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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's an Ah-mazing Grace Thing

Dear America,

so I wanna drift into a conversation about the sanctity of life.  it is, after all, how we left things last week.

because it is so much more than the complicated, twisted turns of ideology and opinion pitting feminists/leftists against tradition.

When a child -- of fifteen years -- writes in her journal:
"I just f killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they're dead. I don't know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now ... lol"

When a trusted teacher -- teaching at an elementary school in L.A. -- was recently discovered to have been forcing students to do unthinkable acts (with most of it captured on film) ....Only to have a second teacher, from the same school,  be arrested for virtually doing the very same thing....

When a lauded coach, with a winning record and a following teetering on religious idolatry  -- does next to nothing in reporting (and punishing) a colleague for [serious allegations of] acts of sexual abuse, and basically protecting a pedophile.

sure... it is a stretch in dialogue -- from 'it's not about contraception' to pedophilia.

BUT just look at our children  -- and the world in which they live in!  Just look at how they are turning out!  Just look at the broadband effect of abuses -- large and small -- upon the impressionable, vulnerable, young mind in America.

what are we doing?  how are we protecting them?  what are we teaching them?

Is Life, it's self -- in general and in the specific -- sacred anymore?  Is "it" protected, nurtured, and lovingly guided to grow up into responsible, thoughtful, lawful, compassionate, people?

Forgive me.  But just how in the world is this becoming so hard to do?

Oh I know why.
it's a rhetorical question.

It went awry when we ceased teaching a moral code.

When the intellectual, leftist response to modern life managed to gain a stronghold upon the halls of government -- driving a certain social justice agenda up against every tradition in America, including our hallowed Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices -- we stopped being the Nation under God.  It - Life under God, our Creator -  was replaced -- in thought, word and deed -- by man.

And guess what?  Man (or little girl, as this particular discussion includes), when left to his own moral code, confronting his very own devil inside, without a sense of belonging to a Spirit that is larger than life itself, falters.   For man, and even little girls, have a few flaws.

Making another huge leap, The Daily Bell featured an interview (with Dr. Yaron Brook) over the weekend that intrigued me (and in a round about way, his thoughts fit well):

"I think the world is pretty straightforward. The world is dominated by really, really bad ideas, by a lot of ignorance, a bad moral code and really bad ideas about politics, which drive people to do things that are not in their (or our) long-term self interest. I think central banks are an example of poor economic understanding and of a moral code that requires that government control as much of our lives as possible. I think this is fundamentally an ideological battle, a battle of ideas, a philosophical battle.

The destructive ideas dominating our culture are out in the open. They emanate from the universities. Their advocates are out in the open, blaring at us from lecture halls, pulpits, political rallies, editorial pages, TV and radio. What's devastating our world is the impact of intellectuals – professors, writers, economists, think-tankers – who advocate for Keynesianism, subjectivism, socialism, existentialism, post modernism, all these ideologies that are anti-capitalist, anti-individual rights, anti-freedom...

...What's unique about Atlas Shrugged is not only that it gives us answers, but it gives us solutions. It presents the philosophical explanation for what is going on today in terms of cause and effect, but it also gives us the solutions to these problems and a philosophy that completely turns upside down the statist regimes and the statist ideologies of today and presents us, for the first time in history, with a consistent philosophy that is pro-individual rights, pro-individualism."

The interview delves into nearly every facet of life in the modern world from the perspective of the Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights; for more, go here.

Now, granted, the focus for the interview was on capitalism, along with the war on terror; but the at the bare minimum, how can any of us expect for America to do well, to capitalize in today's world market, when we can't even "capitalize" upon our most basic natural resource, our people?  It's a good question.  We just aren't making them like we used to, you know?

Rational, long-term self-interest, aligning with pro-individual rights UNDER God...protecting freedom, liberty, and justice, for children and adults alike, is the cornerstone of America's way back.

America needs a heavy dose of tough love.  and I think that is exactly what we are witnessing right now.

I think our Father, our Creator, loves us so much right now -- Free Will, manifesting as good vs. evil,  is being allowed to take it's course, to play out, even if evil appears to be winning.  As individuals, we face it; as a country, we live it, turning it into the every day.

But everything we are taught these days stems from living In the Moment, not for the "long-term;" what we live for is selfish interests -- not rational, long-term self-interest built upon proven, age-less principles and values; what we want for ourselves is to live from one 'ahmazing' moment to the next, without care and thoughtful consideration of others, let alone leading a life of virtue just for the thrill of it.

We are teaching our children everything from life is fully disposable one minute, to taking the life of another is worth the rest of your life in jail.  We are snatching the innocence and beauty of life right out from under them, before they are even given a chance to know the difference.

We began the day citing the devastating actions of just four people -- a girl, two teachers and a coach; between them, hundreds of children have been irreparably damaged for life, if not killed outright; and they, in turn, will touch the lives of many others as they attempt to live with it.  How tragic.  How mind boggling really.

The cause and effect of the lives of just four people, out of 300 million of us living in America, can, and may, exponentially speaking, be very well a sign of the death of us.  For these kinds of stories are everywhere and often, aren't they.

America is truly sick.

And that's just it.

Raising good people requires rational, long-term self-interest for the betterment and livelihood and prosperity of the whole (the way our founders intended). Gone are the days of self-reliance; welcome to the era of self-destruction.

Leaving us to deal with the greatest responsibility and duty to Individualism, to it's highest degree. 

At this point, it might even require ten commandments, or something.

Make it a Good Day, G 

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