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Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's a Viscious Cycle We Weave Thing

Dear America,

again, this entry into the day and the life of an American girl is gonna be short and sweet.   Real life is pulling me in various opposite directions as this year gets started...which is a good thing, too.  Living totally and vicariously through a blaaah-blaaah-blaaah-blahg 24/7 is sooo 2012, you know.  G has real places to go and people to see and things to do.

So let me get right to it like the mouth that unknowingly set the stage today and talk Christie.  This won't take long; for when talking Christie we can be as brash and off-putting and obnoxious as the big man himself.

Apparently he is "furious and fuming."  Did you click that?  It explains everything.

Now, without getting into the area of judging whether or not New Jersey and New York actually need a little help getting through the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, we are going to direct our attention to just the numbers.    [We simply don't have time to discuss the entire scope and nature of the federal government bailing out every act of destruction mother nature lays out...today]

Shut up, G, and get on with it --

Christie is outraged over the fact that Boner and the rest of the House Republicans have put off the full vote for aid -- Friday, they will decide on about 9 billion and the rest will be taken up in a couple weeks, or something like that.  

What Christie wants to play with (I guess, sharing with New York, but does it really matter)?   60.4 BILLION dollars.  

And while this may not seem like much when we realize the federal government revolves around a budget of something like 3.7 Trillion dollars each year...

 (even though, that obscene number usually creates a deficit of about 1.3 Trillion dollars...but who really cares anymore, right?)   

 (and who really knows anymore, given we haven't operated around a real budget in YEARS!)
 -- But WHEN we put the Hurricane Aid number of 60 B's up against the so-called fiscal cliff legislation that supposedly has saved us from all hell breaking loose -- that number being what? -- oh right creating an additional 620 B's in new revenue (i.e. TAXES) that hurricane band-aide comes to a whopping 10% of the money we just created out of thin air.


We spend money like it's not even real.

And doing so within all of about 15 minutes in DAWG years -- that's Derelicts Amassing Wanton Government. (And chewing on the reality that we are borrowing 40% of every dollar to keep all the balls in the air...you can understand the immediate use of the widely worn out phrase:  "O   M   G"  -- with my apologies, of course)

Government only knows how to spend money (our money); it doesn't save or create anything, except debt.

Money in, money out.  Wax on, wax off.  It's a motion solidifying bad intentions all the way around, almost as if they are in a trance and have no idea what they do.   [I said "almost"]   They know exactly what they do; while they have completely lost the will power, the virtues, the guts, to stop or change the course.

And Christie -- you should be ashamed of yourself. 

Perhaps tempering your comments with just a wee bit of a bigger picture understanding might have been in order -- as if that would be possible.  Under the current conditions, our revenue stream has been cut off at its knees, while the latest bill does nothing in long term entitlement reform.   Unlike your stomach, which could probably benefit from a lap band -- our government needs to stop spending more than it takes in.  It's as simple as that.

We don't have the money -- but whatever we, the tax payers, ultimately give to you, it will be the tax payers you have to thank, not the Fed.  And to that end, everything this government gone wild does falls on the backs of the taxpayers.  The House realizes that the people are watching every move they make, every dollar they spend, fully aware they are already find themselves sitting in the people's dog house.

Christie -- dare I say, I used to think you were special.  But your response, all that comes to mind is this: 'typical'.  Typical of every politician who walks the earth, just a bunch of wild Neanderthal dogs just out to get while the getting is good, taking what's not theirs, and leaving a barren path behind them.  You and Hurricane Sandy have much in common.

So let's see....hmmmm... what to do with the other "560 B's," right?

oh the viscious cycle we weave...what a find....believe it dates back 5000 years or something.

that awtta do it.
gotta run.
we'll sit down and have a civilized conversation real soon.  promise. 

Make it a Good Day, G

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