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Friday, May 17, 2013

It's a Lightening Quick Response on a Day in the Life of America Thing

Dear America,

so yesterday's incident in the Rose Garden was quite something.

considering the breadth and depth of issues covered within a reasonably short period of time -- in the rain, no less -- my intent this morning is simply to hone in on the words of the president, coming towards the end of his prepared remarks... before the Prime Minister of Turkey spoke to the crowd...and long before questions from the press...


because I marvel at the audacity of it all.

Now without further adieu, to the president [note: G taking creative liberty to color my favorite snippets]:

So, again, Mr. Prime Minister, I want to thank you for being here and for being such a strong ally and partner in the region and around the world. I know that Michelle appreciates the opportunity to host Mrs. Erdo─čan and your two wonderful daughters this morning. I'm looking forward to our dinner tonight. And, as always, among the topics where I appreciate your advice is close to our hearts, and that's how to raise our daughters well. You're a little ahead of me in terms of their ages.

With the Prime Minister's permission, I want to make one other point. There's been intense discussion in Congress lately around the attacks in Benghazi. We lost four brave Americans, patriots who accepted the risks that come with service because they know that their contributions are vital to our national interests and national security.

I am intent on making sure that we do everything we can to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. But that means we owe it to them and all who serve to do everything in our power to protect our personnel serving overseas. That's why, at my direction, we've been taking a series of steps that were recommended by the review board after the incident. We're continuing to review our security at high-threat diplomatic posts, including the size and nature of our presence; improving training for those headed to dangerous posts; increasing intelligence and warning capabilities. And I've directed the Defense Department to ensure that our military can respond lightning quick in times of crisis.

But we're not going to be able to do this alone. We're going to need Congress as a partner. So I've been in discussions, and my team has been in discussions, with both Democrats and Republicans, and I'm calling on Congress to work with us to support and fully fund our budget request to improve the security of our embassies around the world. We also need Congress to work with us to provide the resources and new authorities so we can fully implement all of the recommendations of the Accountability Review Board. And we're going to need Congress's help in terms of increasing the number of our Marine Corps Guard who protect our embassies.

So I want to say to members of Congress in both parties, we need to come together and truly honor the sacrifice of those four courageous Americans and better secure our diplomatic posts around the world. And I should add, by the way, that we're getting some help from the Turkish government on some of these issues. That's how we learn the lessons of Benghazi. That's how we can keep faith with the men and women who we send overseas to represent America. And that's what I will stay focused on as Commander-in-Chief.

So with that, Mr. Prime Minister, welcome to the United States. I'm sorry the weather is not fully cooperating with our lovely Rose Garden press conference, but I think we'll be okay.


You may link here, for full transcript on the day.


Let's begin with the words, "as Commander-in-Chief," shall we?

As "Commander-in-Chief" --  my first inclination is to hammer you until you respond with the truth As To where you were the night of September 11, 2012; because AS it stands, an horrific rumor to the effect, you were sound asleep, has been broadcasted worldwide.   As "Commander-in-Chief" you laid down the law before retiring for the evening -- citing no military action -- leaving personnel under the "Commander-in-Chief" in charge.

Given what we know now -- the "Commander-in-Chief" was no there, there.

You can call in the marines to cover your head (and naturally, the ass that comes with) while standing  in the rain with the Prime Minister of Turkey -- but sending in the reinforcements for immediate help in Benghazi, that would be a no.  TO send military and security reinforcements leading up to the terrorist attack -- per direct requests by boots on the ground in Libya --  that would be a no.  There is no there, there, we got your back in a no man left behind kind of way, is there.  Is there, Mr. President?

And this part -- compiling the "lost four brave Americans" of Benghazi as  "patriots who accepted the risks that come with service."    Wow.  The "fog of war" is making you sound more twisted on Benghazi as time goes by -- what the &$*% is that?  Oh, how quickly you move through disbelief, anger, shock and awe and somehow arrive at 'oh well, they knew what they signed up for' stage.  That is just amazing.  And not to be outdone or overlooked the great irony before us -- that you, yourself, have never accepted the risks that come with military service and yet there, there, you are -- "Commander-in-Chief" standing in the rain with one of the nation's finest Marine coming to the immediate aid of your head on a moment's notice.

And then, can't help but notice you still can't say it, can you?

After all we have been through -- after all the bickering of the debates back and forth -- after so much "ado about nothing"  -- you STILL can't call it what it really is.

It was a terrorist attack at the hands of Islamic Extremists!

It's NOT your every day "tragedy;" and my God, man -- "the incident"?  

An incident might look more like a shoe being thrown to the head of the Leader of the Free World -- but an all out terrorist attack, planned for the anniversary of September 11th, that killed four Americans - including the first Ambassador in decades, and carried out by Islamic Extremists that have a real name attached -- Ansar al-Sharia?  Um that is no longer categorized as an "incident."  That, Mr. President and "Commander-in-Chief" is called an Act of War.

The manufacture of a lie outside of the realm of any truth was to save your sorry re-election.  And along those lines, the IRS deliberately withheld the information until after the election...but we quickly digress.

Suffice it to day, every thing, thing to date as been a travesty of law and duty and honor and truth.   And for what?

So that eight months down the road, after months of dodging the truth like a soldier going AWOL, after the night of the non-event, the incident itself when the "Commander-in-Chief" was no where, where to be found, after getting his forty winks before showing up for a campaign extravaganza in Vegas without a care in the world -- this is where we are at? ...."I've directed the Defense Department to ensure that our military can respond lightning quick in times of crisis."

Yeah, that should do it. 

But more important -- are you delusional?  Like is that "lightning quick response" supposed to be any different than where we were eight months ago?

Eight years ago, eight months ago, eight days ago, eight minutes ago -- our Defense Department assures us that our military IS the best in the world and can respond "lightening quick in time of crisis." It's what they do.

Hold up -- allow me to be more clear -- this "preparedness" factor is nothing new; it's not some kind of innovation out of the new age of science and math; it's certainly not some kind of newly charged policy, an Obama Doctrine generated from the desk of the "Commander-in-Chief" out of the blue.   

Oh the audacity.

And then there, there is this...

How can you stand in the rain and claim to be the "commander" of anything when you, in fact, deny knowing everything until it hits the New York Times?

Are you really telling us that you are that irrelevant to the running of this country at this present time?  Seriously?  Is that where you want to settle in and bunker down and sit as the "Commander-in-Chief"?  You coward.

Good luck with that --- guess it's just the risk you take.
Oooh, and almost forgot, hope that dinner chatting about your girls was really yummy [nice pull on the heartstrings, there, there -- YOU ARE just like us.   wink, wink].

For the rest of us...

Make it a Good Day, G

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