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Friday, March 8, 2019

It's Just a Girl Responding to a Past President Punk Thing

Dear America,

thank you, Daily Mail:

'So much of what is trotted out as leadership 
is old-style beating your chest, 
being louder, being noisier, 
being more self-centered, 
being greedier and being more aggressive,' 
he said. 

'That can work for a short period of time, 
but it tends not to get the job done – 
not the complex modern society problems seen today.

'John McCain's decision 
to nominate Sarah Palin as his running mate 
will be seen as an important point 
in American politics,' 
he said.

That, he said, was the moment 
'mainstream Republicans lost control 
of their party... Sarah Palin's 
nomination suddenly brought
 that populist energy to the fore 
in the Republican Party
 and helped pave the way 
for President Trump's presidency.'

obama also said something like, he was proud he left office without a scandal.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

that is the funniest thing I have heard all day, and the day is just getting started.  yay me.

The only reason Obama escaped his eight years, apparently, according to his own great mind, without a trace of scandal was because the media protected him; acting more like Obama's drooling media entourage, the left-leaning, kool-aid sippin', partisan hacks, ignored the scandals! 

My gosh, he must have a huge pair. 

I mean, like, where do we begin? 

Moving On dot Org, just know that these are neither in chronological order, or in order of importance...it's just my own beautiful mind trippin' down memory lane:

1.  Fast and Furious gun running across southern border...thank you Eric Holder
2.  IRS discrimination against conservative groups....Lois Lerner et al
3.  BENGHAZI....right, like it was because of a video.  OH okay.   And what were you doing the night of the attack?  um, let me remind you...you were sleeping...getting your beauty rest before a big campaign stump in LA the next day.
4.  the passing of OBAMACARE -- a mandate, a tax, upending one-sixth of our economy and destroying the health care industry as we know it (used to know it) under the cover of darkness, without a single republican vote...."if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. period" 
5.  HILLARY's  illegal server ...and the transference of confidential information via email...
6.  Shovel ready jobs.........not, you just paid off your liberal friends/associates
7.  DOJ Spying on journalists...can you say James Rosen?
8. Solyndra
9. PRISM.   And NSA surveillance programs
10. The treasonous nuclear deal made with IRAN; Iran cash payments and the well timed release of political prisoners...
11.  VA Hospital Administration, long list of crimes and misdemeanors and veterans dying.
12.  Clinton Foundation, not to mention the Clinton connection with Uranium sales, Russian collusion, dossiers, etc.
13.  Voter intimidation by New Black Panther Party
14.  General Services Administration fraud.... going to Vegas, baby
15.  Pontificating about how UNPATRIOTIC it is to run a deficit, and be in debt to the tune of trillions, while campaigning circa 2008 -- and then, get in office, and double our national debt over eight years!  DOUBLED it!  It was nearly at ten trillion when you took over, and nearly at twenty when you finally left. HOW UNPATRIOTIC, you arrogant son of a bullshitter.

oh my, I gotta stop.   my heart is starting to race a wee bit.

and can you believe this --  the Daily Mail post also noted, "in contrast to showboating and hostility, Obama said listening to the advice of others and surrounding himself with people of integrity were the foundation of his leadership style." 

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

a little throw up in the mouth here is totally acceptable, and understandable, having witnessed the eight years of "I, I, I, I, and me, and my, and I, I, I, I".  What a punk he is.  I just wanna slap him and wake him up to the whole world, not just the one he finds himself center of the entire universe.

And if bringing up hostility, Barack, can we have an honest conversation of your hostility towards America, in general, and start with the great apology tour in the Middle East during the first year of office?  And from there, maybe, go to the return of the Winston Churchill bust?   And from there, discuss  your leadership style by way of divide and conquer --  creating cultural factions, manufacturing identity politics, and forming political alliances that undermine America's foundation and overall unity?

gosh I have missed talking about the things you say.

Guess what, Barack -- your pompous post-president ass was also created by way of John McCain nominating the honorable Sarah Palin as Vice President on the republican ticket, the one that would also set the stage for  new leadership under President Trump, enter stage right.

Wait a minute.
Like what happened between Palin and during the eight years before Trump? 
hmmmmm, what was it?

Oh right, It was YOU! 
You happened! 

And you expect us to accept your latest hypothesis that Sarah did this, and that you had nothing to do with it?   Are you for real? 

America suffered through EIGHT years under your leadership; everything got worse....unemployment, people on food stamps, race relations, military preparedness, cost of living, loss of wages, cost of college, national debt, budget deficits, growth of bureaucracy and regulations....I mean, we the people got pretty depressed, like, we were in a recession.  A big one.  A vewy vewy big one.  You know what I mean?

But who knew; with the way you're carrying on, Barack   -- might I be so bold to point out that perhaps Palin deserves to be QUEEN for the day, given it's International Women's Day, and all!  I mean, c'mon, it's mind boggling, this power to effect change, such as she has....I mean, if it weren't for Sarah Palin...yeah, yeah.   She opened the door for this rash and raw run of populism, making way for this president. 

Are you serious?  Pick a side.

Forgive me, but this notion of Palin's so-called proprietary privilege of origin of this populist rise doesn't even make any sense --  you know, given how you, and every other leftists, along with the left-leaning media, incessantly poked fun at her.  How in the world could she be so influential, and pull off something so earth shattering as changing the course of politics in America, of all things, especially considering she is so intellectually lacking, uneducated, all talkin' in that certain way, doncha know?  If you recall, she didn't even read, like anything,  according to the press way back when.

Oh this is rich, this Barack commentary.

Now HE is still so relevant, isn't he?  Sitting there so smug.

He knows so much; he's so smart; he's so articulate, and bright, and nice looking  -- and clean, right Joe?

gosh it must be good to be Barack.  Oh, and dare I also observe that somebody -- somebody with the initials BHO -- continues to beat his own chest, right on cue; he just does it like the smarmy, intellectual, global -elitist that he is, that's all.  And he gets away with it, because he is just so loved by all the world, especially that press of ours.    Nothing's changed -- everyone just sits back and fawns. 


well, not exactly everyone....what ever.

It's crazy really; even after all the scandals nobody in the media seemed to care about....

Earth to Barack -- you may be under the influence of your own greatness and majesty, leaving the office of the president without so much as a trace of scandal, but that would also make you wholly delusional (which just so happens to be an attribute fully supported by the sycophants who adore you in every way).  Sorry to break it to you, Barack, but just being ignorant to the facts doesn't make them any less true, k?  Are we clear? are we clear?  But just to be clear -- one of your favorite phrases -- me thinks you are not thinking clearly...suggest you get that head checked.

Making a sharp turn in my own mind, and returning to an idea for a book:  The Audacity of Dope. It is gonna be the greatest book ever.   It's about a guy, with narcissistic tendencies, raised by a sea of Marxist mentors, family, confidantes, and community activists.... being representative of a life ripe with contradictions and fluctuating realities, depending upon the audience, and surely justifying how the end justifies the means, yadi yadi yada.  The guy somehow or other makes it to the highest office in all the land and just when we think he has gone away --  golfing and body surfing in Hawaii for the rest of his life -- he comes back.  Like a bad dream.  It's gonna be a page turner, mark my highfalutin' words as I beat my chest. teehee... I am woman, hear me roar....

yup on this International Women's Day, I revel in me! G!  just a girl and this blog....#986...and Barack; it's just like the olden days.

and here's to hope... and more change...for ALL women, by the way...not just the ones who gravitate to the left.

Make it a Good Day, G

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