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Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's a Flighty Fight That Keeps on Giving Thing

Dear America,

welcome back,
welcome back to the continuing saga, of the ever enlightening, ever changing, Diary of a Flighty Whitey American Girl.  It may not be in the "every day" per se, or by definition, but when I do...you know...show up --- it comes to you with a certain discriminating flare,  in multiple languages....English (duh), Sarcasm, Cliche, and my personal favorite -- however sparingly -- Profanity.  It's all about current events meeting up with the twists and turns and tumult inside the mind of me -- G.    

Your welcome.

And today, once again, as I gaze upon the political horizon of yet another election cycle in America -- this thing called Trump is whipping up some kind of fury; the opposition, with the Republican establishment surely included, continues to get it's little fanny handed to it, smacked down with no apologies, as The Donald keeps on giving.

For another possible explanation, let's hurry over to The Daily Bell, Nelson Hultberg, in a post from just this morning:

Why? Because Trump represents something untamed and untamable. He represents an outsider who refuses to play the game of "politics as usual" that the good ol' boys have been playing throughout the past 80 years. What the establishment fears about Trump is that he doesn't need to play the role of sycophant to their corporate-banking-bureaucratic combine that rules America. -    (or for that matter, to Univision's Jorge Ramos, either -- to which I say, 'WHATEVER'  LA Times...)
See more, at The Daily Bell, here.

Ramos didn't come into the presser like everybody else -- he spoke out of turn, crossing a border and out of line.  Boom, Get out, you community organizer/activist  masquerading as a journalist/antagonist.  You have a right to ask a question when you are called upon, so sit down and wait your turn.

Now do you get it?
Now do you see why I started with calling myself FLIGHTY right from the get go?

I'm for him before I was against and now finding myself for him all over again.  Stop the insanity.

But now, back to Hultberg's bullet point bucket list on Immigration, crafted from the intentions of a Trump Administration....

It Starts with this:
1. Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Until they do, the U.S. will impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages, increase fees on millions of Mexican visas, and if necessary enact tariffs on all Mexican imports. 

And Ends with this:

8. Mandatory return of all criminal aliens to their home countries. 

 But now, you will just have to visit The Daily Bell for 2 through 7.

And now -- about those ANCHOR BABIES.

Let's scurry over to Ann Coulter.  Having written an entire book about the subject of ILLEGAL Immigration and all of it's absurdities, I find her commentary exceptional, witty, and thoroughly researched, bar none.

While if ever there was a need for a good explanation of the 14th Amendment and it's intentions-- mind you, of a post- CIVIL WAR America of the late 1800's! -- the need is NOW.

Here she is  --  the one, the only, Ann Coulter:

In response to O'Reilly's statement that "there is no question the Supreme Court decisions have upheld that portion of the 14th Amendment that says any person, any person born in the U.S.A. is entitled to citizenship ... for 150 years" -- Yoo concurred, claiming: "This has been the rule in American history since the founding of the republic." 

Yes, Americans fought at Valley Forge to ensure that any illegal alien who breaks into our country and drops a baby would have full citizenship for that child! Why, when Washington crossed the Delaware, he actually was taking Lupe, a Mexican illegal, to a birthing center in Trenton, N.J. 
Going back to how I began the day -- commenting upon my own flightiness -- Coulter is another one who sends me swirling in between a love her, love her not, love her, love her not soap opera of my own making.  Vigilance is such a daily curse, isn't it?  But no matter where you fall on Coulter, just gotta give her props for her consummate, unmitigated sarcasm used to perfection every time.

Needless to say,  CONTEXT and CRITICAL THINKING is becoming a lost art in America, kid you not.

Flighty is as flighty does, let's get on with it, shall we........

How did America get here?


sit down,

That was rhetorical all the way.

The thing is, it may come down to just this -- the unimaginable loss of an educated electorate to crafty corruption left and right.  

