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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's a Fight for Harmony Thing

Dear America,

-- harmony -- 
by definition, is
"the combination of simultaneously 
sounded musical notes
 to produce chords and chord progressions 
having a pleasing effect."

this little tidbit of inspiration on the day comes courtesy of the Kerry Shook Ministry, as seen on TV just this past Sunday afternoon; Shook began his message, defining harmony, just before redirecting a string of relationship advice to couples experiencing conflict.  His point -- for harmony to actually happen,  each individual note must struggle, even fight, for it's voice to be heard and then blended into the whole.   It is through these subtle and not so subtle differences that we carry a tune, and, hopefully, make beautiful music -- whether we are talking a combination of two, or twenty two, or twenty million.  True harmony sings praises of our differences!

Isn't that something!

And this also calls to mind one of my favorite Coca-Cola commercials of all time...when in the seventies they had a cornucopia of humanity standing side by side, singing..."I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..." 

love love love

It would seem the world has forgotten how to do it -- you know, harmonize around our differences with a modicum of mutual respect and maybe, if we are really lucky, even a little bit of love.

Case in point on the day: THIS, featured on www.fortune.com. just yesterday.

Because it's so uber cool to hate Trump, this man-made plummeting of America's Global Image has now gone politically correct worldwide.  Oh color me surprised.

And now, how about we pause for a good chuckle, as also duly noted in the post comes this:

"Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, with confidence ratings of 27% and 28% respectively, scored higher than Trump [22%]. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with a confidence rating of 42%, scored highest among the four leaders in the survey."
So out of the 40,447 people polled  -- there is more confidence in either Putin and Xi to "do the right thing in world affairs" than in the guy elected by the American people, fair and square, to be the leader of the free world?  Seriously?  In an age immediately following the discovery of Putin allegedly interfering with an American election and a conniving President Obama doing nothing about it?  And a couple of communists -- representing countries guilty of human rights atrocities for centuries -- get a higher vote of confidence than the American businessman turned president, political lightening rod?  Really?

Where is the world wide contempt for Putin?

Surely, Trump knew his presidency would be met with some discord, but this is ridiculous.


As The Left continues to harmonize only among themselves -- gathering up it's fair share of global governance comrades, college snowflakes, radical militants, and un-peaceful protestors large and small; and what remains to be seen is their complete inability to co-exist with any person, place or thing singing a different tune.  They don't want harmony one iota; if what you think or believe doesn't jive with the leftist and progressive agenda then they will simply aim to yell over you for as long as it takes, and with all hope, ultimately stomp you completely off the stage.

And heaven forbid we, the people, dare ask or even require complete assimilation into one American culture  -- e pluribus unum -- speaking one language, playing multiple instruments of various talents, appearing at a myriad of venues from sea to shining sea, and complete with each individual soul bearing it all, in duty and delight, with a certain reverence to the nation's foundation of God, Country and Family in perfect harmony.

It's a disgrace, really.

Much of the blame can be thrown directly into the direction of the conductor -- the mainstream media.  For shame, for shame.  The power to twist the truth, or forgo the truth altogether, has been turned into a modern day opera of ill repute.  The mad men and women who make up the leftist dominated journalists (80/20 ratio) are the true obstructionists, the collaborators perpetuating the on-going crime that defies their own profession while putting all Americans at risk and into harm's way.

If it's a fact that the country is split pretty much down the middle 50/50 upon leaning left or right, one just has to wonder, do these leftists really know us, their audience, at all?  What is to be gained by dismissing, drowning out, an entire half of the total supply -- half the chords are being silenced!  Where is the harmony in that?

For more on that view -- go here, to IMPRIMIS, as Michael Goodwin let's it rip.

Here's a really good part:
"Free speech is under assault, most obviously on many college campuses, but also in the news media, which presents a conformist view to its audience and gets a politically segregated audience in return. Look at the letters section in The New York Times—virtually every reader who writes in agrees with the opinions of the paper. This isn’t a miracle; it’s a bubble. Liberals used to love to say, “I don’t agree with your opinion, but I would fight to the death for your right to express it.” You don’t hear that anymore from the Left. Now they want to shut you up if you don’t agree. And they are having some success."
Oh to have that kind of mutual respect......and to simply agree to disagree; and then, taking it but one octave higher, in equal portion, "fight to the death for your right to express it."

Oh hallelujah, alleluia
and can I get an amen...

When coupled in a relationship, it is totally unrealistic to expect to agree on everything, let alone believe your partner is responsible to fulfill your every need; that would be what we call immature.  

And besides, where's the real harmony if one person in the relationship just gives in all the time, laying themselves down like a doormat over and over again, denying how they really feel, and leading to a situation where one day they simply walk away flat out broken?

So taking this idea large scale, just how in the world did America get here?

When did it become popular to shout down dissent?
When did it become cool to shut out opposing views?
When did it become uber-worldly by the uber wealthy elitists to decry and attack a sitting and standing and tweeting American president?  macron, anyone    or    merkel, anyone

The thing is, when it comes to all this disdain against President Trump --  what the world, these 40,447 people polled, and leftists don't understand, is that REAL Americans voted for him, in the same manner as real Americans voted for Obama, and every other president, to date.  And if this is an accurate assessment of the amount of hate of one man, in turn, it quickly becomes an accurate assessment of the measure of contempt against half the country.  That's a whole lot of hate.

It's a whole lot of immaturity.
It's a whole lot of unrealistic expectations.
It's a whole lot of selfishness without any concern of the needs of the other half.

Where is the harmony, if the clear and distinct note of tolerance -- one highlighting our differences in a manner that lifts co-existence to a tenor of no return -- is no longer sanctified in society?  If only a hundred years ago we were at war against Germany, is it all that inconceivable to arrive at an age warranting another civil war?  It's just a question.  How far will this obsession of obstruction and oppression, at the hands of The Left, go?

Whatever.  Bring it.  I am not afraid to fight like an American Girl....I will fight to the death for your right and mine, to speak and to sing as freedom rings.

and didn't really want to end on this note, 
but that's just where the music stops.

God bless America.

Make it a Good Day, G

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