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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Knowing that I AM One Lucky Bird Thing

Dear America,

God's Wisdom
It is easy, on looking back, when you know how things have worked out, for you to say, 'How could I doubt?'  But it is now, while the working out is in process, that you have to give your confidence to the divine Wisdom guiding your life.   When you have experienced, when you have tasted the fruits spread on the heavenly table, you will see that nothing could have been altered.  If you had your will, you would create great confusion and suffering for yourself, but God in His compassion protects you.
 From The Quiet Mind 
happy seven hundred and ninety five blog post day.   [Sure, it's random.]

And sure -- it's not like I'm doing anything earth shattering, right...

being just a girl with a perspective...

sitting on her little pink perch that sits pretty squarely right of center...

keeping a diary of America.

But here I am -- 795 blogs later -- and my heart is chirping up a storm.  Now granted, it's not like fame or fortune is shaking my tree and coming to greet me every day.  No, it's pretty quiet on the home front.  And what a benefit that is, right?  Oh how the unintended consequences of not answering to a wide audience naturally unfetters the realm of possibilities!  Every day then centers on singing to my own song without subconsciously second guessing what is said.

[and who knows...maybe one day, everybody's gonna wake up and ask themselves, what the hell happened to America???...and little g will be there for you.  Sure, maybe the old G thing doesn't get to everything, but it gets to the GIST of it, in the order in which it comes, starting at the very core of things.  Read up on vintage G and be amazed. teehee]

Anyway, little g gets to flap her wings and let it rip,  flying freely, under the radar, anywhere she wants to go. 

And ironically, every day continues, one day unto the next,  never being about the destination at all.  

My greatest potential IS the process -- the personal intimacy shared with my thoughts and the Divine while meeting up with a whole host of daily news available for the picking.  And what began as a rather unseasoned entry into the unknown of the blog-o-sphere, chronologically bearing witness to the transformation of America, somehow blossomed into it's own.   The evolution of me, G, came to life right before your eyes, and mine, one day at a time, and often with days apart.  And now I can't stop.  It's just not in me to stop; spring has sprung.

And you have to understand, me being an Aries -- follow through has never been my strong point.

 Seeds of thought abound...
Just a mastermind of ideas all the time...
Few watered and cared for....
until now.

Look at me go boom.  From the inside out, my flourishing finish IS in the work(s).  All little g needs to do is show up here.  And it's no wonder -- now thinking confidently about where my strengths lay, in a manner of speaking:  nesting, journal-ing, and raising my baby bird.  This is the grand scope of G, albeit compact and complete and collectively capable of fitting into the whole of a robin's egg.  

Did you know that seasonally, robins typically lay only one egg a day?

The process of life is astounding, isn't it?

Between living our own lives, perhaps making a new life or two along the way, all while trying to live with purpose -- as other people's lives and mother nature come and go all around us every single day --  it is a wonder there is any order at all.  It's a splendid miracle of the Divine in motion.  There is a reason for the season, of everything under heaven.  There, in fact and science,  God lives -- and there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever.   

But how about this -- how about we start punishing the Creator deniers?  [That's how ridiculous THIS is. And for a few  MORE thoughts... Tweet Tweet, Newsflash: Climate change just IS -- using it as an agenda to affect global economic change is an evil process, and a corruption against humanity and telling the truth at the speed of sound.    It's wrong all the way to Rio and back again.]

So yesterday, I learned how to crochet, as it's never to late to learn something new, right.

With my fellow DAR darlings, we crochet blankets for the Paralyzed Veterans of America  that are calibrated to be a perfect fit to accommodate just the tops of their laps and legs, and without fringe; frilly embellishments like that carry the potential of getting caught in the spokes of their wheelchairs. Simple, straight-laced, and savvy rules the day.  And contrary to the creative force the writes this blog where anything goes, this process requires of me to forget about me altogether and to consider the blanket's heroic destination as the most essential thing. 

And then it dawned on me.

All of a sudden this rush came over me, recognizing how Spirit works, truly works, in and around our lives.   Sometimes we have a chance to let our ego soar, to do purposeful things even if only in our own mind; but the most meaningful moments are those that seem to spin circles, revolve, like hummingbirds, around what it is we do for others -- whether it is our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and acquaintances....even our time and talents given freely to people we will never meet.  People that may have even given up a limb while in the protection of us, to make the world a more secure place to live -- and personally, for me, to be at liberty to do the things I do: to nest, to write, to raise a baby bird in what may be called wild and wonderful, reckless abandon!

There is not enough yarn to spin to express that level of gratitude.

The freedoms we enjoy every day are protected by the everyday heroes, the young and the old, the brave and the strong.

And while we speak of heroes, the next thing on my list of things to do today is order a book...Left of Boom, How a Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  You can, too, if you follow in formation with that link.  I happened to have heard an interview of the "young man," Douglas Laux, just this morning; and he just so happens to sound rather seasoned now.  Ah the beauty of merging new experiences over the gift of time; it's a certain pay back that returns with dividends seen and unseen.... Just so excited to sit on my little pink perch and read it. 

 And until we meet again, as you revel in your now -- today -- my wish for you is that you enjoy the process of your day wherever it may find you and do your very best.

Make it a Good Day,

Lay Good Eggs, 
And take good Care,


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