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Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Paging the One Who Stopped Working, Stopped Negotiating, Stopped Everything But Campaigning...Thing

Dear America,

since it's Friday, and it's been a long, ugly, vile, idiotic week in American politics -- we will end with something funny:

This is our president speaking to his people, yesterday...

"Everybody here just does their job, right? You know, if you’re working here and in the middle of the day you just stopped and said, you know what? I want to get something, but I don’t know — I don’t know exactly what I’m going get, but — I’m just going to stop working until I get something– I’m going to shut down the whole plant until I get something. You’d get fired! Right?"

right, you mean, like a strike?

no, no, you mean, like saying you refuse to negotiate?  As if you're just gonna stop working, not negotiate with anybody, like it's my way or the highway, and basically stop doing your job....as president, CEO, director-in-chief, negotiator-in-chief?  [oh and it's on tape] 

You are so confused, it even makes my head spin.

Oh, okay, so what are you saying?  You want Trump to hand deliver his trademark phrase, "you're fired" before the end of the day?  Somebody get on that, stat.    You're the one who is on the campaign trail, closing National Parks left and right, and insisting to have your way with nothing more to say...

But this line --
this off teleprompter moment in rhetoric, good enough to last a lifetime...
That's a good one, oh brilliant one,
Barack Hussein Obama

Make it a Good Day, G

* I can call him that because he has compared me -- and all of us who truly, genuinely believe in a small, limited federal government --  a suicide-bomb, card-carrying fanatical, radical extremist with abandon.   Idiot is being fairly sweet, I think.   xox


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