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Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's a Speak, Pray, Fight Thing

Dear America,

this might seem random... but since when has that ever stopped me :)

let's begin with an excerpt from William Wilberforce, Real Christianity -- a revised and updated version by Bob Beltz:

"As he wrote in his diary on October 28, 1787, God had set before him two great objects:  the suppression of the slave trade and the work of moral reform.  And so, even as Wilberforce wages what would be a 20-year fight to abolish Britain's slave trade, he began scores of philanthropic initiatives."

Wilberforce, being influenced back in the day to take up the charge by an old friend, John Newton.   And Newton, oddly enough, being a former slave trader -- and author of one of the most beautiful songs in the hymnal, if not the whole world, "Amazing Grace."

"Seeking always to be salt and light within his culture, Wilberforce worked with many people who did not share his Christian worldview..."  Beltz begins with a compilation of accolades, as he sets the tone for the masterpiece we are about to read.

For Wilberforce believed,  "it is the true duty of every man to promote the happiness of his fellow creatures to the utmost of his power."   And he went on to do just that, authentically, never afraid to stand up for what is truly right and good and decent for all.

This thing called Obamacare --
a travesty of America's health care industry, our free market, justice, equality, freedom, and especially the pursuit of happiness, was designed by a think tank, years in the making, with thousands of pages of regulations and controls and mandates and fines, to fundamentally enslave us all.

It's as if we are each bearing witness to the most stunning acts of American history right before our eyes; the final straw on the camel's back has been laid to rest, to disrupt, destroy and bankrupt America's authentic landscape from sea to shining sea, through a massive federal entitlement, elevating the redistribution of wealth to a level unseen and unimaginable.

And it's the Tea Party Patriots who are attacked and labeled the fanatics -- and in every possible vile and slanderous way?

I will, this day, wholeheartedly agree with Wilberforce: "it is the true duty of every man to promote the happiness of his fellow creatures to the utmost of his power." 

Speak, pray, fight, without ceasing.

Stand up for what is truly right and good and decent and true.

Who are the obstructionists?
Let me define what we are really experiencing right now -- it's called a hostile takeover of one-sixth of our economy* against the people's will.   Other people might call it a coup -- masterminded by the highly radicalized, fanatical, progressive, community organizers in office.

When just a few hours ago we get something like this, out of Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama stressed to congressional leaders on Wednesday that he will not negotiate with Republicans over a government shutdown or raising the U.S. debt limit, the White House said.

After more than an hour of talks at the White House that did not lead to a breakthrough, the White House issued a statement saying that Obama remains hopeful that "common sense will prevail" in the budget standoff.

"The president made clear to the leaders that he is not going to negotiate over the need for Congress to act to reopen the government or to raise the debt limit to pay the bills Congress has already incurred," the White House said.

So at the risk of repeating myself these days,

Obama can unilaterally waive certain parts of Obamacare, without so much as a flinch from the press, without such exemptions/exceptions legally supported by a vote in congress, and without any legal, constitutional authority to do anything of the kind...and yet he claims, buried in hypocrisy and mocking his own illegitimate motions, "it is settled."

Obama can unilaterally decide what parts of our U.S. Immigration law to heed or abolish or ignore...

But the House of Representatives can't negotiate on behalf of the American people with him, the Senate, on any part of it -- even to simply delay it or to mandate all federal employees, including congress and the president, to use it?  

Back to more current events, as in back at the Rose Garden, Tuesday...It's almost as if he believes he rules America akin to being a king.  [That link leads you to an official transcript on the day]

The Affordable Care Act is a law that passed the House; it passed the Senate.  The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional.  It was a central issue in last year’s election.  It is settled, and it is here to stay.  And because of its funding sources, it’s not impacted by a government shutdown...

 So I’ll speak more on this in the coming days, but let me repeat:  I will not negotiate over Congress’s responsibility to pay bills it’s already racked up.  I’m not going to allow anybody to drag the good name of the United States of America through the mud just to refight a settled election or extract ideological demands.  Nobody gets to hurt our economy and millions of hardworking families over a law you don’t like.

It was made law through acts of treason against the freedoms and liberties of the American people, while being severely, forcibly, passed through the halls of congress on lies, manipulation, and political process steeped in one-upmanship and corruption.

[Remember, Obamacare was never sold to the American people as a tax -- otherwise it never would have passed congress and the president would have had to take back this: "I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes." circa 2008]

It is settled, my oh my...the audacity.

Just love that part about, "and because of its funding sources, it's not impacted by a government shutdown."  Oh that is rich -- in an obscene, vulgar kind of way.  Oh but the Army/Navy game is?  A game already fully paid for, and cancelled for political gain merely to punish us and lambaste the GOP?

