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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Another Day After, and One That Stinks to High Heaven Thing

Dear America,

welcome to the Day After the New York Primary...

all together now, can we say P  U?

After 34 states have officially entered the dung done pile, we are nowhere.

But there is one thing we can be quite clear about -- although many on the right may not want to hear it...

And it all begins with the premise, if you are are a Trump supporter -- you are already in a special group; and this group is counted in full at every primary.  It's a finite number -- if you are with him, you are there already --and that number can then be used to look at the rest of the universe, the black dingy hole that it has grown to be without exceptions.

There is only one state where Trump has gained over 50% of the vote.

New York.

And of course, it may be said over and over and over again today -- but if he didn't get up over 50% there, then he won't make it anywhere, right?  bada bump ba

Okay.  So what.  Whatever.

Well, this is revealing something astounding, if we are brave enough to be paying attention.

Considering my last count of the 34 primary results -- 33 of these states carry a  majority of over 50% who say No to Trump; while 21 of these states (including the District of Columbia) say NO to Trump in a percentage over 60%!

That's a real number, folks.

And it stinks.

The thing is -- Trump is so fixated on himself,  he can't even see the hump of the dump ahead,  The Left has yet to unleash itself; the right has more people against Trump then with him; and when it comes to a match up against Hillary -- the presumed Democratic nominee -- his ability to soundbite his way through a debate with her will be a total crap shoot.

That is real; it's not a reality show no more, no more.

Trump cannot debate.

He will not be able to just call her names like...crooked...liar...big fat liar....oh whatever Hillary...you're just stupid....this is ridiculous....can you believe that...she just lies....whatever...when I'm president we will win again...yadi yadi yada

GO HERE for a wonderful report from The Patriot Post, by Nate Jackson -- A Good Night for Bad Candidates.  Or go here, @The Patriot Post, by Jacob Jacoby: Delegate Rules Aren't "Rigged" Just Because Trump Doesn't Like Them  Or go here @The Patriot Post, by Mark West: How Trump's Recent Behavior Reveals Disturbing Weaknesses.

The numbers do not lie.

Trump's numbers are atrocious, a dark side of the moon...and in a reality bites kind of way, they carry the weight and dreadful stench of things to come really, if you really want to know.  But then maybe, you just don't want to hear it.

And while the GOP establishment may very well be to blame for all of this nonsense -- there is that - none of that matters now.  

We are here, there, and every where.  And it is a mess.

But Trump -- with or without his followers -- is delusional to think, at this point in time, Senator Ted Cruz can be mathematically eliminated...from winning this....eventually;  never mind the possibility of clinching the GOP nomination before the convention... as clearly, NOBODY seems to be doing that!

Show me the guy "clinching" it right now....where is he....not seeing it....where?  

If you turn off the media, what do you hear in your own head?  Huh?  What do you hear?  What does your intuition tell you?  What do the  numbers show right here, right now?




And by the way, all in all, the three under T total 877 delegates.  

And again, mind you, this 877 are the delegates counted in the anyone but Trump crowd ...or else ....they would have voted for TRUMP already!   And then of course, there is California -- a winner take all state...and up for grabs... 172 delegates...June 7.  (happy summer)

Needless to say, we might as well just put these guys in jumpers, throw them all into the salt mines -- hopefully to the very bottom --  and see who comes out standing.   

Or better still -- can we bring back the duel?

ah yeah
I know

this girl is just in a pissy mood, isn't she?


Some days just stink to high heaven all the way around...shoot me.  No.  Really.  shoot me

Make it a Good Day, G

ps the salt mine link (above) is actually strangely beautiful...you should really go back and look at it and end this day with something pretty x

pss  the only outcome that seems to present itself is to have Trump and Cruz BE the ticket.  boom!
 and having said that --- Cruz should be president with Trump playing vice.  CRUZ TRUMP 2016

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