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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's All About What is Essential Now Thing

Dear America,

upon morning light, the flag is still flying...

anyone who watched the final hours of the Cruz filibuster, would be able to connect the stars and stripes on that opening line.

It's going to be okay, folks.

This fight is over government spending on a spending bill.  If not now, when?

The Senate couldn't even muster the decency to take away their own cushy government health care insurance package -- one that is also 75% subsidized by the American taxpayer --  and fall into the Obamacare exchanges like everybody else.

The Senate couldn't even muster the courage to take away the medical device tax -- a debilitating tax intended to help pay for Obamacare that an overwhelming majority, in both Houses and the general public, dislike -- in a last ditch effort to at least appear like a body politic that is able to compromise with the other side.

Oh, and the president is going to come out to speak to us.    Goodie goodie, let the spin-doctor begin.

Let me guess --  he'll be standing there in the Rose Garden, with a backdrop of security guards and museum tour guides who just lost their mission in life and have no where else to go today, and he's going to lash out against that "one faction" of unruly republicans again...

Let's reboot what he said just yesterday, with thanks to NewsMax:

"...but one faction of one party in one house of Congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to fight the results of an election."

It's not about you! Mr. President, you narcissist freak.  Have you taken your meds? 
I'm sorry.  Not sure what came over me.
It must be the crazy in me talking.

But if you wanna go down that road -- let's go back to look at the midterm elections of 2010 real quick --  you know the results; they are reflective of the immediate response to your free radical meets liberal elitist love child, Obamacare, becoming the law.  Of course, masterminded behind closed doors and consummated in a typical, congressional burning of the midnight oil kind of way (and on Christmas Eve of 2009, no less, it was so romantic, even Hollywood couldn't envision it more beautiful).   See Real Clear Politics page, here...hmmm in the Senate, GOP up 6, Dem's down 5; House GOP up 63, Dem's down 63; State Governors, GOP up 5, Dem's down 6.

This is about another entitlement package that is already disproving every promise the president ever made about it; one that also jeopardizes every facet of our once stellar American health care system.   This is about protecting the American people.

This obscene law --  this requirement of the federal government mandating the American people to buy something -- never had a mandate of the people.

One of Cruz's favorite filibuster phrases included this one:

"Good enough for thee, but not for me."

Do as I say, not as I do...right?

Bottom line, I believe this push back from the House Republicans is a good one.  For the first time in months, maybe years, they are standing on principle no matter what comes, no matter what Krauthammer says.

Last night, here's Charles:
So why would you stake everything on something where Americans are hugely against you rather than get something easy on the C.R. and get the hard stuff, the spending cuts, the pipeline, stripping -- delaying Obamacare a year on the debt ceiling, where America is behind you?

This is a question of simple application of intelligence, it's not about a commitment to principle or a belief in conservative ideas

Or, why not take advantage of both occasions?  The Continuing Resolution and the Debt Ceiling are equally fit for fighting, and making a course correction through eliminating programs we cannot afford is merely something little g would consider a good start.

Let's use both situations to fight against the spending sprees of this administration.  Remember, beginning with a stimulus package to nowhere and continuing with an entitlement program to lala-land, and not stopping for anything in between and taking existing entitlement conditions to extremes (i.e. food stamps), this nation runs on trillion dollar deficits!

Let's keep it going non-stop; pray without ceasing; and fight the good fight until the bitter end, if that's where things end up.  Let's beat them at their own game:  pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

You're right, dirty Harry.   This is about a fight to a return to sanity -- on behalf of individual freedom everywhere and making way for the limited, smaller government that remains, as this nation was founded.   And for back up, go here... and thank you Heritage Foundation.

But here's more from the president yesterday --

Congress needs to keep our government open, needs to pay our bills on time, and never, ever threaten the full faith and credit of the United States of America...

Unfortunately, right now, House Republicans continue to tie funding of the government to ideological demands like limiting a woman's access to contraception or delaying the Affordable Care Act, all to save face after making some impossible promises to the extreme right wing of their party.
Oh, like the ideological demands that include not paying for somebody's abortion?  You referring to that one?

With regard to operations that will continue: If you’re on Social Security, you will keep receiving your checks," said Obama. "If you’re on Medicare, your doctor will still see you. Everyone’s mail will still be delivered. And government operations related to national security or public safety will go on. Our troops will continue to serve with skill, honor, and courage. Air traffic controllers, prison guards, those who are with border control--our Border Patrol will remain on their posts, but their paychecks will be delayed until the government reopens.   [Read more at CNSnews]

So Yosemite and the Statue of Liberty might have to close for a wee bit in order to settle this make or break moment in American history.   And the problem is?

Regarding the LAST TIME the government shut down -- along with some surprising trivia -- go to NPR here.

This is about the people's LAST STAND on Obamacare.  It's as simple as that.

Perhaps, every day for the next couple of weeks, the GOP should parade around the failures of Obamacare, large and small, in front of the American people -- much like Mark Levin did all during his radio show yesterday; maybe that reality might seep into the cracks of the American Senate. 

To be sure, the mainstream media hasn't an interest in doing so.   Who would have thought -- the MSM Trojans, the condom of corruption and fundamental transformation, protecting this president and this administration from a full Monty failure upon every progressive push..   Where is the shame?

In America, it is not winner takes all, and taking full advantage of it all along the way,  once you gain power in the Oval Office.   And once again, shame on John McCain for giving this notion any credibility whatsoever!

It's not like all compromise comes to a screeching halt and ceases to exist; two sides of the aisle remain no matter how lop-sided it may seem.   Take, for example, the libertarians; they have never had the majority.  But do they sit back and throw in the towel?  Tell that to the Ron Paul entourage. 

At this moment, only the essential government departments are being paid.  Ergo, this is a chance to look at what is truly  ESSENTIAL, for Pete's sake.

Is it really all that extreme to demand our government be fiscally responsible?

And another thing!  It's certainly not about the opposing ideologies between the liberals and conservatives.  Hardly.  This is about the rise of a serial rapist that comes in progressive clothing, left and right, what difference does it fukeen make?

And so what?  I'm the crazy one?  I'm the extremist?  The silly little tea party girl who loves party dresses and the color pink?   Seriously?

This is about Old school meeting up with New Radicals, with thanks to the teachings of Saul Alinsky...


Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Bombard the opposition.

Marginalize tradition.

Divide and conquer...absolutely everything.

Use that Middle Class to the progressive advantage...over and over again.

and LIE, yes, lie, lie, lie --
and tell lie to cover a lie.

and no matter what, keep the pressure on...

like right now, as the Chosen One is speaking right now.

If elections have consequences -- the curtains must be at the cleaners, for we can see everything.

The true Barack Obama is revealing himself as we speak, as his "ideological crusade" marches forward, smug as ever,  fundamentally aiming to change everything.    Scam on.

must go now,
but make no mistake --
at 17 TRILLION dollars in debt,
with 90 TRILLION in UNFUNDED liabilities --
this is about what is truly essential now;  heaven forbid, we allow the progressives to decide for all of us.   As it stands now, we cannot afford any of it -- individually, collectively, upside down and backwards.

Make it a Good Day, G

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