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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Making Connections Between Happiness & Moral Duty Thing

Dear America,

and Moral Duty
are inseparably connected."
George Washington

isn't it though.

When will we ever learn, right?

This word to the wise, via George, was included within an academic snapshot of the last year -- capturing one's favorite lines and attaching a personal photo completing the sentiment, juxtaposing a quick visual emphasis -- simply titled, "50 Lines to Live By."  It encapsulates a bevy of American classics in literature, and for all intents and purposes, the last 250 years in U.S. History.  It took my girl weeks to complete, if not the entire school year to make.

But having just returned from Kinkos/FedEx to print the thing -- fifty two bucks later, she is holding her own masterpiece, certainly worthy of every bit of an A-plus.  And, boy, is she happy about it.

Oh the joy and value of making the immediate connection between creating our own happiness by virtue of follow through -- sincerely taking all the appropriate steps before that which we generally refer to as The Goal is realized.    It takes time to see it, feel it, and fully enjoy; but like a peach ripening upon a tree, we create good from good, light from light, masterminding ones own happiness in due time.  And suddenly, motherhood doesn't seem all that hard; oh the joy in watching our babies flourish, no?

Note that George is not just saying 'happiness' and 'moral duty' are connected -- no -- they are INSEPARABLY connected.  How strong of a message is that?   It's kinda like "unalienable rights," right?   It's not just a right -- they are UNALIENABLE rights.

The thing is -- the lesson is just not the same when being told by parable or novel, Constitution or Declaration.  In order for the full dynamic to take hold and make an impression upon us, as individuals, the 'moral of the story' must originate organically and intrinsically rooted from within, and allowing for all the hard work... the toil, the effort, the inseparable connection between cause and effect... to come into it's own.

It's the pure joy that only comes after fifty tries, or by the doing something right the first time.  It's the good that surely comes after doing something good... really, really good.  Oh the satisfaction.

And it certainly can't come out of the halls of injustice, fraud, untruths, redirection, cover-up, controversial targeting, gun running, and generally making a mockery of the law.

It's sad to see this administration struggle with all the scandals; but the irony slaps us silly, doesn't it?  "A bad cause seldom fails to betray itself," isn't that right, James Madison... The founding father who just so happens to be the author of Federalist Paper 41 -- and entry number 38 in my girl's "50 Lines."  

When we do the work, it shows.

When we tell the truth, it shows.

When we do good, it shows.

When we make an effort, it shows.

When we lead by example and not by behind, it shows.

When we "hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," it not only shows, it's the cornerstone of our American Life.  It's also entry number 44 in my girl's "50 Lines."

And to make a life that truly works, for one and for all, time and time again, it doesn't get any more complicated.

This is a day to take in the bounty at our fingertips and at our service.  The Pursuit of Happiness is never ceasing, always a moral duty to ourselves and something we should welcome with an unwavering sense of purpose.  Have no fear --  confirmation is upon us; as elementary as it may sound, the great duty and responsibility is rewarded ten-fold and fifty pages later. 

Oh how good it feels to witness the beauty of the Divine in motion.

Make it a Good Day, G


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  1. As my mother always told me, she expected nothing less!

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