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Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's Just that Julie is no longer with us Thing

Dear America,

you know that feeling when you lose someone really special in your life, suddenly and unexpectedly, and it feels as if  your whole world came crashing to a complete stop...yeah, yeah, it's like that.

death is like that.

it's so permanent.
no time, or space, or opportunity, to say even one more thing to this really special someone.

never mind that mind blowing conclusions have been made on the Russian-Collusion (hoax) investigation.  that conclusion heads straight to the bottom of the pile of priorities.

the task of making phone calls to people who need to know begins,
the ebb and flow of tears begin to make their way into our schedule, abruptly replacing whatever else we had planned,
the cry out to God for answers, a little comfort, in the midst of unimaginable grief, reaches a whole 'nother level of concerns and rambling thoughts, one after the other

Julie is no longer with us

Of course, you all have no idea, nor really care, or feel, even in the least bit, attached to my Julie...it doesn't matter.  This day belongs to Julie, anyway.

Perhaps -- if you will indulge me a wee bit -- close your eyes.... and picture the person in your life, right now, who just exudes joy from the moment you say hello along with a smile a mile wide.  Picture this same person, perhaps someone who selflessly gives, everything she's got, to a certain cause, maybe in community service, and maybe even in the mailing of care packages to our troops, and organizing what may look to outsiders as herding cats, otherwise recognized as a team of women, to continually support Julie's efforts and passion for doing this one thing...and doing it really well.

well, it's this kind of person who is no longer with us.

Now perhaps -- close your eyes and picture this person -- baking pumpkin bread into the wee hours of the morning the night before an annual fundraiser...the very same fundraiser she has chaired for years in a row, and wakes up in the morning ready to host this holiday silent auction like there is no tomorrow, and realize there really is no tomorrow for our Julie.  

Julie is no longer with us.

This Julie watched her your grandchildren during the week to help her daughter; this Julie managed the books of the family business; this Julie donated more time and energy to making sure everyone around her were happy, secure, all the while battling a slew of minor health concerns that, together, amounted to a major worry, every day. Julie no longer needs to worry.

Julie is no longer with us.

This Julie just had a way of capturing hearts --  through hugs and friendship, the sharing of family stories, the showing of sincere interest, no matter what ever else was troubling her.  She just gave and gave and gave...like a saint.  seriously.  like a saint.

It is this Julie who is no longer with us.

Why is it that the saints of this planet go so terribly soon? 

It was an accident, a total freak accident, too.  That face with a smile a mile wide met with the brute force of a counter top, causing her to fall all the way to the bathroom floor, never to wake up again.  Something that, for me, hits home... and hard.  [my mama can tell you the story]

Life is so precious.

In an instant, life can change -- in in turn, after turn, after turn, a ripple of change extends to a whole host of family, friends, to even acquaintances, like the Post Office lady.   It's like, Julie?  no, no, you must have the wrong person, where did you hear that?

No, it's true, Julie is no longer with us.

How could we be celebrating her birthday one day, and a week later she is gone?  

Julie was 53.

Julie was.

Julie was.

Julie was.

Just doesn't even sound right; it has to be a mistake.

The thing is -- Julie WAS here -- and a few of us lucky people got to know her, got to break bread with her, got to share life with her, got to witness Julie in her finest and greatest moments of joy in the service to God, Home, and Country.  (Just thought I would throw in a nod to the Daughters...it's only fitting; for The DAR was truly Julie's happy place...xoxo)

Not only did we get to know her,  this Julie --  we got to love her.

And on that note, we will end the day, making blog #990 in honor of my Julie.

the very same Julie  who is no longer with us...lucky God gets her, to have and to hold.

Make it a Good Day, G

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