Oh you mean the funding sources such as stealing 716 Billion from Medicare -- or were you thinking more of the highly destructive tax resource, projected to come from the sale of medical devices? Or is the reality more like telling the American people a total funding lie -- considering the latest projection coming from the CBO to be three times its original cost?

Going backwards before we move forward:  Someday we should revisit that thing called the current immigration law through the myopic presidential lens who believes "nobody gets to hurt our economy and millions of hardworking families over a law you don't like" -- you know,  considering it's coming from the same president confident in orchestrating exemptions on the fly, by Executive Order, and hence unilaterally dragging  "the good name of the United States of America through the mud just to refight a settled election or extract ideological demands" fully determined to elevate an immigration policy of  lawlessness.

And in the 'I'll show you what power I have at my fingertips to make it hurt until the GOP caves into my demands...' department -- THIS.

At what point is a law settled?

Don't we have an immigration policy, supported by immigration law, just like every other country in the world?   Wouldn't our illegal immigration woes be solved simply by following the settled, bonafide, immigration laws already on the books?  It is settled, right? 

Why do we keep revisiting this law as if the law, itself, does not exist? 

How can a president arbitrarily decide what law he will follow, and what law he will not -- and then turn around and tell actual lawmakers they have no jurisdiction to revisit the law at all?   I think the president should revisit PoliSci 101.  And this guy specializes in Constitutional Law?  He refuses to enforce parts of a law!

We fought a revolutionary war to settle taxation without representation; we fought a civil war to settle -- abolish -- slavery.   Cue the fight against Obamacare --  overfloweth with taxation, enslavement, redistribution of wealth, mandates to purchase health care or pay a tax, and facing a trajectory that kills our free market, forces a very unpopular failure and eventual loss of the availability of private insurance and individual PRIVACY, strains doctors and staff, rations care (death panels), with plans intending to end with a single payer, socialized medicine entitlement for all... even if it kills us.  Let's settle this once for all.

"It is the true duty of every man
 to promote the happiness
of his fellow creatures
 to the utmost of his power." 

History proves, it still requires the duty of every man to promote the happiness of his fellow creatures, by way of holding to a certain moral standard, holding to a certain level of genuine, authentic, decency and goodness and lawfulness.   It's a duty and responsibility we each hold and owe to each other.

Obamacare jeopardizes the general happiness for us all -- and with every ounce of power and might, we must fight as if our lives depend on it.

Three days before Wilberforce died, British Parliament passed a law abolishing slavery throughout the entire empire...

It was the year 1787 where I began the day taking a cue from a page in his diary; it was the same year as our Constitution Convention in America.

Here's a hook with a quick look into a place called edsitement!  [please note: due to the government shutdown, this site may not be fully up to date...blah, blah, blah]
On the last day of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin observed that he had often wondered whether the design on the president's chair depicted a rising or a setting sun. "Now at length," he remarked, "I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun"...

...In this unit, students will examine the roles that key American founders played in creating the Constitution, and the challenges they faced in the process. They will learn why many Americans in the 1780s believed that reforms to the Articles of Confederation were necessary, and the steps taken to authorize the 1787 Convention in Philadelphia. They will become familiar with the main issues that divided delegates at the Convention, particularly the questions of representation in Congress and the office of the presidency. Finally, they will see how a spirit of compromise, in the end, was necessary for the Convention to fulfill its task of improving the American political system.

We have a chance to prove the sun also rising.

One thing more before we bid adieu --

Even though the WWII Memorial is wide open to the public by design, a place to stroll come any time of day or night ---  even though it is constructed on federal property, it was funded almost entirely by private gifts -- even though it has no doors -- even though the partial government slim down, including national parks, officially closed national parks.... the government SPENT money to multiply the number of guards and add barry-cades and miles of yellow crime scene tape and threatened to arrest anyone who might cross...including bus loads of Honor Flight Veterans from WWII! ...... And dragged into the mud...   

We can't keep it open (even though it's always open) but we can afford to use whatever means necessary to keep people out...seriously?   As if any of that makes any sense.   And we are to have confidence in this government taking over one-sixth of the economy, as well as have control over our own personal health care?

Upon morning light, they invaded again , this time singing a round of "Amazing Grace."

What a beautiful song.

Consider it fuel for - what might just be - a long, long fight ahead; the call of duty is truly great.

Make it a Good Day, G

See also Mark Levin's new book,  revisiting another Constitutional Convention and more...

footnote *:  President Obama, is single handedly responsible for destroying the stock market on a scare tactic and threat, in a boot to the neck kind of way....Drumming up fear, worry, through irresponsible, reckless rhetoric this morning....you know, given the market was pretty calm, considering.  It wasn't until Obama opened his mouth and put the fear of god in people, that the market tanked...Wall Street needs to be genuinely concerned....

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