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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's a Ripple of a Rush Thing

Dear America,

"socialism is a philosophy of failure, with the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.  It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery,"  thank you, Winston Churchill.

and California is well on it's way.

to think... there was a time when the spirit of the Gold Rush created the future of all possibilities, beginning with industry and ending with the Golden Gate Bridge, the skyline of San Francisco, and the insatiable attraction of people from around the world, complete with the making of a seaport pioneering international economic fortunes and a city built upon pocketfuls of ethnic neighborhoods feeding the frenzy of the wild wild west through the bounty and beauty of free enterprise.

Activists sporting a campaign promoting some kind of "living minimum wage" would have been laughed right out of the saloon and chased to the edge of town.

Considering this girl has had her passion for this campaign cycle ebb and flow much like the Pacific tides, it warms my southern California spirit to see that it might just matter this time around...not that that's saying very much, if proper perspective has it's due.

So for kicks and giggles, let's take a look at what this means --

“some people feel that Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in, things will really explode.” 

Asked if she thinks that’s “dangerous,” she replied, 

“It’s dangerous to think that we can continue the way we are with the militarized police force, with privatized prisons, with the death penalty, with the low minimum wage, threats to women’s rights and think you can’t do something huge to turn that around.”

so this is Susan Sarandon, responding to a question during an interview on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes -- and quoted in a post @ The Daily Beast, here.

Her point, being a Sanders devotee: that she may even consider pulling the lever for Trump over Hillary!  At least he will bring "the revolution immediately" she ponders, out-loud, and for all within earshot to hear.

“I think, in certain quarters, there’s growing concern that the folks that are into Bernie Sanders have come to despise Hillary Clinton or reject Hillary Clinton and that should she be the nominee, which is as yet undetermined, they will walk away,” Hayes said.
“That’s a legitimate concern,” Sarandon replied. “Because they’re very passionate and principled.”
...And if  "they're very passionate and principled," then what am I?  But I digress.

But just listen to her --

Listen to what she rattles off as her go-to list of top concerns --

  • the militarized police force, 
  • with privatized prisons, 
  • with the death penalty, 
  • with the low minimum wage, 
  • threats to women’s rights 
Yes, these are dangerous times, Susan, and just listen to the Leftist talking points marching to the beat right on cue.

So -- being a girl of passion and principle, too -- here's my list:

  • Radicalized Islamic terrorists...from lone rogue attacks to the highly organized group efforts, formerly recognized under the names of ISIS, al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, boko haram,.. 
  • A nuclearized Iran, with no economic sanctions and no boundaries
  • Women's rights in the Middle East, Africa, and just maybe even in the United States and Europe...any neighborhood where Islam and Sharia law reign together, enslaving women from birth.
  • Education in America -- indoctrinating our children with a liberal, leftist ideology and erasing the fundamental principles and duties and responsibilities as citizens from the curriculum.
  • Losing the fundamentals of our free enterprising spirit -- from wages to growth to taxation, the culture has lost our way....it's somewhere between crony capitalism and the dreams of creating a liberal utopia....I blame it on the left turn when we should have taken a right.
[and PS I happen to like the death penalty -- the problem is we don't actually use it, making it no longer a deterrent or influence preventing harm against humanity as the law was originally designed.]
But let's regroup, shall we?

I take issue with the realization that Susan Sarandon believes she just might vote for Trump over Hillary.  What a rip.

That is a real problem.

It makes me all tied up in knots, as I bear witness to my passion -- now, well on it's way on the ebb of the sparkling azure tide bubbling over my toes and out to sea.  ugh.

If California matters, then we are all in for a world of hurt.  

Now, the reality is...it's a dead heat.  Emphasis on dead -- which may, come to think of it, be a first in perspective.  

But make no mistake -- we are witnessing a slow death to America.  The passionate fight for all things America stands for -- principles and all -- is being drowned out by irrational, emotional liberal activists...ah who are we kidding, SOCIALISTS...  

IN the midst of this self-inflicted enthusiasm gap, I'm gonna  close the day with this:

But proposing to close the “wealth gap” is worse than silly. It entails a lie. The notion of economic equality is based on an ancient and ugly falsehood central to bad economic thinking: There’s a fixed amount of wealth. Wealth is zero-sum. If I have too many cups of tea, you have to lick the tea pot. But wealth is based on productivity. Productivity is expandable. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any economic thinking, good or bad, or any tea or tea pots either....

So, if wealth is not theft, if the thing that makes you rich doesn’t make me poor, why don’t collectivists concentrate on the question, “How do we make everyone wealthy?” Or better, “How have we been managing to do this so brilliantly since 1820?”

for the rest of this, go to a REALLY old post -- from 1997! -- here, "Closing the Wealth Gap" by P.J. O'Rourke.

indeed.  Read the whole thing, if you will; it's really good.

How do we make everyone wealthy?

Productivity is expandable! [or, as sure as the low tide,  it can contract ... from the weight of faulty thinking, and other things]

What the world needs now, besides love sweet love, is a golden rush!

oh the unlimited lightness of being productive -- buoyant and resilient and unsinkable!

my little twinkle toes are beginning to twitch and show a sign of life once more.

Make it a Good Day, G  

and one more thing -- from one Susan S. to another....Susan B. Anthony was born in 1820.

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