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Friday, April 15, 2016

It's a Day in Wonderment of Everlasting Grace Thing

Dear America,

"Our lives begin to end 
the day 
we become silent 
about things that matter."  

Martin Luther King Jr.


continuing on the week's theme -- be it wisdom of the ages or the bounty of things aged --

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Michael King Jr., son of Michael King Sr. who, as a preacher, chose to take the name Martin Luther -- the German theologian/monk solely responsible for the reformation of Christianity through his writings...a plethora of scathing rebuttals of the corruption of the word of God within the Catholic Church.  Circa -- early 1500's.

Long story short, having been excommunicated from the Church, Martin Luther -- now just a monk without a job, without means, and in exile --  translated the Bible into the German language so that the common man could read the word of God without the Catholic church translating and disseminating the Word with their own twist, shall we say, with affection.

Anywho -- can we just say wow.  Michael Sr. took a old white man's name -- dating back over 400 years! And eventually, Michael Jr. followed!  And granted, Martin Luther stood for something rather incredible. And -- of course, who am I to know what Michael Sr. was even thinking, right -- there is that.

But what gets to the heart of the matter (my heart, anyway) is this beautiful expression of kinship,
this deep connection that proudly crosses racial lines and barriers, and comes together to align after four centuries, recognizing a certain standard of character and resilience and determination and above all, faith, that exemplifies the unfettered capacity to transform lives; now isn't that one for the ages!

No matter the color of Martin Luther's skin -- the reformative power and strength of his accomplishments, especially in relationship with God, became the catalyst of an entire identity change for the young preacher, Michael King Sr.  He looked to the ages to find himself, and ultimately become more of the man he was destined to be -- and by this action, and to the very end of life itself, a Michael King Jr. became a Martin Luther King Jr.. Thus, a legacy of unimaginable cultural reform humbly began to take shape, soldering what was once old with something new, through ideas, through the word of God, through great pain, and by name (as ancient as it ever was).

Transformation and reformation are pretty dynamic things.   The fight takes on a life of it's own.

And I'm thinking now of the magical eight years it takes for a two term presidency, knowing the intent in the heart of a young Barack Obama was called out in no uncertain terms when he said, "we are five days away from fundamental transformation."  In relationship with this fact, did you know that the Revolutionary War lasted eight years?

Now it can be said, an administration bearing the great fortune of an entire eight years to "reform things" is working with iron, for no matter who comes following along in the procession of presidents, government itself becomes a mighty fortress -- unable to be easily penetrated.  It remains a  safe hiding place for anything to happen, from make believe to a full makeover in bronze and gold.

It's an enormous amount of time and resources made available for every whim and fancy -- for better or worse.

And speaking of the Catholic Church, did you hear that Bernie went straight from the democratic debate in Brooklyn last night  to Italy's Vatican City?  Indeed; it is planned to impress upon his followers, lock step with the Pontiff, the "urgency of a moral economy,.."  yadi yadi yada  Which only reminds me of how our founders recognized the pitfalls of  designing government around the power and corruption of the church in the first place....oy vey.

And speaking of man made "man-made climate change," did you hear that a bevy of new scientific research, authors, and therapists, have come to the realization a little infidelity may not break us anymore, but are now telling it on a mountain that it just might  make us stronger?  (Here's a good jumping off point, the truth about infidelity...)  Wonder what the pope would say to that, considering he is rapidly becoming famous for his loosely translated Word of God, pontificating profusely upon his lofty aims --  global transformation by way of redistribution of wealth and resources, with free access and wanton use of the Catholic Church?   Hasn't he learned that politics and popes do not mix, whether we are talking happenings on high, in the heavens, from Mother Mary to  Mother Earth.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, of Argentina, was elected pope and leader of the Catholic Church and Vatican City in March 2013.   At the time of becoming the 266th pope, he chose to take the name Francis, in honor of the great St. Francis of Assisi who was born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, and lived from September 26, 1182 -- October 3, 1226.

St. Francis of Assisi once said, " Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."

Isn't that just superb!

I'm meandering through the ages with abandon now...
but all good things must come to a pause some time.
And we are there.

As the weekend beckons us to stop -- to spend time with the family, spend time giving thanks, spend time resting from our daily grind -- my hope is walking on a dream;  I hope that we stop to wonder what an aged Martin Luther King Jr.  just might say today, looking around at such discord and strife, and what remains after nearly eight years of total destruction ("transformation")  under President Barack Obama.   I wonder what America would look like, if perhaps Martin Luther King Jr.'s life had not been taken away from us so soon; I wonder where a lifetime of actions and words of a  young preacher, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., would have led us...

All in all, this becomes just a day sitting in wonderment of everlasting grace and a life now only imagined.

Make it a Good Day, G

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  1. Thanks for ground truth .... how about replacing Peggy Noonan!! To further the Perspective: No Martin Luther, no 13 groups of people so pursicuted in Europe they risk everything to take boat West to the unknown and AMERICA results ... First and Only One Nation Under ... Rights derived from God ... period ... If we are willing to do what takes to Honor our Gift ... GBA!!! Please!!!!