out -- haven't we learned enough in Libya?  It's a rebel-lollapalooza, with the looza' winning.

And how about Egypt?  How's that working out for everybody? 

"Unless you’ve been
 in those conversations,
then it’s kind of hard
 for you
to understand
that the complexity
of the situation..."
requires someone more like me
to tell you what's up

Oh, we're not worthy. (bow accordingly)

Our deepest apologies, sire; never to doubt you again.

You know, in light of the new era of spying, intelligence landing in the wrong hands, facebook friends and enemies, a twenty-four hour news cycle that magically appears at our fingertips at any given time of day -- it's a wonder our world has survived this long.

Oh the trade off between waiting days, weeks, months to receive word from 'the front' -- whether it's the  home front or the war-torn villages across the pond;  oh the old-fashioned modes we engaged -- from the  plotting of military strategies --  to the casting of correspondence to the wind and pony express, not knowing if it will ever be in the hands of it's rightful recipient; oh the time spent second guessing ourselves, the moves of an enemy, the thoughts of a lover from far, far away...

...oh the many splendid things we have in an instant these days, for better or worse.

Me thinks we almost know too much for our own good; time -- as in time well spent, time that heals all wounds, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven -- used to be one of our most precious of resources.  But I digress.

One thing that has not changed over time is human nature.

This is what gives the "Common Man" every sense and sensibility of any given situation before him.

We can detect the patronizing, the condescension, the separation and elevations of I'm here and you are way down there.  We see the politicking, the grandstanding, and even the marginalizing of an absurdity and think to ourselves, not; not in my lifetime, not on this day, not in my backyard.

Our heart and soul and mind is connected to Divine Intelligence that serves our higher good, our best interests, our ability to discern details known and unknown wholly, from every human angle to perceptions only mastered and revealed by association with the Absolute.

I do not, nor will I ever, worship the ground this president walks -- or any president, for that matter.

For I know things for myself;  I know his misguided, altruistic, idealistic, perceptions of who the rebels are is not the same as mine.

I don't need a "situation room" to know.

While this president belittles every American, let's remind ourselves that he ignored intelligence handed to him on a silver platter:  Benghazi needing more security in the months leading up to the attack; an army psychiatrist/Islamic extremist gone rogue, who killed 13 Americans; Russian intelligence questioning the Tsarnaev brothers motives, leading to the Boston Bombing; CIA talking points outlining security breeches and a planned extremist attack on Benghazi the night of 9/11; IRS being investigated for months after conservative targeting became a policy standard; a Department of Justice wrongfully spying on James Rosen and family, and calling him a co-conspirator of a crime; and all the while -- having direct access of more high tech surveillance capabilities than is humanly possible for the last five years!  

Who's intelligent now? 

Who knows all the better? 

Who understands the complexities of every living breathing thing known to man and still misses everything?

In this moment, let us question the majority of intelligences who put you in office.

Make it a Good Day, G

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