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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's an Achy Break-y Heart Thing

Dear America,

even tho i really like keeping on a theme for the week, we will be abstaining from the red thread spinning the argument around 'it's not about contraception' to a direct hit on the president's brand spankin' new budget for 2013...

the budget coming in at around 3.8 TRILLION dollars (projected to "save us"  "4 trillion" over "ten years").

that is a good one, Mr. President. hardy har har.  that's so funny, i forgot to laugh (family inside joke).

SO to cut to the chase, the United States rakes in about 2.3 trillion (on a "good" year).

We are currently 15.3 TRILLION in debt.  Go here to see running National Debt Clock in Real Time.

SO EASILY -- and without looking at anything more than the real numbers projected in Obama's budget -- without messing with the details of how much is cut from where -- we can see that another deficit year is around the corner.  And not by dollars and cents, but by hundreds of billions of dollars and cents.

Just how can he bring this budget to the people and keep a straight face?

What is really hilarious is looking at the total amount, in real numbers, of our UNFUNDED LIABILITIES.  Now, we have discussed this subject numerous times before -- but what the heck, this is so much fun, right, let's go through it again.

The UNFUNDED category includes all things nobody wants to talk about:  social security, medicare, prescription drug program.   This little number jumps all the way to ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN TRILLION dollars...a liability of over a million dollars "per TAX PAYER."  hello.

SO apparently,  this president of "hope and change" (the one who promised to be different) is pleased with a budget that streams madly into the magical gigantic black hole without changing a thing.


How can a budget of 3.8 trillion dollars be seriously considered?

WE are not only broken, and truly sick -- as we opened up the week just yesterday -- we are broke.

In my experience, life can be really, really hard when you don't have any money.

Real Freedom goes right out the door.

For just about EVERYTHING quickly revolves around meeting the challenge of providing basic needs; while you can just fuggetabout the wants, the splurges, a pantry full of food at the ready, the spontaneity of dropping large bills on frivolous things, let alone the kid's braces.  No; without real cash flow, all that goes out the window.  The priority becomes shopping for a week's worth of dinners on your last twenty two dollars until payday.

This is America's reality right now; however, we insist on still breaking out the credit card at 40% interest.

Now, looking around the neighborhood, we can only keep up appearances for so long.

We are spiritually/morally/principally broken -- economically broke -- and this president is okay with that?

He is proposing a 3.8 Trillion dollar budget without any real revenue to fully support it.

And suddenly, the oath he made -- before 311 million Americans -- is made a mockery.  (And no, it wouldn't be the first time...for this president, or his predecessors)

If I were president, I would be asking all Americans to do their FAIR SHARE in just being GOOD people, no exceptions; I would be telling Congress to not only balance the budget, but pass one! before going home; I would cut ten percent across the board just to kick things off; I would eliminate the Department of Education, Energy, Interior, Housing/Urban Development, and Commerce to start; I would sign the Keystone deal and begin drilling in the Gulf of Mexico immediately; a moment of silence -- for a prayer or happy thought for the day -- would begin every child's day in school from kindergarten thru twelfth grade; I would eliminate the IRS and have a flat tax; and teach ideas strengthening capitalism and the free market, including honoring many of the ideals found within  The Wealth of Nations, while reminding all people the value of the golden rule, and thus give everyone the tools to succeed at the soul level....  TO SAVE and Re-Create America's soul. [oh there's plenty more, but you know, evidently and unlike the lifespan of unfunded liabilities, attention span is limited these days]

The thing is, what I really want to emphasize is that it's all about being given the tools to succeed at the soul level. That is freedom at it's very best. There should be no surprises there...after all, I am one of those girls who believes LIFE begins at conception.

but here we go, full circle on the day...

arguing about the sanctity of life, with or without free contraception, will be the least of our worries when we find America in trillions of pieces.  it may be valentine's day, but this girl sure has an achy, break-y heart.

Make it a Good Day, G

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