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Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's Just a Girl with a little Cleavage Showing Thing

Dear America,

Boys To Men

it's a tale of three boys going to China and returning men.

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill, Cody Riley each gave a statement yesterday, thanking everybody and their mother, for the swift return to the U.S.A. after allegedly being found guilty of stealing from the Louis Vuitton store, during the team's visit. 

And whether their statements are insincere in any part, being coerced by coaching staff or parents or anyone else (as each one thanked -- nearly verbatim -- the Chinese government, the U.S. government, President Trump by name, the entire UCLA coaching team and staff, family and associates, yadi yadi yada...) -- it does not matter.  Nationwide, this press conference did what it needed to do for the good of the country, the good of the team, and most importantly, for the good of these three men who returned home.

Yes.  Their actions were stupid.  And they admitted just that over and over and over again.

And we can only hope a fair portion of the nation's children -- alongside the parents of these children -- listened.  And after they all listened, we can only hope these parents explained the set of circumstances and crimes to their children fully, and thoughtfully, and pointedly making clear the lessons we can all walk away with.  

And yet, having said that -- young and old alike --  nobody is too old for a good life lesson....and America is witnessing a number of them hitting the front pages with breaking news, in what seems like every minute of every day.

Nevertheless, this girl would bet her life the three statements ARE sincere; for these boys were able to come home!  Given a natural propensity to do stupid things (given the age group, right?), they came home grateful to be back on American soil after receiving only a passing glance of just how quickly things can change, and not in a good way.  They consider themselves to be part of the lucky ones, an elite crowd; for without perhaps their own connections to connections, things may not have turned out so well, or as speedy -- I mean, c'mon, we're talking a major theft crime perpetrated in the People's Republic of China...for anyone else there would be stiff punishment.

This girl would also bet her life these statements were well on the way well before the nudging of a sitting president from the bench; these boys had to make solid apologies, for their actions were truly a disgrace.  UCLA, the USA, China, their moms and dads -- were all due a get down on your knee, praising Jesus, moment of pure begging for forgiveness with the clear intention never to make this kind of error in judgement again.....And THEY did!  They did.

I only wish the president just waited for it to play out, that's all.

I just wish his usual brash, egotistical approach to everything, just stood still for a moment, thereby allowing time for the boys to do the right thing on their own without the presidential interference (only because it gives CNN and MSNBC plenty of material to bounce around).  But isn't that what we all want as parents, to watch our children figure out the right thing to do on their own?  Isn't this the level of maturity we painstakingly try to model, aiming to teach them well, that lies in wait, only to surface when we least expect it -- and unconditionally love them anyway?

Anywho, after a serious foul --  traaaaveeelllling with a designer Louis Vuitton ball, shaped like sunglasses...badump ba! --  this was their moment to make right and not the president's moment to take credit, just sayin'.

Trump could learn a life lesson or two, as well; better for the nation to witness the president stepping aside, allowing for his state department, or press secretary, to do all the talking and tweeting; and then ---  when asked to respond --  give credit to all the players who made this monumental, international feat of saving the day happen.  

When it comes to ego, sometimes less is more, more or less -- and I would be remiss not to add that the president is not alone with this little life lesson...and we'll even give it a number: 45 (teehee.  that one's for Maxine);  yes, indeed, this girl is right there beside him (not under him, not over him, certainly not touching him, just beside him, okay). 

Which brings me to the second half of today's feature:  how so many men are turning into boys (or is it more correct, never stopped being boys????) hmmmmmmm

Just the other night -- Tuesday -- had dinner with my girlfriends at a brand new eatery in La Jolla, the Red O!  And oh boy, was it good!   From the tres tequila flight, to the Queso Fundido to share, to the main dish of Carnitas in Red Chili Guajillo, to a side of plantains to share, mashed potatoes to share, corn tamales to share, to the plate of churros to share and served with two dipping sauces of chocolate l'orange and caramel filling the last crack of tummy space -- this girl rolled out of the Red O with glee and stuffed to my pretty pink lips.  But I digress....teehee

For part of the night, the subject matter was fixated upon what the O stood for in its name; but for the remainder, we were all about the fall of man....literally.  And don't get me wrong -- this foursome loves boys.  [Although, there must be something said in the fact that only 25% of us are married....hmmmmmm what up wit dat?.....]

well, anyway, it's not like there isn't enough to talk about on the subject -- men have made it rather easy for us to fill a night out on the town chock full of conversation from one bad boy story to the next; ever since the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein went down, the country has been inundated with whispers of unwanted sexual advances (by men), declarations of rape (of men on men, and men on women), tales of catching tail -- of sexual harassment (by men), long overdue claims of sex with underage girls (yes, by men) -- from coast to coast, within government, within elite social circles, from the capital building to the corporate boardroom....it is everywhere and often.


The thing is -- from the boys to men basketball players, to the pure corruption of our beautiful, sexual nature, this land is my land and this land is your land is in much need of keeping our hands to ourselves.

Of course, on Tuesday -- all of us girls quickly spiraled into cursing all men.  Was it the tequila talking, you be the judge; but just as fast as we ginned up a chorus of we can't live with them -- in an equally, thundering, passionate reply, we admitted that we can't live without them either.

Oh this country.  heavy sigh
Not sure how we manage to embrace our sexuality problems -- ranging from the mild neurosis to full blown psychotic addictions ending with victims and convictions of statutory crimes.  But in the hopes of ultimately gaining control of it,  this girl knows exactly where to start: with the individual. 

You're welcome.

(oh girl, gonna smack you upside the head if you don't settle down.)

so as I try to choke down some humble pie, let me repeat myself:  It always gets down to one.

Do you even remember who we are, as a people, people?

America is designed to be all about good self-government -- which includes, but is not limited to, self-reliance, answering to a higher moral authority,  with a side of a little humility, and a whole lot of grace, bubbling over...

If each and every one of us leans towards good behavior, treating each other with respect, then all is good; if each and every one of us begins to lean poorly, behaving badly, if not criminally...treating each other with disrespect, then all is not good.  Get it?

I know, sometimes the answer is so easy we overlook it, even when it is right in front of our eyes.

I bet --  just thinking outside the blog now -- I bet if we dress it up with a short skirt and a little cleavage, point would be moot by a beaut.

 [I know, I don't know how I do it either...teehee]  

[wait.  scratch that....I do know; it isn't me.  It is only by the grace of God I get up and do anything.  I just aim to make God proud, make Him smile a little -- you know, given his view, and all...Things must be looking pretty bleak by now.]

and my apologies, you get all the way to the end to discover there is no cleavage showing.  my bad.

Make it a Good Day, G

Kudos to the three boys to men that began the day...LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill, and Cody Riley. Pretty sure you guys will turn out okay; as an American, I am proud of you for the courage to say what you needed to say.  God Bless you boys to men, to family, to all the rest of your days.

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