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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a Whitney Thing

Dear America,

so if this is a diary of America; which it kinda sorta is, aiming to record the cultural and political pulse on the day; then i guess i have to mention whitney.

Whitney Houston died last Saturday and her funeral is tomorrow.

Now, the news hit me probably like most Americans -- especially for those of us within the demographic who pretty much grew up with her; it hit hard... in the gut... like wow.... like whoa.

It was the kind of news taken with total disbelief, and yet, met instantly with no surprise.

We all heard the news and just knew, didn't we?

so sad.

bearing in mind the unthinkable similarity of being virtually the same age, the news hit a more delicate nerve; we're like the same but different --  as if it could have been me in some kind of twisted, warped imaginary world in which I would star (and as if I could sing...).

sure, she's black and I'm white, there is that.

But Whitney blossomed in the eighties, Check.
Whitney married the wrong man, Check.  Then divorced, Check Check.

Whitney's daughter is fifteen, Check.

[We even shared the same haircut for years, but now that's just being silly].

Aside from loving all the music on "I'm Your Baby Tonight..."

one of my favorite songs is:


But back on point, who am I kidding, 'we' are not the same at all; not even a little.

She found her voice at a very young age, then lost it in every way; while for me, now a stone's throw from fifty, I am finally getting around to finding mine.

We may have both grown up singing in the church choir, but her talents grew into a million dollar empire; for me, through the years thick and thin, I'm essentially living hand to mouth.

She let a man just ruin her; for me, I made lemonade (if only I could have turned it into a business).

After singing her heart out -- and by all appearances for those of us on the outside -- she lost sight of the greatest gift of all; while here I am, little old G, venturing to spend all my days searching and finding and living by faith.

Even with all the money in the world...even with more talent then she knew what to do with...even with the baby girl of her dreams...even with what amounts to the entire world being handed to her...none of it really mattered at the end of all her days.

She will never see fifty.

She will never see her Bobbi Kristina get married.

She will never experience true love again.

She will never sing another song for us.

so sad.

My heart is torn with the news that New Jersey is flying the flag at half staff in her honor; half of her life may certainly warrant it -- but, the other half of it most certainly did not (and hello...it's been like twenty years since she starred in The Bodyguard, with Kevin Costner).  A cultural icon of epic proportions she is -- and how; for if in fact they are "the future," what are we actually saying to our children?

Are we [still] glorifying the flamboyant celebrity factor at the greatest cost of all -- losing our sense of what it really takes to make and create an honorable life, the kind that thoroughly, and positively, and intrinsically makes the world a better place?   The fact remains, Whitney -- all on her very own -- left her honor and dignity tattered and torn.  She chose to self-destruct right before our eyes.  At some point, she knew she was heading for trouble.  At some point, she could have gone right, when she went left.  She was born free to choose all of it; let us never forget that.

If only we could return to the days of honoring personal responsibility -- instead of making excuses for personal, made uncomfortably public, failures.

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, basically went to her defense -- saying this, from the Associated Press:

"Republican governor says he rejects complaints that Houston 'forfeited the good things that she did' because of her struggles with substance abuse.

'What I would say to everybody is there but for the grace of God go I,' he said on Wednesday."

Well there is that -- who are any of us to judge, right.  And I, for one, would love to whole-heartedly agree.

But with all due respect, Mr. Govenah, no, she's not me -- there by the grace of God I hope I don't go.

In the literal translation, let us all hope we are not all going her way.

Whitney made herself into a PUBLIC figure, becoming that one in a million standing center stage as a shining example of us all; and with that, as AMERICA has grown to put celebrity on a pedestal, the greater the liability for all of our children wanting to follow in her footsteps.  What we laud and applaud, the children listen.  What is interpreted as a successful, honorable life -- the kind that is worthy of the American flag to be flown at half-staff even -- says something; and in this case, it just might send the wrong message. Did we really need to go there?

just sayin' --
I would sing it for you, but that just isn't my thing.

but yes, there by the grace of God go I....and speaking of...

God must be glad he got her back in one piece.  My guess is they are probably having a little chat right about now.

But let us leave things here spreading the good news; as a believer, I trust God loves all the little children -- even those of us who lose our way or stray.

She is probably on his lap, not saying a word, grateful for the loving arms around her welcoming her home.

we just never know how many days we are gonna get...

Make it a Good Day, G

in keeping with the month's red thread...just where did Whitney's sanctity for her own life go?


  1. You are reality-challenged.

  2. as random as your snippy feedback seems, thank you for dropping by. just who's more reality challenged -- the one who leans to share her thoughts openly and thoughtfully, or the one who seems to live vicariously and anonymously through others by making rude comments on someone else' blog?