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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's A Going ALL In Thing. It's a pretty big deal

Dear America,

happy hump day.

speaking of humps...are republicans/conservatives finally determining to go All In?

a stunning three sweep for Santorum changes everything (maybe).

THREE takes:




For an added bonus -- featuring an array of opinion about Santorum's sweep and much more -- go to The Patriot Post's Wednesday Chronicle.  Here.  If there is one site that gives you perfect pitch conservative opinion day in and day out, it is The Patriot Post.  love, love, love you guys.

I have two initial thoughts -- utter happiness and extreme panic; are we winning the battle only to lose the war?

I seriously don't know.

Now, it should be noted that less than 2% of the vote came out last night in Colorado  -- meaning,  the "enthusiasm gap" is creeping around and amounts to something of great concern.  It seems to be stalking us, like something sinister and unnerving. For me, I can't shake the feeling that something remains off.

I don't think it matters what conservatives want in this present moment; what will make all the difference in this decision is how Independents feel -- how the coalition of 'undeciders' will decide for all of us.  And THAT reality is disconcerting enough, in and of itself.

what are we doing? and where are we going?

Monday, it was all about being 'half-time' in America -- revolving my swirling thoughts around the Clint Eastwood commercial.  It was Karl Rove who thought the ad had an underpinning of support for another round of Obama, that somehow this commerical, promoting the American brand along with a certain spirit of coming back from behind was something reminiscent of pure evil (or thereabouts...maybe that is a slight exaggeration).

Anywho, old G begged to differ.

And G was correct.  Clint came out saying nothing of the sort the very next day, in response to the false premise going into the start of the 'day after'  (G loves talking about the Day After)  (and isn't G annoying going into third person).  Here is Clint's official response to the spin...

The thing is, the talking heads, the pundits who have reigned for decades in and around the media -- both sides -- are not always right, are they?

They can easily succumb to their own individual urge to argue something, for political points, whether true or false.  They find a way to circumvent truth and come out flying off the mouth anyway.

The last thing on the day: Conservatives just need to think for themselves.  Independents need to think for themselves.  Democrats need to think for themselves.  While the mainstream media just needs to return to critical unbiased thinking and reporting (even getting just two percent of them might be enough).  And maybe -- just maybe -- America can come to their senses and see this administration for what it really is.  Extreme.  Progressive.  Ruthless.  Fraudulent. and really really dangerous.

America needs all of us to go All In to save her.

Make it a Good Day, G

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