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Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's Just a Clear Day to Play Thing......huh, James Brien Comey Jr...

Dear America,

happy valentine's day....

“I hope you can see your way clear 
to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. 
He is a good guy.
 I hope you can let this go.”
alone, all alone in the Oval Office,
 with Comey

this quote, now famously canted and recanted throughout the hearing this morning...merely speaks of The Donald's natural gift of negotiating, and nothing more.  No.  Wait.  Perhaps it also speaks to The Donald's inexperience within the gates of the government bureaucracy and protocol, as in making a case for ignorance is bliss...but that's about it.

The investigation was creating not just a cloud,
-- but a category 5 funnel cloud whirling through the District of Columbia -- capable of pulling up the Capital Building from its very foundation, if not also undermine and place direct interference between the mandate of the people (aka the outcome of the 2016 election) and the explicit call to duty of the Trump Administration with the real obstructionists at the core of this controversy -- the Leftists large and small.

What we know --- things COMEY confirmed -- THIS MORNING:
  • Trump asked for Comey's loyalty... to which Comey promised to be "honestly loyal."
  • Trump said "I hope you can see your way clear...He is a good guy..." to which Comey "replied only that 'he is a good guy.''
  • Trump "repeatedly told me, 'We need to get that fact out.”'" [THE FACT that TRUMP was not under investigation.... to which, Comey  -- under oath mind you -- repeatedly confirmed all morning long, Trump was never under investigation.  And yet, Comey chose to keep under the cover of cloudy with a chance of meatballs never to say so publicly; which is a total reverse of policy, by way of Comey's personal and professional interference, not once, but twice, on behalf of clearing the air on Hillary Clinton's emails]
One thing's for sure:  Comey is NOT synonymous with credibility.  This is just a fact based upon the number of times we've been punked by this man.  He never told the president that his broaching the subject of leniency on Flynn was ever inappropriate; he never documented his grievances to White House Counsel of any inappropriate conversations with the president; he never actually found evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians.   

All Comey has is conjecture, at this point; he's speculating lies simply based on gut feelings; he's inferring possible guilt, but can't say so in public; he's flirting with the way media works and thinks and has their being -- and that is enough to fuel a big fat payback opportunity for a big fat firing.

From one of my big fat favorite websites, The Patriot Post  -- Thomas Gallatin writes, "Comey's Coy Testimony Indicts Himself, not Trump"
It's all you really need to know.

But if you need more, Alexander's column, just yesterday, was also quite good -- The Smoking Gun -- There WAS Collusion..

IF THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OUTCOME OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, then this presidency is legit!  Somebody, anybody, alert the media!

And what's with the selective memory  (aka blatant hypocrisy) of international election interference, huh?

So, what, where are we now -- 
it's a fact Russia interfered; it is not a fact that Trump, or any of his "satellites,"  was ever involved.

Isn't it interesting, after all this time, the one fact that was never announced -- the one that completely vindicated the president and his campaign --  was the fact that Trump repeatedly called for Comey to make known that TRUMP was never under investigation; it was never announced.  It was manipulatively kept under-wraps -- pointing to the reason things escalated rather quickly between the two... to the extent of Comey being the one to be let go... oh, the irony.  

How could a president trust him to do what is honorable, to operate the FBI with full integrity under this administration, when Comey continuously CHOSE to slap the president in the face with his own masking of the truth?   And furthermore -- given Comey's opening statement this morning -- Comey is not afraid to show that he holds a certain disrespect of the office of this president, harboring a deep-seated mistrust of the man, while using the platform to make a series of disparaging remarks right from the start.  There is no love lost between these two...Their relationship was sealed with a big fat kiss in the ass, both ways.

So flash forward to this morning's hearing:  Comey angled for leaving the impression of feeling intimidated, afraid to speak up, feeling completely "stunned" half the time, with some kind of inability to think straight under a perpetual veil of confusion and the constant pressure coming from the president to sway him to let some things go ... to which this girl must say, nice try big guy: 

PULL leeeze
Make no mistake --
 He  spoke!  Oh he spoke!

Oh my, that weenie testimony approach, often playing the victim, not to mention, posing as the only measured man in a room of two...Oh that was good.  Did you practice all that in the mirror?  Very entertaining; thank you for playing.

Make No Mistake

After all the months of silence, now we know.  
Comey made it perfectly clear, all the while, NOT saying a word! 

He spoke volumes just by keeping Trump's clearance of wrongdoing something of a non-plus event, making confusion reign, and thereby keeping the truth off page one for as long as he could.
Who loves the power, baby?

That practice is not only calculating, but a significant detail that all Americans should wonder why. 

The country has just witnessed an entire panel of Senate Intelligence officials declare there is nothing more to talk about, other than ratchet up the political posturing, supported solely by throes of corruption under the rather highly evolved, upper echelon level speculative derangement syndrome, which we see now as having fully infiltrated the nation's capital and into the people's house.  Under Mine 101 and 2.0 in one course.

And as far as proving any obstruction of justice -- that would be a big fat no, too. Comey even agreed!  

The thing is, we should all be fed up by now -- literally and figuratively; and that is precisely the point, isn't it?  Trump is in office -- legitimately -- because WE THE PEOPLE put him there!

The country was fed up with being manipulated by false narratives.  

The country was fed up with the establishment --  electing the quintessential outsider, as president.

The country was fed up with the slow erosion of America's sovereignty, calling for a big fat wall on the southern border, protecting American interests and American citizens and American security.  

The country was fed up with the continuing redistribution of wealth under the previous administration -- be it of global significance in the Paris Climate Accord or the pure domestic abuse of the hard earned tax dollars upon the backs of the American people who were completely deceived by the lies of Obamacare and the Democratic party who created it.

Oh for the love of pete, this country is twenty trillion dollars in debt and fed up!  Are only the Russians listening?

The Russians had nothing to do with any of this -- for the 2016 election was all about a reality check on Washington D.C..

And this hearing?  This hearing confirmed three things -- the fact that not one single vote was changed/altered/added by Russian tampering; that The Donald and his team had nothing to do with the Russian's interfering with the DNC -- the hacking of emails and such; and finally, that even though standing tall at 6'8, James Brien Comey Jr. is a big fat weenie, now reduced to a political hack.  [and by the way, LEAKERS never prosper]

And such a shame, too, after all his fine years of  impeccable service (maybe its just me, but how do we really know if that's ever true....Can you say, Putin, Uranium, Hillary, Foundation, Lynch, Bill, Medvedev, Obama ...One Voice, multiple faces of corruption.)    So sad.

It's just a clear day to play, huh Comey....

So what else?

ummm nothing

ahhhh  nothing

hmmm guessing nothing

Trump IS the new guy,  get over it! 
Just because the two  -- T and C -- were somewhat still together on Valentine's Day, doesn't mean things can't change, and change rapidly.
He loves me.  He loves me not.   He loves me.  He loves me not.
Ask me how I know...
(No.  Wait.  Don't ask, cuz I won't tell.  xxx)

ah love is a many splintered thing

Make it a Good Day, G

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