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Monday, August 24, 2015

It's a Day Angling to Tame a Tempestuous Summer Thing

Dear America,

dear dear america...

the summer recess, the tempest
...who knew?

Over the last few months -- beginning at the barbecue and ending with the first day of school (today! YAY!)  -- we've had a ruckus, riotous republican debate, a tenacious Trump Takeover of the conversation (all of them), a thoroughly corrupted, and catastrophically crumbling,  of the Clinton campaign -- complete with viable contenders just waiting for the nod (Biden/Warren), and now a stock market -- in free fall.

good times, eh?

Personally, my summer was all over the place.

My days were a lost cause and perpetually one glass of one from telling everyone what I really think ----- given up to a heavier work schedule, my girl home and never home all at the same time (ugh yeah, you figure it out...so tired), with no time to write, no time to myself, no space to percolate and opine on the thoughts of the day, all I could do was listen to my mind rattle, non-stop.  And boy, it was noisy.

Having said that, little old gthang was lucky enough to get a mini-vacation in Disneyland.  Truth be told, it was awfully hard to return.   I wanted to stay.  Perhaps forever.   Perhaps hiding out on Tom Sawyer's island, or better still, the Swiss Family Robinson tree house!  Frontier land take me away!  

Which reminds me --

One of my favorite childhood memories was an evening in the Going Family station-wagon (circa 1972), overflowing with popcorn and giggles at the drive-in, and falling in love with the big screen while cultivating the itty bitty imagination just under the surface, and just beginning to settle in under the blankets and starlight, leaving imprints large and small for a lifetime of inspiration and budding ambitions.   Easily, my dream of living in a tree house was doable --  and upon my own private island even better; the family Swiss told me so and in no uncertain terms. 

Wait a minute...

perhaps we need a refresher of some thoughts long, long ago.

THE GIVING TREE day, one of my best days, if I don't say so myself.  (And I did.)

America, the ever evocative Giving Tree -- inspires dreams far and wide.

And speaking of immigration --   Constitution, be damned; is that our final answer?  No.

How ironic -- this thing called a border -- but otherwise fully recognized, in a slimy, suspect, politically correct, raising baby-leftists kind of way, a sordid port of entry, come one, come all.   This border -- unnaturally becoming world renowned as a porous, lawless, senseless 2000 miles of imaginary lines, thereby allowing for unconscionable acts against the sovereignty of a nation that once prided itself upon the Rule of Law in which it supposedly stands.

Hold UP
Here's some BREAKING NEWS FROM THE BORDER (and considering my homestead being only a cool 45 minute coastal drive south to Mexico -- the San Ysidro border town is local news to me):

Courtesy of NPR, just August 20, 2015:

As of Wednesday, foreign pedestrians crossing into Mexico between San Diego and Tijuana are required to present a passport, fill out paperwork and, if they are staying for longer than one week, pay a 330-peso fee (about $20).

Oh really?

Hilarious, isn't it?

Carlos de la Fuente is quoted as saying:

"The way that people enter Mexico has been growing very disorganized, and now we are making it organized, that's the big difference."

Are we laughing, or what?

And yet, here's some fine print for you --    although this new law is great and is designed to coincide with the Mexican Law, it has it's limitations; it only applies to pedestrians; if you drive across the border, no questions, no paperwork, no fuss.

But let's not get lost in the details, shall we...

The thing is, how difficult would it be just to duplicate Mexican Law at this point?   What difference at this point does it make?  Whether following our own Immigration law, our Constitution, or Mexican Law --- let's just ask for all people crossing the border into America to physically stand in line and show a passport like everybody else.  The wait alone should curb many from even trying.

Oh wait.  Right.  We have a line.

Lines, spines, America has keines...none, zilch, nada, nil... (Und das ist alles nicht gut.   Exactly;  and what else would you expect from just a girl, her name is Gretchen?)

"[G]rowing very disorganized" he says.

Would just love to hear how would he characterize the free style border crossing going the other way? A Godsend?  perhaps...

Perhaps this is the money tree for which they come?   (Thank you Judicial Watch, data circa 2011)

Now, realizing I am swinging from branch to branch without the full capacity or energy to detail all that needs to be said (after all it is my first day back...), allow me to tie in just one more thing before I go;  let me just add this -- The Donald is growing on me.

So for your final read today,  here's a great article that might come close to explaining the phenomenon that is the tempest-in-campaign-mode who might just be the next American president...From WND, Kent G. Bailey Ph.D.:

Donald Trump is the prototypical, archetypal and testosterone-driven alpha male who rules by the sheer force of his personality, imposing physique, quick wit, mastery of repartee and almost hypnotic control over his gathering masses of adoring followers. He is Attila to the Huns, Henry V to the outnumbered English army, Winston Churchill to desperate allied forces, and now our fearless leader against the pagan forces of progressivism and political correctness. He is the unapologetic, quintessential warrior male of yore capable of vanquishing any and all opposition in his way.

And underneath it all,  just a boy with big dreams and a wild imagination and the ambition to climb the tree all the way to the top.  He must have seen the movie, Swiss Family Robinson, too.

Make it a Good Day, G

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