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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's Another Day to Pray Thing

Dear America,

"The awareness of God's presence 
energizes us for our work."  
Charles F. Stanley
Life Principle #4


just finished four days away, attending the annual conference of the California State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

we prayed before every business session
we prayed before every meal
invocations and benedictions marked every beginning and every end.

we voiced, in unison, the Pledge of the Allegiance to the Flag, at the very beginning of everything
we sang The National Anthem...even the fourth stanza

point is, the entire conference was immersed in praise and thanksgiving to God, to Home, to Country, all the live long day, first and foremost, unceasing.

Multiply this hundreds of thousands of times over, given every DAR gathering throughout the state -- throughout the nation -- begins and ends every activity celebrating our connection to Spirit with the same ritual, needless to say,  "the awareness of God's presence energizes us for our work."

translation -- we get it done by the grace of God and we make a difference over and over and over again!  

Whether in areas of Historic Preservation, Education, or Patriotism -- day in and day out, our DAR light shines bright.

from our California website:  

As a member of our non-profit, non-political women's service organization, you enter a network of over 185,000 women around the world who form lifelong bonds; honor their revolutionary ancestors; and promote historic preservation, education and patriotism in their communities. DAR members nationwide volunteer more than 250,000 hours annually in veterans programs, award thousands of dollars in scholarships and financial aid to students, and support schools for under-served children with annual donations exceeding one million dollars. 
The thing is, we know where our energy comes.

We consciously invoke God into every activity we do under heaven, and God gives us the stamina, the enthusiasm, the ability, the talent, to make whatever it is we strive to do happen.

It is all about beginning every committee meeting, every brainstorming session, truly masterminding with the Master of All Things, the Creator of All Good, recognizing the we are merely stewards of God's Great Earth, doing our work as God's people, and honoring where it all comes, in the responsible care of all God's things.  It all belongs to God; we are His stewards and caretakers; we are nothing without God.

And it may very well explain the level of success of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution; we are guided and blessed by God in all our endeavors because we make contact with God!  And our results reflect this connection in a very big way.

This is just a day feeling rather proud of my forefathers, my ancestors, my patriot, who made it possible for me to connect with such a remarkable organization and such a beautiful, spirit-full group of women.  It is truly unique...and special.

One of my favorite moments over the entire four days was attending the American Indian breakfast.  I was the only member from my chapter attending -- perhaps the 7:00 am start time had something to do with it...in any event, I was there, looking forward to the speaker, Dr. Paul Apodaca, PhD, professor at Chapman University, Irvine, presenting a program on "Navajo Code Talkers of WWII." 

[It was fabulous, by the way...I regret that I can't take the time to tell you all about, but real quick, something learned was a new perspective on the level of service these code talkers extended to the military, and in turn, America, on behalf of the safety and security for all Americans.  According to their religion and ritual, anytime a member of the tribe left the reservation, left their land, they became disconnected to not only their tribe, but to their God and heaven itself; by volunteering for the U.S. Military, they were risking their actual soul!  If they died in the line of duty, they believed their soul would not find its way to heaven, that it would be lost in darkness, in oblivion, forever and ever.
never heard that before... and so appreciate this expansion of understanding, don't you?

At the start of the day of this early morning session, we recited an American Indian interpretation of The Lord's Prayer, and I think it's only fitting that it ends mine:

Great Spirit Whose Teepee is the Sky 
and whose hunting is the earth,  
Mighty fearful you are called;  
Ruler over storms, over men, and birds and beasts. 
 Have Your Way over all... 
Over earth ways as over skyways.  
Find us this day our meat and corn that we 
may be strong an brave, 
And put aside from us our wicked ways  
As we put aside the bad works of them who 
do us wrong.  
And let us not have such troubles as lead us 
into crooked roads, 
But keep us from all evil, For Yours is All that Is....
the earth the sky, the streams and the hills, 
and the valleys, and stars, the moon, and the sun, 
and all that lives and breathes....
Wonderful, Shining Mighty Spirit.  

Make it a Good Day, G

"Let us walk softly 
on the earth 
with all living things 
Great and small 
remembering as go 
that one God, 
kind and wise, created all."
praying for New Zealand, the Netherlands, and this land, this morning

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