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Monday, February 27, 2012

It's an ALL of the Above Thing

Dear America,

Due to recent budget cuts,
the rising cost of electricity, 
gas, and oil, plus the current
state of the economy,
the light at the end
of the tunnel
has been turned off.
Have a nice day.
(just a funny thing sent to me, but it fits here)

so gas is at $4.59/gallon in my neck of the woods (and that would be for 'regular' -- not the fully loaded version of the same thing).

While I was stalling around the house yesterday, pending an afternoon of running errands, I found myself channel surfing. Right after my heart was crushed, discovering the rain delay for the Daytona 500 (oh darn), I happened to flip onto the face of my fine governor, Jerry Brown (oh joy). So, as you could well  imagine, I just had to park it there to find out what in the world he had to say.

Like gas prices, suffice it to say, he was predictable and questionable all at the same time.

Speed racer version (paraphrasing, of course):  'electric cars are great...california is on the cutting edge...gotta go mass transit...nothing to see here, move along' .

Now talk about being out of touch with reality! (just piggy backing on some recent stellar feedback from a critique...see 'anonymous' 2-24...someone who called me "reality challenged")  Does Jerry really know how real Californian's do business?  Has he been on the freeway lately, and counted the SUV's?  Has he counted the number of 4 X 4's on the road everyday -- as construction workers, plumbers, and pick ups get things to market and go to work? (and don't even get me started on the eighteen wheelers...)

He thinks oil is the root of all evil -- all environmentalists believe it is.

Now back in the day --  back in the governor's first go round (1975-1983) -- Californian's were IN LOVE with their freeways; not to be confused with the 'back in the day' when Jerry's father, Pat, ruled as the 32nd governor (from 1959 - 1967). Now, you "Brown's," have had plenty of opportunities -- like sixteen years worth, and counting, to affect change...and yet, how many freeways were saved or created under your lead?

So for kicks and giggles, with a little va va vroom added in for context, we should all recognize that it was long before the Brown legacy hit the scene when the first freeway was built -- the Arroyo Seco Parkway, linking LA and Pasadena.  It was commissioned and ready for business in the year 1940.

It is said that the traffic has quadrupled on that little stretch of road, and yet, very little of it has changed over the years; in other words, there has been more tangible changes to the governorship and California's leadership, then in the pavement of over seventy years old.

And yet, here Californian's sit.  Addicted through and through ...to their cars, their freedoms, the amenities and surely the wealth of commerce flowing every single day from Pasadena to downtown LA and back again and beyond.  And it's a good thing.

The car has probably attributed to creating more wealth and prosperity and freedom for all then most anything else ever invented.  Think about it.

The truth is -- we have improved upon the making of our cars and upon the regulations surrounding the industry.  Smog checks are up (and standard).  Air pollutants are down (as expected).  Here's a few charts from a fellow blogspot, including making the following bottom line, circa "Earth Day 2009":

"Consider that since the first Earth Day in 1970, U.S. population has increased by 50.25%, miles driven has increased by 159% and real GDP has increased 203%; and yet air quality is better than ever."

The one thing we Californian's have not done -- is change our ways; nor have we created viable alternatives through mass transit; nor have we altered our lifestyle with regards to where we live and where we work.  We have twelve lanes of freeway across one section of the Interstate 5/805 merge here in San Diego.

The governor  -- and anybody else for that matter -- is reality challenged if they think we will all be nudged and poked to driving a compact, electric car.  Some of us can, and will. But for many people, it just isn't a reality that truly works and gets the job done.  WE DRIVE trucks, large and small.  WE WORK.  WE CAR POOL.  WE go on ROAD TRIPS.  WE take kids -- and equipment -- to GAMES. And on and on.

And California is not alone.

The president, over the weekend, said that there is no silver bullet to bring down gas prices, that we can't 'drill' our way out of this; while he also retreated to his canned answer calling for "an all-of-the-above approach to energy independence -- gas, oil, wind, nuclear, solar, biofuels and more"

exsqueeze me @ $4.59/gallon, mr. president, if it includes "all of the above" then doesn't that include doing something we can do right now, like drill?  Like moving ahead with the Keystone Pipeline?  Like opening the waters off of California and the Eastern Seaboard? Like not EVEN THINKING about considering the option of taking from our reserves, again, for that oil is truly meant to be set aside for a real emergency (like the one we might have when Israel and Iran go to war, come mayday)...

Let us return to a day when the president said something rather provocative in every way:

yes. electricity....even on  cars...  rates will "necessarily rise."

Not to mention our energy secretary saying "we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe."  Here is a really good take on this.

[The reality is, our administration loves this gas environment right now...the means to the end is in full swing]

And tying in California's cutting edge lead -- fully committed to force-feeding electric cars and mass transit on us, or else.

[The truth is, the leftist intellectuals and environmentalists are loving this right now]

Now, back in the seventies, the speed limit was lowered to 55 mph on the freeway to conserve energy.  It saved 5% in overall fuel usage.

Yesterday, people were passing me by left and right, easily driving 75, maybe 80.

The thing is...maybe if everybody does their fair share -- we might get through this.

Maybe if we opened up our waters to drill again off the coast; maybe if car companies continued to improve on gas mileage and emissions; maybe if oil companies continued due diligence in drilling, and refining, and getting it to market; maybe if all energy companies were treated the same, according to the reactions of the free market, to prosper or fail on their own; maybe if we cared more about Canada's resources, as well as our own, more then the middle east, given the reality check that we do have more oil in North America than they do; maybe if we all waited to run errands on one day a week; and hey, maybe if we all "drive 55" again...

aw, you get the drill...
all of the above does work.  yes, indeed, mr. president, and I couldn't agree with you more.

so do it. all of it...ALL of the above. like yesterday.

and leave the drama for the Academy Awards (which I wanted to mention a couple of things, but needless to say, it will have to wait until tomorrow, or the next -- just might have to take a day to conserve my energy before I blow a gasket).

Make it a Good Day, G

Yes, maybe I am reality challenged -- much like everybody else these days.  As this reality is challenging in every way.  To question reality --  to be fully engaged with what is real and what is misrepresented as the truth by our politicians --  is the new normal (and hopefully, this reality is true for everyone).

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