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Thursday, March 21, 2019

It's Reflections on the Ridiculous Thing

Dear America,

"I think it's really tragic 
when people get serious about stuff.  
It's such an absurdity 
to take anything really seriously...
I make an honest attempt  
not to take anything seriously; 
I worked that attitude out
 about the time I was eighteen, 
I mean, what does it all mean 
when you get right down to it, 
what's the story here?  
Being alive is so weird."  
Frank Zappa


and for starters, this girl is having such a hard time getting her head around the headlines these days.  It's as if it's all ridiculous; what do we care about Kellyanne Conway's husband opinion about anything?   Like, seriously?  

And for Trump to even respond....it's like, with all due respect, Mr. President -- you are the president of the United States of America!  --  just leave it alone!

And the president gets my same response about all his chatter about John McCain.  Just leave it be; don't feed the fire; don't fight for the last word; don't give the media something to talk about when the subject matter goes petty, or simply trades insults with the dead or his entourage.  That trade war will never be won, as it lives so deep down in the mire, all that survives is a mouth full of muck and a reputation lost in the tangling web of nonsense, barbs and slurs, and suffocating any chance of any good to come of it, and shamefully reducing the statehood of the office to nothing more than tabloid warfare.  

Seriously, this life and these times are just so weird.

We get it, Mr. President; this is how you role; this is how you play the game.

And just maybe, your survival in office to date, has mandated this rapid fire response day in and day out....you know, given your history, your long list of haters, your modus operandi, along with your stubbornness and natural penchant to win at all costs....there is that.

But, seriously, Mr. President -- you no longer have to go there.  In simple terms, the more you choose to take the high road --  above the sea of petty, peaty, marshy, quagmire of all things down and dirty -- the greater the prospect of truly Making America Great Again.  (In everything, it's about America and what is best for her.... and pretty sure, she can take you, so don't even try.)   There is a trade deficit in this country, if not the world, in the nature of kindness, mutual respect, and holding ourselves accountable to everything we say, everything we do, and everything filling up our hearts and minds.

The thing is -- there is opportunity here to lead this campaign from the top down.

“The greatest leader 
is not necessarily the one 
who does the greatest things. 
He is the one 
that gets the people to do 
the greatest things.” 
― Ronald Reagan

The thing is -- you, dear sir, have ample proof now of your administration's successes... Unemployment is at the lowest level in decades, people are seeing wages rise, optimism is making gains; and all the opposition has to combat your accomplishments is denial,  politically motivated smears, and the good favor of an obstructive, biased, mainstream media that feeds irresponsible and reckless ideas into the heads of the American people, headlining candidates selling nothing but snake oil.  

Like, seriously?

These "phenoms and political hacks" monopolize the media with false claims and projections based upon ridiculous socialist policies, when history proves, these illogical attempts to dictate winners and losers through the controls of an elitist government are untenable, defective, and have NEVER worked anywhere around the world, like, ever!  Ultimately, if allowed to take hold, this massive, invasive, root system -- deceptively based upon leveling the hills and valleys of a life sustained in liberty and freedom and opportunity -- will destroy our foundation, squelch ambition, and reduce America to ruins.

Must appreciate the use of the word invasive, right?

By definition -- "An invasive species is an organism that causes ecological or economic harm in a new environment where it is not native. ... Invasive species are capable of causing extinctions of native plants and animals, reducing biodiversity, competing with native organisms for limited resources, and altering habitats."

Need I say more?

Socialist ideas are NOT NATIVE to America!  The harsh truth is, giving breath, life, oxygen to policy rooted in the delusion of equal distribution of wealth, even in part -- even Social Security -- have only adversely effected our way of life, accumulation of wealth, continuing to risk our future health and welfare, as a whole.   

And The Left wants more of this?

Everything can't be free.
Like, seriously, Ms. AOC?

But I digress.

I'm getting lost in the weeds; allow me to detangle and get back on point, if you will.

Mr. President -- Rise and Shine

“There is no limit 
to the amount of good 
you can do if you don't care 
who gets the credit.” 
― Ronald Reagan

Elevate your every move, every word, every deed and don't look back. don't do it.

Lead, by example,Mr. President. 
yes.  it is cliche.  it's just what I do here...shoot me. and on that note, here's more -- 

Mr. President -- You have nothing to lose, nothing; while you have everything to gain -- maybe even another four years.   And, you know, the right wins on ideas and its results every time, because they are anything but ridiculous; let's emphasize our winning ideas and why they work; and while we're at it, let's emphasize rising above the fray (love it). 

Let's give the media nothing to talk about, but the GOOD!

[But what do I know; I'm just a girl, and this is just my day in the life #989]

And isn't "being alive is so weird... 
isn't it?   
Like, seriously, it is.

the end. 

Make it a Good Day, G

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