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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a Coordinated Red Thread of Radicals to Fundamental Transformation Thing

Dear America,

did you really think "fundamental transformation" would look any different than this?

In order to get to the place that is thoroughly and fundamentally transformed, whatever operates in conflict with such a transformation -- either directly or indirectly -- must be removed, eliminated; all opposition must be taken out and become the new  non-event,  deemed obsolete and totally dispensable for the common good, and basically ridiculed, harassed and demonized until its gone.   poof!

Oh Alinsky rules, doesn't he?

What a brilliant, brilliant mind.

On the back cover of my edition of Rules for Radicals, A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals, a quote is offered up as enticement:

"Alinsky's techniques and teachings influenced generations of community and labor organizers, including the church-based group hiring a young [Barack] Obama to work on Chicago's South Side in the 1980's....Alinsky impressed a young [Hillary] Clinton, who was growing up in Park Ridge at the time Alinsky was the director of the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago." 
-- Chicago Sun-Times

oh really?

What is happening within the IRS is not an anomaly of this administration, or the teachings and workings of Saul Alinsky -- or for that manner, the tactics and teachings and workings of a "young [Barack] Obama."

"I have no patience with it. I will not tolerate it and we will make sure we find out exactly what happened on this."  said the aged President Obama yesterday...“If you’ve got the IRS operating in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way then that is outrageous, it is contrary to our traditions and people have to be accountable and it’s got to be fixed."
Earth to reality check:  "lower level bureaucrats" don't just shoot from the hip and out their paper pushing-behinds pursuing 'fundamental transformation', funneling their energies by attacking organizations formally supporting "the other side" without a directive from somewhere else.   That kind of thing comes from a coordinated effort somewhere higher up in the chain of command.

While a report this morning completes that thought -- to a degree, anyway -- by claiming management is to blame.

This didn't just start like last Friday, folks.  It isn't an isolated incident in and around "Cincinnati," okay...

A caller on today's RUSH LIMBAUGH reminded all of us how Joe, the plumber, was targeted by the IRS immediately after his brush up with the president in the 2008 campaign.   How dare you, Joe, speak to [Barack] Obama like that...questioning redistribution and all...we'll show you....and promptly plastering Joe's financials all over the place.

And check this out from Breitbart;  it details outrageous allegations against the Obama camp, returning to an issue that became campaign fodder over a year ago:

"NOM [National Organization of Marriage]   announced Tuesday that it will sue the IRS for this alleged leak. Under immense political pressure, Attorney General Eric Holder launched a criminal investigation into the IRS's actions. Congress will conduct its own investigation.

In early April 2012, NOM published documents which it said showed this leaked confidential information did not come from a “whistleblower” but “came directly from the Internal Revenue Service and was provided to NOM's political opponents, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).” 

The Human Rights Campaign's president at the time, Joe Solmonese, "said in the release he felt Romney’s 'funding of a hate-filled campaign designed to drive a wedge between Americans is beyond despicable.' "  Oh right, because those of us who want to simply support traditional marriage are "hate-filled" bigots.   But the leveling of fundamental damage was in motion; in splendid liberal turn -- in perfect, synchronized coordination --  the full story was planted upon the pages of The Huffington Post with pride and prejudice.

And Joe -- Joe Solmonese --
oh he left the HRC and went on to work directly with the re-election campaign of [Barack] Obama the very next day.

"'After software removed the layers obscuring the document, it is shown that the document came from the Internal Revenue Service,' NOM asserted in its April 2012 release...Only the IRS would have the Form 990 with ‘Official Use’ information'....'The American people are entitled to know how a confidential tax return containing private donor information filed exclusively with the Internal Revenue Service has been given to our political opponents whose leader also happens to be co-chairing President Obama's reelection committee,' said [Brian] Brown."

“It is shocking that a political ally of President Obama's would come to possess and then publicly release a confidential tax return that came directly from the Internal Revenue Service," he declared. "We demand to know who is responsible for this criminal act and what the Administration is going to do to get to the bottom of it.”



Outrageous, even.

But you want to know what's even more outrageous?

What's outrageous is allowing Eric Holder investigate it.   We, the people, should feel secure leaving a political appointee of this regime in charge of investigating this crime?  Are you kidding me?

Do you even remember what [Barack] Obama calls the Tea Party? 

He often refers to the genuine, grassroots efforts by everyday citizens generally recognized as the Tea Party, as Tea Baggers -- a gay slur -- forever linking the derogatory, vagrant, seedy slip of the tongue with the Tea Party.

And now remember how quickly it became cool to make fun of the Tea Party Patriots from coast to coast.

Ridicule and delegitimize opposition;  it's simply brass tack tactics for the typical community organizer.

And then there is this --

Oh, but first, one itty bitty caveat -- we can't prove it -- but the story about what happened to Larry Conners  is something to talk about...you know, given the timing of it and all...Reporter: IRS Pressured Me After I Asked Obama Tough Questions

pretty outrageous, no?   And thank you, BuzzFeed Politics, for that.

The new targets --  anything and everything opposing the rosy red regime.

See here.

And here.

And here.

[and thank you, Drudge, for a little help]

Have we fallen down a rabbit hole?  Are we in some kind of parallel America that really lives on the other side of the world, the other side of sanity, the other side of liberty, sitting fundamentally transformed  yet suffocating under a pillow of goose feathers and soft tyranny?

We can't ask tough questions of a president now?    Thank you, Larry.

We can't make our own video and post it on YouTube?  Thank you, one guy who made a video against the prophet Mohammed.

We can't even run a fair and balanced campaign running on the merits.

We can't bear arms?  Thank you, knee jerk reactions following the horror of Newtown....Oh, unless it's bearing arms for Fast & Furious or gun running in Benghazi.

We can't freely exercise our religion?  Thank you, Obamacare, just for starters.  Oooh and this reminds me -- MUST READ THIS:   Religion and Public Life in America, R.R. Reno, Editor of First Things, essay adapted from a speech for Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar.

The outrageous things this shadow government stands for are finally coming to the surface.  The smudges are glaring, catching our eye no matter where we turn our heads.

But none of this should surprise any of us.

A sinister, creepy realization has come to light.    The uber-coordinated efforts to attack and eliminate opposition in order to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA through deep background and bureaucracy -- through any means possible and available -- even if it's illegal -- thank you A/P -- is hardly outrageous for a community organizer.  It's all in a day's work, and the more under-world the better.   Thank you, Chicago.

There is a coordinated, red thread chaining together each and every dereliction of duty -- whether it be from the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Executive Branch and the Office of the President of the United States.

The only thing really intolerable, inexcusable, and outrageous to the community organizer is getting caught.

That is what we see on the face of our president -- shame.  The shame of getting caught.

This is a sad day for America.

Outrageous and so sad.

Make it a Good Day, G

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