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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's Just a Daesh Dash Thing

Dear America,

so America's president, speaking in Havana of all places, called the attacks during the early morning rush hour in Brussels -- by suicide bomber -- "outrageous." And said --

"This is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism."
Now this attack, is a hit just days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, in Brussels; Abdeslam being a key suspect connected to the November Paris attack that killed over a hundred people during a concert venue.

So our president called it "outrageous" and asked for the world to come together; while the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, called it exactly what it is:  "We are at war.  We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war."

Now President Obama's sentiment may be all well and good, in the great scheme of things; but make no mistake, in the midst of making his unprepared response to the world -- in Cuba -- he glosses over reality.

Christians are not attacking by suicide bomber, sword, and caches of automatic weapons.

Hindus are not attacking by suicide bomber, sword, and caches of automatic weapons.

Buddhists are not attacking by suicide bomber, sword, and caches of automatic weapons.

Mormons are not attacking by suicide bomber, sword, and caches of automatic weapons.

should we continue?

This isn't about being "regardless of nationality, or race or faith."

In a matter of record and reality -- this IS regarding a certain faith to extremes.

President Obama doesn't have the guts to call out Muslim extremists acting out against the teachings of Mohammed, by name --  unlike his ease of pontificating against the followers of Christ.  No, he has seen the "less than loving" Christians, and if you give him a minute, he may just start naming them.

And just how do you plan on "bringing to justice those who are responsible," as you say, Mr. President, when they're dead?!

Muslim extremists can do this all the live long day.




To the north.
To the south.
North by Northwest...

To all things WEST.

Middle Eastern MEN, with the help of women, family and friends and dissidents and heretics and everything coming from the frayed and fringe -- are acting on a rage against the West.

Cue  our Secretary of State John Kerry just a few days ago:

“Daesh is genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology, and by actions — in what it says, what it believes, and what it does,” Mr. Kerry told reporters in Washington, using the Arabic name by which many in the Middle East derisively refer to the Islamic State.
And this just in:  the Islamic State just took responsibility for the attack in Brussels.   

Cue the justice against those responsible for the attacks and let our response begin in a less than loving way, Mr. President.

And by the way -- it doesn't matter what we call it.

I guess, according to the intellectual elites running the world these days,  by calling it Daesh -- instead of ISIL -- we are really putting our foot down; now coming from a position of pure strength, while resorting to piecing together our  foreign policy beginning with name-calling, we can be assured security...worldwide.  



how's that working for us?

Guess the Brussels attack is ISIL's response to that; or -- more than likely --  it's of no relation whatsoever.

Terrorists surely know by now -- our response will surely be according to our values...and you know....ironically....the origins of those values are directly related to our Judeo-Christian roots!

It's a good thing there is a time for everything under Heaven, non?  [and if you say that with a french accent the better]

there is a time for peace,
there is a time for war.

And it happens to also be about that time when our president begins to negotiate with the Castro regime on all kinds of things, perhaps beginning with giving back Guantanamo -- forcing us to bring these terrorists to America's shore, or worse, letting more go.   For, you know, it is about coming together, even if that means uniting with the communists of Cuba, the terrorists of Iran, alike --

As the president said yesterday --

“I actually welcome President Castro commenting on some of the areas where he feels where we’re falling short because I think we should not be immune or afraid of criticism or discussion as well.” [read more at The Patriot Post, here]
Are you kidding me?


that's what we are.

Feel the love, ya'll,

and on that note, there is a knock at my door, and I must go.

life is so unpredictable; and yet sometimes, it's not.

Make it a Good Day, G

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