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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's a Culture at War with Itself Thing

Dear America,

old t-shirt proverb says: 

and we're back to... wrong is wrong, even when it would seem everybody is doing it...

as another one falls to sexual misconduct allegation(s), America is a walking, talking, gawking, mocking -- socking of the solar plexus' times 300  million souls --  social experiment gone totally awry, wrong,  all wrong, gone terribly terribly wrong,  just to put it mildly. 

Just breathe, G...
Just breathe.

This morning, as I opened one of my favorite little red books, A Guide for the Advanced Soul by Susan Hayward, a page quoting J.Allen Boone reads --  "We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra. in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole." 

Naturally, having this magnificent metaphysical observation come in the wake of the breaking news on Matt Lauer, my first inclination was to barf.  (And my sincere apologies for being so crude....really.)

What in Sam Hill is going on?  (wait, perhaps I should check the history books, maybe Mr. Hill is guilty of sexual harassment, too...and how inappropriate would that be, right...)

Is all this really about one vast conspiracy masterminding the taking of Trump out?

Are they all in on it -- from Weinstein to Lauer, from Conyers to Spacey, from Halperin to Thrush, and lest we forget Charlie Rose?   And my apologies, again, if you are one of the ones left unnamed; this post has only so much room, you know.

Are they all willing to let the leaks fall where they may just to get to Trump.... eventually....no matter how long it takes or how many have to go down in the process?


Is this just who we are?  

And mind you, this question specifically goes out to Barack Obama to answer.  

I want Barack Obama to explain this, if only to have the opportunity to poke a little fun at him, given how many times the man opined the words "that's not who we are..."  Clearly, he must know who we are, right; he claimed to know who we are and who we are not with a certain flair rather often.

On second thought, never mind. 
Indeed, I mock myself.

President Obama is a man of constant contradictions -- in speeches to the whole, he would aim to go broad and deep and long and wide while making grand overtures to American ideals and principles; however, in action, in policy, he turned on these very ideals and principles with glee.  The true character and trajectory of his presidency was more aligned with the radical, the progressive, the community organizer deep inside his soul, hellbent to transform America and usurp the very ideals laying the foundation of America since our birth.

Although America is not perfect ---

Foundations matter.
Ideals matter.
Principles matter.
Values matter.

The problem America has right now, is that the integrity of the whole is at risk.

And we must have the courage to ask why,while being receptive to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- as the answer is far more complicated, Megyn Kelly, than a "sea change" of the masculine and feminine forces.

I , for one, do not applaud or glorify the women staying silent until now. That isn't a display of courage; that is putting up with the injustice, the nonsense, while playing along with it, while doing the whole a total disservice.  To be afraid to go to the geek in Human Resources?  Really?

An easy answer may just be, that maybe we all need to go back to the olden days, when the boys were guided to grow up to be big, strong men -- real men --  the kind that live to honor women, open the door for them, and in no uncertain terms, treat women with respect; while the girls were taught to be ladies...strong, educated, inspired to be anything we wanted to be, all the while aligned with certain and definite standards that actually commanded respect ...anyone?  Oh, yes, I guess some might say that is so Victorian....to which I say, whatever, with attitude.  

A simple observation should reveal to all of us by now ----- America has a problem; we have a definite problem with the simple things... all things associated with the embodiment of good character, keeping the integrity of the whole, alongside the individual, downright duty, to assimilate with the founding principles and values as we go about our day.


America needs to emphasize the good -- through role models and teachers and preachers and leaders -- and double down on the the individual mandate and duty to uphold these things, leaving no boy or girl left behind.

This is a cultural war; and the war on women has got nothing on this -- for that narrative war is derived purely through the media, the same media which is bias-ly and un-piously in bed with the leftist agenda; the end game, the Left controlling the masses, like asses, and destroying all opposition.

And only you and I and the generation of the little ones before us (who are presently observing every step we take) can make this level of sea change, in order to see the change.

This is a day of reckoning.  

The day has arrived for the American culture to take a stand, because THIS IS about who we are; and you're right, Megyn Kelly, it will not be easy.  

But make no mistake; this isn't a man problem.  [As there are many, many good men around America...with a nod to my papa... and to Mike Pence --- just an example of a boy who won't even have dinner, alone, with a woman who is not his wife. yay you.

Strangely enough, it would seem the American culture is pointedly at war with itself.

What are the chances of survival?  What will success, in the end, look like?

Continuing on a thread -- at the end of Chapter Five, Sun Tzu says:  

"23. Thus the energy developed by good fighting men [and women] is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.  So much on the subject of energy."
Which, I believe, if I calculate things correctly, that would depend on the caliber of the energy itself...

This is a problem of, and about, the whole -- be it how we interact and communicate with each other; be it what or who we elevate to stardom and fame; be it how we have drifted from being a people of faith, a life "under God"; be it how we have allowed sex and sexuality become less than sacred; be it the generations of family dysfunction; be it the unconscionable loss of the sanctity of all life, beginning in the womb and ending badly in the inner cities of nearly every metropolitan area from sea to shining sea.

...It's really what we all need a little more of... besides love sweet love.

Make it a Good Day, G

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