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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Called a Ten Year Hangover Thing

Dear America,

so we don't have much time.

and when I say, "we" -- I mean, me.

But I have just enough time to drop a teaser into our next conversation,  which begins going a little something like this:

I think I need to throw up.

620 billion over ten years -- with virtually nothing on spending -- when, in fact, we are running OVER One Trillion dollars in deficits and sitting at 16 Trillion in debt and realizing we have OVER a hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities facing the nation?

How can anyone -- especially republicans -- figure out a way to cave while standing on a cliff?

Oh, and to you who think Obama and his minions deserve a congratulatory pat on the back?  I would hold up on that -- just keep your arm up for awhile without making contact -- then after you have lost all feeling in your upper extremities, we can talk about what just happened.

Oh, and what's up with all that talk about Bush this, Bush that in the campaign and over the last four years -- when, in fact, this administration just re-enacted another round of BUSH tax cuts for 98% of the taxpayers -- albeit just on their federal income taxes, but details, schmeetails, right?

You think you have all come to the edge of the cliff and have lived to see another day? -- think again.

Oh, and wake up and smell the payroll taxes -- can you say, "up"; take a big whiff of the capital gains rise -- up; estate taxes -- up     Where did the incentives go?  TO green energy companies, for starters; and we sure know how that works out, don't we.  Then of course, in the little itty bitty fine print, we see Obamacare surcharges, added to things that you would think have absolutely no relation.

Oh, to the latest dis-enchantment with everyday life...

We are all behaving stupidly to put up with this kind of nonsense.

Oh the places we will go; our future is smacking us upside the head and we still don't get it

And yet, this is where I must leave it. 
But let me direct you to some of my favorite haunts to save you from idling over the proverbial edge of sanity --  The Heritage Foundation, here; The Patriot Post, here.

Happy New Year.

This hangover is gonna stay with us for quite some time, that you can be sure (and brace yourself, it's gonna hurt...recovery requires swallowing a bitter, jagged pill).  Have a super spark-ly day!

Make it a Good Day, G

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