The educated electorate is being undermined by a massive, organic, regenerating flow of illiterate,  uneducated, sorry lot, creating the ever expanding demographic of Americans fully dependent upon the welfare state to save them -- alongside the unconscionable, crony capitalist takeover of our elected body of "Public Servants," perverted and impaired by a penchant for corruption under the guise of social justice and equality and political correctness, masterminding a course correction for all the "imbalances"  of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."   It's all a progressive ruse for the ages.

"Adios America"

Thank you, Ann.

This is what's wrong with America today, the contrasts of mindsets among us -- of intellect, ambition, enlightenment, of a certain  pioneering spirit and self-reliance of the America, and specifically of the Americans,  intended -- and made real by law by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution!

Let's us return to Alexis de Tocueville, tying in remarks of a time gone by:

At the extreme borders of the confederated states, upon the confines of society and wilderness, a population of bold adventurers have taken up their abode, who pierce the solitudes of the American woods....As soon as the pioneer reaches the place which is to serve him for retreat, he fells a  few trees and builds a log house.  Nothing can offer a more miserable aspect than these isolated dwellings....Yet no sort of comparison can be drawn between the pioneer and the dwelling that shelters him.  Everything about him is primitive and wild, but he is himself the result of the labor and experience of eighteen centuries.  He wears the dress and speaks the language of cities; he is acquainted with the past, curious about the future, and ready for argument about the present; he is, in short, a highly civilized being, who penetrates into the wilds of the New World with the Bible, an axe, and some newspapers.  It is difficult to imagine the incredible rapidity with which thought circulates in the midst of these deserts[wilderness].   I do not think that so much intellectual activity exists  in the most enlightened and populous districts of France.  [The 5,000 Year Leap, pg, 253]

And yet, here we are.

Arguing on behalf of the real intentions of the 14th Amendment, written and clarified by numerous cases, as articulated in Coulter's post, summarizing for us in neat, sweet, little nuggets dripping in dulce de leche --

-- Supreme Court opinion in Elk v. Wilkins (1884): 

"The main object of the opening sentence of the 14th Amendment was ... to put it beyond doubt that all persons, white or black, and whether formerly slaves or not, born or naturalized in the United States, and owing no allegiance to any alien power, should be citizens of the United States ... The evident meaning of (the words, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof") is, not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance. ... Persons not thus subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of birth cannot become so afterward, except by being naturalized ...
Here we are, America.

So --

One candidate really wants to "build a wall and make Mexico pay for it."

One candidate really wants the "mandatory return of all criminal aliens."

One candidate really wants to protect America's sovereignty and make America great again.

Now, there just may be a few things to roll our eyes upon -- even laced with a little attitude con diablo --  but what's not to love?  And just why is the GOP gaming to escort the guy out of the room?

Sure -- one day we love him, the next day we don't; one day he's presidential, the next day he's not.  

This campaign process is a flight of fancy, in a fight or flight kind of way but make no mistake -- America loves this stuff!  Debate is great!   Vigilance is a duty!    Critical thinking, with full context in mind, absolute and required!  This is the stuff Constitutions are written -- and written well!   This is the stuff nations are made or ruined!

Back to Coulter:

But it is a fact that the citizenship of illegal alien kids has never been argued, briefed or ruled on by the Supreme Court. [italicized in bold of my own unruly doing]
Perhaps, given the year 2015, a wee bit of clarification is needed.

But I think --  and speaking for all of us now --  I think we know the truth.

We know that back in 18...whatever...a fourteenth amendment was written for the "African-Americans"  -- formerly known as Negroes, blacks, and at one time in American history,  slaves, and even the children of slaves.   Come the year 2015,  illegal and pregnant South American and Mexican women --  choosing to not only have their baby!  yay! but break American Immigration Law -- crossing America's southern border and giving birth to their pequeño bebé had nothing to do with it.  The 14th Amendment was written for a different time and place (and how!).

It's a fact worthy to mitigate at any time, yet know this:  the facts support American sovereignty and a border that means something.
So ¡siéntese por favor! [Do sit down, please] 
OR better still, 
ponerse a la cola [get in line].

Oooh look at the time, gotta go.
and until we meet again, adieu.

Make it a Good Day, G

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